How to choose the right internet plan for your business?

We understand that as young startups you must have millions of things to sort out. By this end of this blog, you will thank us to save your precious time in understanding and sorting an important aspect of any business out there. No matter how small or big it is, a high-speed internet is an everyday requirement of working people.

Let’s begin with the very first thing about internet, Bandwidth, which means the ability of uploading or downloading a particular amount of data per second. A particular internet speed or bandwidth is shared with equally among the number of users in your network.

Wondering what amount of bandwidth will fully suffice your business? Let us explain.

There are a bunch of internet connections you can choose through for your business in Australia. You have to understand that it is always wise to have bandwidth which never gives even the slightest of lags during your work. The right internet speed plays an important role in pushing the business productivity up and fast along with fostering employee engagements and generating client feedbacks.
High-speed internet connections are mainly distributed into Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Cable Modem, Fibre, Wireless, and Satellite. Your required internet speed is directly proportional to the number of employees you have. So, larger businesses will need faster internet plans.

Some of the benefits of having a business-based internet connection:

  • Faster internet speeds enable your business to store your precious data on the cloud, making your data way safer than the traditional physical storage technologies businesses have.
  • These cloud storage systems can be automatically updated without any hassle.
  • You will never have to worry about delays while doing business transactions which is an issue faced by almost all businesses.
  • Faster internet connections are proven to help keep employees satisfied in any business as slower network speed hampers their work flow.
  • Economic benefits of business internet plan out-play any residential internet plan by providing a robust, stable and reliable internet connection.
  • Need we say how effective the customer feedback process gets when you have a faster business-based internet plan?

If investing more on a business-based internet connection rather than going with residential packages is troubling you in some way rest assured that internet connections which are designed for businesses like TPG Fibre 1000 come along with incomparable benefits attached to them ranging from reliability, stability, and faster internet speeds.

Why use a Cloud-Based Phone System for your business?

Any phone system can make or receive a call then what makes a business phone system stands out and why every business is choosing it? For businesses, you need proper professional yet flexible connectivity to communicate with your potential clients via the easiest methods like text, audio, and video calls and this is where you need a professional small business phone system in AustraliaIt is an integrated platform for employees sitting in different locations’ having different device to operate online business.  

The system is cost-efficient and doesn’t need layers of wiring mess. It not only keeps you connected with co-workers but also manages to receive messages when you are not available. Every business especially a small one needs a proper funnel to operate things easier and with these businesses, here comes day-to-day specific responsibilities. Having these VoIP systems helps you in getting work done quickly and keeps your entire phone system administered from a mobile device to save both your time and money. Business owners can configure virtual phone systems themselves on the internet through a user-friendly interface without having to dependent on IT staff or hiring a managing department.  

Why VoIP Phone Systems? 

Using a VoIP solution saves you the hassle of copper wire installations for landlines by simply working over the pre-installed standard internet connections any company has. These systems, on the other hand, are much easier on the budget than traditional phone systems.  

Now one can avail all the premium features of a high-end PBX system on customized VoIP systems ranging from automated attendants, call forwarding to extensions, allowing to send voice mails via E-mails. VoIP systems can integrate over third party apps as well. You can even set business hours so your phone rings only when you want it to.  

While you can avail multiple benefits by using a cloud-based phone system services like making and receiving calls from multiple devices like computer mobile and desk phones, it also helps you to improve your customer productivity. You don’t have to share your personal number and get business number which feels more professional to share with multiple usersYou can also track usage, hold times, and duration of calls.  

Now that you are aware how can you improve your customer experience and save your expenses; you can opt for an integrated business phone system to improve all of your business communications. 

Pros and Cons of Using a VoIP System for Business

The Pros and Cons of using a VoIP system that every Businessman should know

VoIP services have been benefitting small and large firms for a number of reasons, starting from their ability to save huge amounts for processing time and their ability to be cost-effective when compared with the traditional phone systems.

VoIP services provide a range of benefits to its users, especially to small business phone systems Australia. However, they have some cons which, as users you must be aware of to be able to use them efficiently. We are going to give you a quick-peek through the world of “PRO’s & CONs” for using the VoIP services for your business:

Pros of VoIP

  • VoIP is Cost-Effective:
    Let’s face it, we are arguably in the toughest year of this century. We all need to be cherry picking everything to move ahead in a sustainable way. VoIP systems cost almost half of the traditional phone-systems which businesses use. And since the whole tech runs over the internet, the cost of buying additional equipment is comparatively lower as well.
  • VoIP Increase Accessibility
    With VoIP solution, you can move to any corner of the globe and still have the access to make calls or work on your projects from your business’ common and cloud-based phone system. All you need is a standard broadband or internet connection. So, in cases as such of the Pandemic we are having, if you have your employees spread over different regions, VoIP will definitely save you from a lot of trouble. A VoIP system also enables you to do video calls. Video calls give you the power to communicate more effectively with your clients, or employees and also allows you to make preferred personalization as required. Despite being very common, the traditional business phone systems still lack this feature.
  • VoIP has Higher Scalability
    The fact that VoIP services can be tailored or customized as per the size of your business makes in an absolute choice for businesses across any industry out there. Imagine the ability where you are only charged for the amount of service you subscribed to as per your need. With a VoIP service you can actually do that!
  • Versatility
    Having a VoIP tech allows to use features like conference calling, in video or audio, or creating automated call processes for your customers when you are not around to attend, and abilities like waiting call, forwarding, etc. Versatile features like these which are all packed in one single subscription makes the VoIP system an absolute favorite for all.

Cons of VoIP

  • VoIP has a Limited location tracking for emergency calls
    Just like everything has both advantage and disadvantage, voip systems are the same. VoIP has a Limited location tracking for emergency calls and it’s difficult and almost impossible for a third-party user to know where the call originates from. However, majority of the callers don’t need this information but in case of an emergency like 911, there is no data or cell tower information to track.
  • VoIP needs a Reliable Internet Connection
    If your internet bandwidth doesn’t have a good connection then, your VoIP service will bound to suffer especially for startups and businesses.  Each of the VoIP device should have 100 kbps upload speed at a minimum. The strength of your internet bandwidth depends on the number of users that are using the connection. Hence, you should always test your network by testing the bandwidth.

The Conclusion

We understand that as business owners you all deserve to have the best of technologies along with being cost-effective. Every little step of yours should be the result of a well thought investment. Having considered all the factors of using the VoIP system will make you decide better as per your requirements. If the PROs winning over the CONs for using a VoIP system in your mind, you are absolutely ready to sign-up! You are most welcome.

Shift Your Business Call Management System on Cloud: For Effective remote work

The recent pandemic has forced the corporate ecosystem to work from home and that makes the use of cloud-based phone systems dominant over traditional phone systems. A team spread over different regions can use the same cloud to work and make calls remotely. Using the cloud also makes it able to connect over voice faster.

The rolling out of NBN has opened up opportunities for small businesses to consider optimizing their business phone solutions by using a cloud-based phone system. In order to help you understand more, we will start with what exactly a cloud business phone system is.

What is a cloud business phone system?

A Cloud business phone system is basically an internet call management solution that allows small, medium and enterprises to perform calls over the internet. If you are a start-up or a business, your team can work and communicate more effectively through the system experts. A cloud based phone system has a benefit of being able to be customized as per a particular business? Thus, it becomes easier to receive, send and resolve issues related to various business processes while keeping everything simple and seamless.

Phone Cloud

What Benefits can an organization avail from a cloud phone system?

The adoption of cloud phone system is helping businesses to set up a virtual office that can be accessed from anywhere especially for small business phone systems Australia . More and more businesses are switching to cloud phone systems because of multiple benefits like remote work and fast results. Consider these few pointers to make a switch.

  • Switching to phone cloud system means that everything will be easily updated and managed by the service provider. Hence, you can save bucks on your huge maintenance without purchasing new Equipements.
  • People who prefer remote work can easily make their collaboration better to deliver easier and faster results without travelling anywhere.
  • Cloud Phone System includes all the features like voicemail to email, auto attendants, instant messaging, extension dialing, follow-me features, call records and mobility.
  • Businesses without a traditional office space or without a team of IT staff can still manage to oversee and maintain their day-to-day work through cloud-based phone systems.

Before you Switch to Cloud Business Phone System

Remote working is new-normal today but you need to understand few of the things before making the switch to a VoIP solution. Before shifting to a cloud-based phone system is to understand that all your VoIP systems along with applications will run entirely over the internet connection which makes it important for you to have stable, and reliable internet connectivity. It might a smart idea to always have a backup internet connection ready in case of outage on the main internet line so that your business can run smoothly.

Cloud Solutions to Keep Your Company Productive

Cloud is on-demand computer system resources, which include computing power and data sources. Clouds are data centers available to users over the Internet. Its adoption lets you create a productive workplace for your employees. It enables strong business communication, collaboration, customer and project management to assist your employees to do more in less time.  

In terms of business, cloud adoption allows you to set up a virtual office that can be accessed from anywhere anytime. With the widespread use of web-enabled devices, access to cloud data is more manageable now. Besides, the primary business advantage of cloud solutions is their capability to deliver easier, cheaper and faster results. These can make a huge difference in the current market condition when people prefer to work from remote locations


Improved Business Flexibility and Agility

Cloud solutions give business entities flexibility and agility, especially when remote working is the new norm. It is like staying nimble and shifting your organization to where the market is heading. Your business can scale up and scale down according to the requirements for more efficient resource management. Besides, you can instantly deploy a service or application like VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) or PABX for your employees with a simple request. The ability of the cloud to adopt and deploy services quickly gives your organization huge advantages. These solutions are more beneficial to the companies that are growing or have fluctuations in the deployment cycle.  

Ensure Reliability and Consistency for Employees

Reliability and consistency in terms of better organization are essential to maintain productivity for any organization. Cloud provides unified and highly-organized solutions with its cloud-based groupware, including central repository and other shared services. Through a central repository, your employees can easily access company and industry information, marketing materials, cloud-based apps, emails, and projects throughout the organization. The cloud solution is more responsive; thus, it becomes easy to receive and send documents and resolve issues related to various business processes. Besides, the cloud allows the employees with a central platform for better collaborative efforts to keep the momentum going and accomplish more productivity in less time.  

Reduce Recovery Downtimes

Downtime affects employee efficiency as well as business continuity. With cloud solutions, protecting data and systems is simpler through its safe backup capability. Cloud vendors today offer higher uptime rates compared to standard local servers. Opting for a multi-cloud approach with backups, your employees can reduce downtime to minutes. You can also opt to store off-site data on multiple clouds for quick recovery downtime. One of the main advantages of higher uptime is increased employee efficiency, which ultimately would boost a company’s productivity.  

Reduce IT Workloads

Unlike on-premise infrastructure, which is an expensive affair and requires intensive maintenance and upgrading of IT hardware, cloud deployment works with minimum IT costs. Your IT team needs not to be busy updating servers and computers, buying and installing software licenses, or responding to employees’ needs around the clock. A central management system based on the cloud enables instant pushes for licensing and updating. Therefore, due to reduced IT workload and costs, businesses can allocate more budget in their core business and tools to improve productivity.  

Software Integration and Tools

Cloud vendors enable a number of integrations with web apps and other tools. These apps and software can be used for particular applications that fit the needs of your organization. You just provision the cloud server for an instance in the cloud and the application will be ready for use in a couple of hours. Therefore, what you need to do is find the software that best suits your employee’s workflows.  

Not adopted cloud deployment yet?

Migrating your unified communications to the cloud has a range of benefits in maintaining a smooth work flow. GenesysTel is one of the trusted companies that offer several cloud-based solutions, including a cloud phone system. It is a reliable business telecommunications solutions provider in Australia with 15 years of experience and expertise. It delivers customized telecom solutions to a diverse range of clients across industry sectors. We offer customized services for deploying cloud telephone system for small businesses. 

How a Cloud-based Business Call Management System Can Benefit your Organisation?

Modern entrepreneurs put a lot of emphasis on scalability as they want to adjust their capacity and capability according to different market conditions. Such a trend can also be observed in the communication-related requirements as companies are rapidly switching from traditional in-house business phone systems to modern cloud-based call management systems that are quite flexible and scalable.

Here’s how cloud-based business phone systems can benefit your organisation.

  • An Integrated Communications System
    Integrating all types of communications in an organisation to a central system that also supports remote working/operations increases efficiency. Cloud-based communication systems are provided by third-party service providers; hence they are easy to deploy and enable employees to stay connected whether they are working from the office or a remote location.
  • Control Over Modes of Communication
    Cloud-based communication systems put businesses in the driver’s seat, allowing them to choose features that they need with, of course, the ability to scale those up and/or down or even totally shut those down whenever they want. In addition, business phone services based on cloud give employees remote access through a smartphone with features such as softphone and virtual phone number in real-time.
  • A plethora of Features
    A cloud-based phone system for small businesses provides access to network applications typically found at larger corporations. The features include virtual assistant, auto-attendant, call parking, call forwarding, call conferencing, etc.
  • Mobility
    The modern workplace is increasingly mobile nowadays and businesses, especially small businesses, must be able to operate from multiple locations and cloud communication is all about that. They have access to features that allow them to log-in from remote locations to stay connected even when they are on the go.
  • Scalability
    With business growth, the need for scaling up the infrastructure and employee base also comes up and with it the need for more revenue generation. Such a change is only possible with a communication system that can be scaled up as per the specific business needs. Businesses can add as many extensions as they need to accommodate increased call volume, or if necessary, they can simply call-in deactivate the extra extensions. This is quite the opposite to traditional business phone systems as here; businesses only have to pay for the extensions they need only for as long as they use them.
  • Continuity
    Opting for a cloud phone system allows businesses to stay connected to their client/customers regardless of the situation or location. Such a system is more likely to be unaffected by external factors that may keep employees from getting to the office as they get to work from the comfort of their homes. With a cloud-based phone system, businesses can maintain a consistent presence through specific tools needed for running the operations smoothly.
  • Improved Customer Service
    Many cloud-based businesses phone systems come with Virtual Receptionist (VR) and/or auto-attendant features that allow businesses to direct calls to different departments and even make announcements unique to a given department without any fuss.
  • Added Features
    Businesses also need extra features for specific seasons. For instance, during the busy festive seasons where more and more customers call for product purchase and support, businesses require premium calling features to increase call-taking capacity. And value-added features are all about flexibility as they provide specific features on-demand as well. Such features may include a dynamic waiting room designed for callers that allows businesses to improve the on-hold experience and better manage the volumes. This also helps decrease voicemails, missed calls and busy lines to allow as many callers as possible at one point in time.
  • Cost-Effectiveness
    Last but not the least cost-effectiveness is one of the most significant benefits offered by business phone services. And the reasons for such cost-effectiveness is quite simple as it doesn’t require substantial installation costs, setting up a dedicated IT department, and of course, the cost savings occurred from reduced overhead costs.

Business are rapidly adopting pay-per-go subscription models for their telephony solutions. Although remote working solutions such as cloud-based phone systems came to resolve the connectivity and coordination problems, it quickly became a norm. This happened because it suited to everyone’s interest. Businesses do not need to worry about communication whereas employees got to work from the safety of their homes. This saves both time and overhead costs and proved to be a positive aspect of productivity.

Talking about the cloud-based business phone systems for small business organisations, GenesysTel offers cost-effective and scalable business communication services. The company provides tailor-made solutions for unique business requirements. GenesysTel is also one of the few fibrenet providers with more than 15 years of experience facilitating smart business communications.