Fibre Optic V/S Broadband Internet Services 

Running a small business asks for comparatively more responsibilities than others. Hence, it is of vital importance that you don’t compromise on the quality of your internet services and stay connected with your customers throughout. Whether you use a nearby cable, a fibre optic internet service, or a local broadband ISP- fast and reliable internet connectivity is no longer a luxury but a necessity. These expectations from internet providers are increasing exponentially in the workplace. Quality telecom and internet services indicate productive employees and satisfied customers; resulting in the growth of the business.

There is no doubt that the internet plays an important role in your business. This, when combined with the availability of multiple service providers makes it a difficult choice. Most businesses find it difficult to choose between fibre optic internet providers and broadband service providers. There are multiple ways that help you decide which one would fit better in your business. Read Genesystel’s list of major factors that must be considered while making the choice between Fibre optic and broadband internet services-

  • Improved internet service reliability– For most businesses, reliability is the most important factor while deciding what type of internet service to choose. Although internet broadband is often considered a reliable source, in comparison with fibre it is most likely to face interruptions from a host of environmental and location factors. Fibre optic is a dedicated, passive system which implies that it is far less likely to be affected by the service interruptions. Using fibre optic solutions will keep you away from any interruptions in connectivity.


  • Bandwidth consideration– Your internet bandwidth can have a huge impact on your business operations. Basic business operations such as web conferences, video streaming, online presentations, file sharing, cloud applications, etc. can be tough when upload and download speeds are hampered due to high demands on bandwidth. Internet broadband such as DSL or cable internet connection is typically shared across different customers because of which bandwidth can be compromised during heavy usage. Business fibre internet providers in Australia, on the other hand, operate as dedicated service providers and certainly deliver an internet service with upload and download speeds that are quick and reliable at the same time.


  • Security Factors– In the continuously progressing cyber age, security of data and information is one of the major concerns for businesses. The higher frequency of breaches subsequently gets mistaken for normalcy. To combat this, small to medium companies today search for best business broadband deals in Australia that offer ways to fortify their networks and data, from client records to vulnerable intellectual properties. Out of fibre optic and broadband internet services, it is evident that a network using broadband is more vulnerable to malicious attacks. To avoid this, businesses are looking forward to increasing the speed and reliability and other internet services, as well as fortify the data that is stored online.


With more than 15 years of experience in the telecommunication industry, Genesystel is one of the renowned business fibre internet providers in Australia offering the best business broadband deals in Australia to its customers. Genesystel is one of the most reliable and affordable hosted PBX providers in Australia, providing the service of Hosted PBX that ensures better connectivity for your business. Hosted PBX is a cloud-based connectivity system that helps you increase your productivity, access scalable solutions and provide geographical freedom to your business.


Importance of VoIP for your Business- How and Why You Must Use It

Voice over Internet Protocol had been introduced for businesses as a replacement for traditional telephone lines. Business VoIP and SIP Trunks are gradually reducing the use of traditional telephone lines like PSTN and ISDN. With the rollout of NBN and other broadband infrastructure, business fibre internet providers in Australia have started to offer this powerful and flexible technology to its customers. SIP Trunks work towards improving the functionality and flexibility, being ideal for businesses of all sizes, unlike traditional telephone lines. 

If your business needs voice and data services, both in equal importance then you must reap the benefits of VoIP service. If you have not used it yet, read how you can do it now. 

  • Check your PBX Phone system- You must begin with confirming if your existing PBX phone system is IP (Internet Protocol) enabled or not. If you have your PBX phone system installed in the last 5 to 10 years, then it must be IP enabled. This implies that you can use your current PBX system with SIP trunks, which is an equivalent of business VoIP telephone lines. The PBX system may come with a facility to add specific cards like VoIP, which makes it a matter of only connecting and programming the required number of SIP trunks to be used as lines for calling. 
  • Get IP Handsets- You may get one or more IP phones for your business if you don’t use a PBX already. IP desk and cordless phone systems are easily programmable with SIP trunks to enable calls in and out. A Direct in-dial (DID) telephone number is allocated to a SIP trunk. In most of the cases, you can also port-in your existing number, after which all you would need to do is plug in the IP handset into the IP router.  
  • Upgrade to Hosted PBX- If your PBX is not compatible with IP telephony, it is advised to upgrade to Hosted PBX. The hosted PBX providers in Australia offer you the advantage of getting rid of installation of an entirely new system in your office premises. Hosted PBX requires only IP handsets, which are programmed with extension numbers and plugged into the broadband service.  

Along with how you may switch to VoIP for your business, you should also know why you must do it. The upgrade to Voice over Internet Protocol offers the following benefits to your business-  

  • SIP trunks offer a high level of service provision in comparison with traditional telephone lines, inclusive of ISDN, which is mainly delivered using the copper network.  
  • Business VoIP does not use any physical phone lines to install or relocate. It instead uses an existing broadband service to make and receive calls. All that you need to do is connect the phone system to a new broadband service.  
  • SIP trunks are the ideal solution to support all types of disaster recovery strategies. In case of power failures or other similar events, alternative routing automatically gets activated and calls get redirected to an alternative answering point, thereby ensuring complete redundancy. 
  • SIP trunks offer superior functionality across a variety of devices including PBX, IP desk phones, IP conference phones, mobile app or a softphone application. 
  • Also known as NBN phone lines, SIP trunks replace existing phone lines. They are also the fundamental components of most Unified Communication of IP Telephony technologies. You don’t need to upgrade or change when implementing new systems in your business. 

Business Voice over Internet Protocol comes with features, functions, and pricing that outclasses the traditional telephone lines including ISDN. If you are running a small to medium business, then you must consider upgrading your broadband connection, if you haven’t already. You may get in touch with Genesystel, one of the renowned Hosted PBX providers in Australia to reap the benefits of its 360-degree solutions to all the telecom needs of Voice, Data and Telephone systems of your business.  

Genesystel, the Telecom Service Provider Launches a New Website and its All-New Complete Solutions Package

Genesystel, the providers of telecommunication services to small and medium businesses launched its new website with the introduction to its Complete Solution packages on 18 October 2018. The Complete Solution package for small to medium businesses includes Voice, Data and Avaya Hosted PABX solution at economical rates. The Complete Solutions Package offers a combined solution to all the telecom needs for small to medium businesses.  

Having partnered with the major telecom players like TPG/AAPT and Avaya, Genesystel offers its solutions of business phone and broadband in Australia to small and medium businesses, taking an edge over the others in terms of provision of quality services. A 4-year old organization based in Sydney, New South Wales provides top of the range business phone systems across Australia with 24/7 technical support services with varied products and services to suit businesses with 10 to 99 employees. 

Complete Solution by Genesystel has three varied packages, offering a diverse number of handsets from 10, 15, 20 and so forth, a choice of midband ethernet, Fibre 400 or Fibre 1000. There are variations in access to the SIP channels offered, the Enterprise-Grade Data Network, Hosted Avaya IP Office, the number of handsets with a once-off installation fee.  

All the packages offer unlimited calls, 2MB dedicated Enterprise Grade Voice Network, unlimited data, 4G Back Up for redundancy, hardware and software maintenance and dedicated account management. Contract terms are 36 or 48 months.  

What makes Genesystel stand out among other Telecom service providers is its provision of a dedicated account manager to each of its clients, thereby offering cost-effective and personalized service. Genesystel prides itself in serving each of its clients according to their individual business needs thereby leaving no stone unturned in achieving maximum results.  

In comparison with the others players, Genesystel offers the benefits of Cost Predictability, full Redundancy, Resilience and Reliability. 

Genesystel’s senior management brings along more than 16 years of experience in the telecom industry, assuring the proper understanding of your business needs. The Senior Associates at Genesystel have worked with the major telecom giants and bear an unparalleled experience in the Inter-telecom space in Australia.  

Neelesh Verma, the Head of Sales and Operations at Genesystel said, “Our primary focus is to provide cost-effective and scalable telecommunication solution to Small and Medium organizations. We are known in the industry for providing our clients with bespoke solutions regardless of their size. The team at Genesystel takes pride in assuring the delivery of affordable, responsive and personalized telecom services in Australia. At Genesystel, we WILL do whatever we CAN do, to support your business growth.” He added, “The recently launched Complete Solution packages provide the option of Hosted PABX solutions to SMEs. Hosted PABX will serve as the ultimate solution to telecom needs after the ISDN shutdown. With the benefits of scalability, reduced redundancy, flexibility, ease of connectivity and many other features,  our Complete Solution offers our customers an enterprise grade solution with negligible upfront investment.”

Do Not Let ISDN Shutdown Affect Your Business

Integrated Services Digital Network, abbreviated as ISDN is a high-speed internet service network. With the public switched telephone network, it helps in the transmission of voice, data and other network services. ISDN Shutdown, however, is the result of its supporting technology and software coming closer to the end of its life due to which it will entirely be disconnected once National Broadband Network (NBN) rolls out completely.

Due to the supporting technologies and platforms nearing the end of their lifetime, Telstra the major Telecom giant has decided to bring its ISDN services to an end by the year 2022. Telstra will cease the sale of ISDN2, ISDN2 Enhanced, and ISDN 10/20/30, DDS Fastway, Megalink, and Frame Relay products for both the wholesale and retail customers. The advance notice had been issued to allow sufficient time to customers and businesses for planning an appropriate replacement solution to these services.

From 31 January 2018, a “stop-sell” had been issued in place for Telstra Retail and Telstra Wholesale, making sure that no new ISDN service is made available to customers who do not already have ISDN in place. However, the actual sale of these products stopped from 30 June 2018. The Retail and Wholesale customers could still make configuration, software and record changes to existing services for each of the products during the period leading up to the final disconnection of these services. The disconnection of existing ISDN connections will start from June 2019. By the year 2022, all the ISDN connections will be disconnected and the entire network will be decommissioned.

While businesses relying on ISDN connections may be concerned because of the shutdown, a cheaper and more effective solution of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is awaiting the businesses as the voice of the future. A Voice over Internet Protocol is the digital equivalent of a traditional phone line. The VoIP should be connected to a PABX, which can either be hosted to a cloud or installed in your premises.

You must keep a check on the following before choosing a new telecom service for your business-

  • It is advised to use new business phone systems such as an Avaya IP Office that work seamlessly and allow you to introduce additional features at the front end.
  • Getting your PABX service Hosted is better than installing it on your own premises, as it offers you the options of easy accessibility, scalability, and reliability.
  • Switch to a better internet connection bandwidth and speed.


You must not panic with the shutdown and seek Genesystel for assistance. Genesystel, one of the leading Hosted PABX providers offers you its ‘Complete Solutions’ package that is a blend of Voice, Data and best small Phone systems for small to medium businesses. The hosted PABX services at Genesystel are tailor-made as per the requirements of the businesses and delivered at highly economical prices. The Complete Solutions Package from Genesystel is surely worth the purchase, offering-

  • Availability of varied services at one stop
  • Reduced redundancy
  • Keeps away from jitters during the call
  • Scalability of your business as it grows
  • Reliability of latest technology by AAPT/TPG and Avaya
  • Flexibility of services

Gensystel will assist you with the designing, testing, installation, management, maintenance and monitoring of the offered VoIP services and help you upgrade your IT systems, data cabling, networking, switches, and WiFi networking.

How can switching to Hosted PABX Benefit your Business?

The use of Hosted PABX can help you increase your productivity, access scalable solutions and provide geographical freedom to your business.

According to the recent predictions by the Tech experts, there will be a noticeable hike in cloud-based services, Hosted PABX solutions in particular. The growing adoption of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol Technology) functions as a game changer for the industry’s growth. Based on the information collected by the experts, it is evident that small to medium businesses that have squeezed operating budgets are specifically switching to the services of Hosted PABX, eventually increasing the demand of Hosted PABX providers.

Hosted PABX might sound like high-tech jargon to the ones who are unfamiliar with it. However, if you start using it, you will get to know about its ease of accessibility and importance for your business. Hosted PABX is basically a telephone switching system used within a company that is hosted in a service provider’s data center. It can be understood as a phone’s system that runs voice over the internet, transmitting outbound and inbound calls to numerous employees working for a particular business.

The quality of telecom services provided in the country is seen as a major stumbling block for the growth of small to medium businesses, causing a lot of disappointment in various industries. Strong price-based competition has forced resellers to pass on cost savings to the consumers, resulting in distrust among businesses. Unavailability of superior technologies with various telco providers and resellers is another reason behind the decline in demand of such services. The telecommunication resellers must provide outstanding support to its customers, have the access to niche markets and gain expertise.

The one-in-all solution for these hindrances is Hosted PABX. It is one of the fastest growing technologies for business. Once you start using this technology for your business, you will realize what you had been missing. Read below the list of benefits of Hosted PABX solution-

  • Saves the management time- Hosted PABX is a highly complex business communication tool for business and needs to be managed off-site. This happens entirely in the background, enabling your employees to utilize the advanced features of business phone systems and increase their productivity by using the tools like voice, video and wireless connectivity out of their office.
  • Cost-effective- The physical connectivity tools used in the Hosted PABX technology reside in redundant and secure data centers. So, there are no large servers or systems to be purchased by the businesses with Hosted PABX. This directly saves the installation and operational costs and also keeps away from the capital expenditures to depreciate over time.
  • Easy accessibility from anywhere at any time- The powerful communication features of Hosted PABX help the employees keep their tasks moving forward irrespective of when and where they are.
  • No burden of manual updates- Since the service of Hosted PABX is outsourced, there is no burden of upgrading the software continuously. You will be made aware of any updates that have been made live on the background. This helps you quickly utilize the updates and support your customers better.
  • Effortless relocation of your business- With the use of Hosted PABX technology, there is no physical box that is located in your premises. In case you need to relocate your business, you need not worry about the installation and management of the physical equipment, as they are kept secured in data centers, nowhere around your office. Hosted PABX is easy to scale up without any disruption to your business.
  • Simple web interface- The operational ease of a Hosted PABX makes it possible for your employees to easily manage their own features from their computers. Tasks like addition and removal of users, the enabling of advanced features can all be done without the need for additional support or staff.

The points listed above give out why your business needs a highly-flexible technology like Hosted PABX. Businesses today are more unpredictable than they ever were; this highlights the significance of the use of economical technologies like Hosted PABX that straight away save your costs on hardware investment. Visionary companies enable providers like Genesystel to offer communication systems with superior quality, inclusive of the widest range of advanced features and services.

Genesystel provides the bundled Complete Solution package to its customers that includes Hosted PABX along with affordable landline solutions and internet services. This is not only changing the way businesses communicate but also the pricing model, with the availability of superior technology at highly effective prices.