Workplace Benefits of using VoIP Business Phone System

VoIP has become an essential part of the business world in the past few years. It facilitates voice calls over the Internet without involving a local telephone company during the process.

For businesses in Australia and other regions of the world, VoIP is a flexible system to provide professional calling features for businesses and employees. This is why every organization requires an effective VoIP plan.

Here Are Some reasons why VoIP can make your daily business operation easier.

  1. It is Easy to Install
    A conventional business phone system needs multiple hours to install and manage dozens of phones. However, choosing voip phone system requires just one package in which you only need to plug-in your device and connect to your standard internet.
  2. It has Portability
    If you are planning to shift your company to a new work location, then VoIP allows you to use your existing number wherever you go around the world. This saves your time and money for other business processes. This helps you to save a huge amount of time in interacting with people about your new number.
  3. It has Accessibility
    Gone are those days when businesses had only desk phones to attend their business calls but this is not an issue anymore when you have VoIP in place. It provides access to a business phone on different devices like mobiles and tablets which enables you to attend business calls while traveling or at a different location.
  4. It is Easily Manageable
    Save your hours and money on checking daily work management or hiring experts to find the issue and fix it. VoIP saves your business from this hassle by providing an easy dashboard that is easy to use, navigate, and only required an Internet connection.
  5. It has a Call Recording option
    A few companies are still investing money to install hardware and software for call recordings, VoIP business phone systems already have this additional application to record your business calls with minimal security risks. You can easily access call logs including time, date, duration, and many more details to optimize work efficiency.
  6. It has Conference Calling
    VoIP has a Conference Calling option that is easy to use and has great call quality. It allows you to connect with anyone over the internet through voice and video calls. You can even use screen-sharing with virtual whiteboards to make everyone participate in business meetings with clients in real-time.

Why GenesysTel for VoIP Business phone system?

VoIP phone system makes your workday easier by helping organizations communicate more effectively and build better relationships all with cost-efficient pricing. GenesysTel is a leading business broadband internet provider and ready to serve you with the best VoIP service for huge and small business phone system Australia. We also offer a wide range of most flexible VoIP services for your business phone systems which makes it a lot easier for you to power your business, manage communication within or outside the organization.

Why Small Businesses Should Prefer Cloud Based Phone systems

Cloud Based Phone System or VoIP phone systems are being widely used across Australia for their high-tech, adaptive and mobile friendly features. It is  an internet phone service that transmits your voice, data hosting in the cloud, to let users share and access it over a number of devices using a standard internet connection from anywhere across the globe.

This enables you to make calls over the internet rather than a traditional analog phone that uses copper wires or optical fibers for making calls.  Cloud VoIPs can easily suit startups, organizations and MNC’s who are highly flexible in their nature and want tailored business telecom solutions for their business.


    Having a VoIP makes you able to run your business from wherever you want and helps you collaborate with your team and stay in touch with your customers whenever you need them. You will no longer be stuck with hefty machineries and be compelled to sit near a desk when you opt for a business phone system based on cloud.
    You will be connected to a singular platform for all your business communication needs ranging from voice messages, fax, chats as well as text messages with a cloud-based phone system
    Research have found that about 90% customers prefer being given assistance by a live person in contrast to a bot. Business can help ensure that their customers get connected with the right person with the help of intelligent call forwarding and routing features.
    VoIP allows us to gather and perform team discussions without letting your team connect through physical location. This help businesses save their time, money and resources.
    Having your communications over cloud allows businesses to have full control and visibility over communications, calls, messages, history, analytics along with a set of relevant set of information.
    A cloud-based phone system is not complicated like a physical, on-site phone system where it is vital for you to add hardware if you add another user. You can simply add user to your account or open a fresh account and enable the other user to experience full features and functionalities based on your chosen plan at a minimal cost.


How will you know whether your small business should prefer VoIP system? There are variety of options  Genesystel’s cloud-based phone-system that are SMB-friendly with efficient prices and great features, narrow down your preference before the final jumpstart to your business.

VoIP vs Landline Phone System for Small Businesses in 2021

Should you stick to the traditional landline phone or move into the cloud with your calls? Deciding between a landline and VoIP phone systems is a tough task. Both the phone systems offer multiple benefits depending on what your business needs are.  We will go through the brief of both phone systems to discuss the benefits and conclusion.

What is a landline phone system?

Landline Phone Systems are traditional models of phone services with a hardwired telephone line installed by the local phone company connected to the premises. The Sound in this landline phone system is transmitted using electrical pulses on a wire and the voice service can only travel wherever you trenched and laid wires. Hence, their installations are subjected to bad weather and are somewhat limited with little room for features.

What is VoIP?

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol phone is a system which enables users to make phone calls over a standard internet connection. VoIP, which is also termed IP telephony, helps businesses in saving huge costs by altering the trouble of installing expensive hardware in case of traditional phone systems. VoIP systems can be used in a number of forms ranging from traditional phones, computers, smartphones as well as VoIP enabled phones.

Traditional or VoIP phone system?

When you are at a stage where you are shifting to a new office or simply considering to upgrade from the existing business phone system you have an opportunity to look through all the options you have. VoIP systems give you an upper hand in certain aspects when compared with traditional landline phone systems.


VoIP phone systems bring along a range of features at their disposal. VoIP systems can enable you to use features like voicemail to e-mail, automatic call forwarding, internal extension dialing, virtual receptionist features, etc.


VoIP systems also enable users to track calls with spreadsheets and create dial-lists along with leverage a whole range of online based features. In traditional phone systems you will still be able to hold calls, transfer them, answer them, however, their limitations make them inferior than VoIP systems.


In terms of their usability, VoIP phone are more technologically advanced and enable you to use communication methods over a huge number of first and third-party options, but are based on the internet connection, so it might be a smart choice to have a backup internet plan in case of fluctuations in the existing one. If you are used to landline phone systems, you might prefer that more for your comfort, which are connected via copper wires and compel the use of heavy hardware as well.


Phone systems are reliable and are only dependent on wire-based connections in terms of call quality and resilience but VoIP phone systems are dependent on the internet to assure that they are up and running. In case your internet goes down; you will be unable to use your phone or make calls. Hence, it is essential to have a trusted internet service provider or 4G net connection as a backup before starting your VoIP journey.


In the race of cost efficiency, you will find VoIP winning. VoIP systems are highly customizable so whatever the size of your business maybe, they can always be trimmed as per your utility in terms your choice of features and the size of package. They save a lot of money in the long run as well due to less physical parts which would have required additional maintenance.


From our analysis, using either of these two systems comes down to the end user’s preferences and the agility of a given business. Having an advanced VoIP system, especially in 2021, gives you an opportunity to avail a number of features which will enable you to stay updated and regularly connected to your customers.

6 Reasons to Invest in a Cloud Business Phone System

Technology is always changing and businesses have to adjust accordingly. Even the most traditional equipment such as business phone systems have rapidly evolved and proved their worth over time. Modern business phone systems run on high-tech cloud-based VoIP systems and deliver high efficiency in overall operations. Businesses have also successfully incorporated cloud-based phone systems for the majority of their communication-related processes. Whether it is about maintaining seamless communication with their customers or staying connected with their employees when they’re working from remote locations, cloud business phone systems have become a go-to solution.

Here are 6 reasons why you should invest in a cloud business phone system.

No Geographical Limitations

A VoIP telephone system virtually eliminates geographical boundaries as it goes beyond regions and countries. A VoIP phone system uses digital signals that completely ignore traditional roaming issues and allows for seamless connectivity. This enables businesses to break the boundaries of country code and one phone number. VoIP system can simultaneously facilitate multiple virtual phone numbers that can be used interchangeably according to the needs of the hour. This is specifically useful for businesses that need to communicate with the international clients.

Easily Scalable

Regardless of the size of a business, a system that is closely integrated into a business’s core operations has to be easily scalable. There are times when businesses have to scale up or down according to their growth and limiting factors. These are precisely the times when they need systems that can be magnified positively or negatively in terms of their utility and worth. Cloud based phone systems are about flexibility and scalability as the business can scale those up or down as required.

Easily Accessibility

Easy accessibility is only one of the features of digital technology such as VoIP. Customers, employees and key decision-makers can access this technology at their will and without the need of any high-tech equipment. It gives everyone an opportunity to stay connected, work and enhance productivity without physical barriers such as your location. Even if employees or managers are on holiday, they can make and manage necessary calls without worrying about carrying a business phone as they can use their personal phones as business phones.

The Aspects of Personalisation

Like many products and services that businesses use on a daily basis, cloud-based phone systems are quite customisable. One can opt for the features that they need for a period and easily add or remove the unnecessary ones. Credit for such a personalised approach goes to the pay-as-you-go model of such business phone systems that run on a subscription-based model.

Easy Maintenance and Technology Upgradation

Traditional phone systems were equipment-heavy and required a lot of installation along with a dedicated technical team to take care of all the possible issues. However, things are different with cloud telephony as you’ll only need to install a router that’ll establish a connection to all the virtual phone lines. In addition, there is no need to hire a dedicated IT team as the whole operation is performed and managed by the service provider on their end and they take care of the maintenance and upgradation.

Network Security

Business organisations exchange a lot of personal and often sensitive information on a day-to-day basis. Employees upload and download small and large-sized files to and from their systems. And such systems if unsecured, often remain under the radar of cybercriminals. Such criminals can either steal or misuse sensitive information and in worst cases, ask for ransom as well. In recent years, large global corporations have suffered such attacks and we all know that the end result was not in their favour. However, such mishaps are rare occurrences when talking about protected networks as most capable VoIP phone systems are protected by rigid encryption and other security measures such as next-generation firewalls.

 Business phone systems enabled by VoIP technology have become a reality and more and more businesses that rely on advanced communication technology are adopting such solutions. The reasons are also quite simple. Such solutions are cost-effective, secure and provide seamless connectivity.

When talking about small business VoIP provider in Australia, GenesysTel is the best business VoIP providers in Australia. GenesysTel is also one of the few fibre net providers with more than 15 years of experience in facilitating smart business communications with state-of-the-art technologies and equipment that carry the potential to make remote working fun and extremely productive.

How to incorporate VoIP Phone Service into your call center?

Most new approaches, business models, and services have been released with the view of improving customer satisfaction and making the consumer journey as effortless as possible. A target that is readily obtained with improvements in technology. In this era, every industry is constantly searching for ways to modernize services. With the coming of technology, chances emerged that didn’t previously exist.

So, it’s no surprise that the customer support market has, also, been incorporating modern technology shifts. 1 special customer support technology that has been introduced in the past decade is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP call centre phone systems continue growing in popularity because of the unique benefits it can provide a customer service section.

What’s VoIP?

VoIP is a technology which permits you to make phone calls using a broadband internet connection rather than a normal, analog telephone line. It works by converting your voice into an electronic signal that’s passed via the world wide web. Since it utilizes the internet, you do not need a telephone during the cell phone.

VoIP calls may happen from VoIP phones, computers, or telephone adapters. You can even make calls through WiFi.

Depending upon your service provider, you might just be allowed to call other VoIP subscribers. However, most businesses that invest in VoIP support make certain you could contact any telephone number, irrespective of distance.

Voice over IP Based Call Center

A VoIP call center phone system is a VoIP phoning software that is intended to handle the call volume of an whole call center. Unlike conventional analog telephone lines, VoIP technology employs broadband internet to connect the client with a provider. These systems help organizations manage and distribute large amounts of incoming and outgoing calls being made to its customer support teams.

There are lots of advantages of using VoIP over conventional phone services.

  1. Reduced Cost

    Genesystel offers a business VoIP starting at $35 per line each month for ten lines and can go as much as $25 per line each month for 21+ lines.

    Certainly, you can see the gap in cost between an analog telephone program and VoIP phone support. A number of businesses have made the shift due to this cut in price for communications.

  2. Feature Rich

    VoIP phone service offers the very same features included in your traditional phone plan: voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, two-way calling, and much more. Additionally, it offers more features, like the ease of being able to connect these attributes to a computer or other device. Your employees can make or take calls and listen to voicemails straight from their pc, notebook, or tablet.

  3. Video Calls

    This app allows you to create video conference calls and phone calls and discuss instant messages. The capability to utilize these services for free was revolutionary and a vital aspect of VoIP that cannot be accomplished by conventional phone providers.

    Now you know the best motives for shifting from a conventional phone plan to VoIP phone service, think about the next VoIP service suppliers to find the best alternative for your company.

  4. Creating a Seamless Customer Experience with Genesystel and Avaya

    Give customers a clever, positive experience each time and you’re going to win a lifetime of loyalty. We can assist you to do precisely that. Rely on our expertise and invention as you evolve your customer experience strategy. In current market, there are many solutions to look at – we encourage you to look at the ones receiving accolades from analysts and customers. Ranking Avaya a Leader two years running, the 2020 Aragon Research Globe says we’ve “continued to push the envelope with Avaya Contact Center.”

    Together with Genesystel & Avaya solution, your customers will experience fast and efficient self-service on the channels they prefer, with available agent to help as needed. It’s always effortless, easy, and context driven. Having a consolidated view of pertinent information, they can transcend expectations and achieve great outcomes, faster. As you get a deeper comprehension of customer needs, your teams become more effective and effective.

    Delight your customers with by implementing “Best of Breed” contact centre solution.

    Talk to one of our contact centre expert today.

Are You an Internet Awesome Business?

The Internet has shrunk the world into a global village where the latest technologies fueled by it are helping businesses expand beyond their own territories. As a result, there’s a sea of change the way a team now works at a workplace. We’ve got teams overseas in different time zones contributing towards the company’s growth in equal measures. Team collaboration has improved manifold all because of the Internet. It is an ultimate source of productivity in short—a fuel to accelerate business growth to be more precise.

The Internet services for small businesses has turned out to be a boon. They allow these small time businesses to reach out to their clients beyond a particular territory and deliver services better than expected. Control over choice of customization is no longer restricted to just a few big established sharks of the industry. If you too are running a business, chances are that you know it well too. But just partnering with a business grade internet provider in Australia doesn’t make you an internet awesome business.

We bring you 5 reasons how you can become an internet awesome business. So let’s find out just how:

Are you able to collaborate with your overseas team efficiently?

Interacting with employees overseas or responding to a customer query in real-time, you got to have the best internet in town to make it happen. Interacting with an overseas team regarding the business is something that you must do to keep it on the track and enhance productivity. Similarly, answering to customer queries in real time is important. If you are not able to do all of it efficiently then chances you are not internet awesome. Partner with a trusted business grade internet provider in Australia and enhance collaboration within teams and departments.

Can you share Information easily?

Gone are the days when a business used to send business related documents and other information via mail.  However, the times have changed long back and all these important official confidential docs are being sent over the internet as electronic files. They are reaching to the recipients faster than traditional mails. And they are even more secure than ever. So if you are able to do these things fast you are internet awesome.

Have you got latest marketing techniques to reach potential customers?

All right! The entire marketing strategies have changed with the advent of the internet. Nowadays it is the online presence that makes a business grow by bringing more and more potential customers. If you are using internet to get familiar with the latest marketing techniques to reach out to your potential customers, then you are actually an internet awesome business.

Are you able to provide 24/7 support to your customers?

Okay. This has become quite pivotal now in the business. A business that provides round the clock support to their customers all through the year is the one that actually makes the difference in the industry. With businesses going beyond a particular geographical boundary and time zones, it is very important for a business to have 24/7 support for their customers in staying in different time zones.

Is your business secure online?

The internet is one of the best ways to target new customers all over the globe. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube among others are creating loads of opportunities for you to reach out to new customers and clients irrespective of geographical boundaries. The best way to find customers and turn them into your regulars without any mess whatsoever. However, since it is an open market for just anyone, you got to be secure about your daily business transactions online and the information you are sharing online.

If you have answered positively for all the aforementioned questions, then you have for sure mastered the internet. You are driving the internet to your business success. Remember, the world of brick and mortar is slowly shrinking for a number of reasons. So to stay on the top of the game, you need to be an internet awesome business.