5 Easy Tips to Boost Your Business Wi-Fi

Browsing getting slower than zombies, the movie you’re streaming is stuck like forever, and the web browser spinning faster than the delivery bowled by Shane Warne without loading the page you want. These are all a couple of common experiences that can give severe asthma attacks to people for whom getting online is as important as breathing.

So if you too think that your Wi-Fi connection is slower than Molasses, you got to use the following tips to optimize your network. Here we go:

Update your router

Before diving deeper into the pit, you got to kick it off with some basics first such as router updation. The router manufacturing companies keep introducing new features to their software to boost their speed a bit. Maybe you haven’t updated your router in a while, which is causing all that slowdown you’re facing. So just update your router first and see if it changes your world.

Place your router well

The placement of your router in your office and room can affect its coverage drastically. So instead of placing it to some far ends of the house, keep it at the center of it so that the signals of the router can distribute evenly to all corners. And you can get the speed you want.

Check your frequency

Getting the most out of your equipment is a good idea. But if you are riding on an old machine, don’t expect your network to turn into Usain Bolt. Simply get a new advanced hardware version from some leading business internet service providers in Australia and you are good to go.

Replace obsolete hardware

If your router uses an antenna, then you can power it up by adding one more to boost your network speed. Extra antennas come with the package you buy but if you don’t have those, then you can even buy them separately or contact business internet service providers in Australia.  

For more information and tips on boosting your Wi-Fi speed, contact the best business internet service providers in Australia GenesysTel today.

4 Reasons Why You Should Transform Your Business with TPG BizPhone

In today’s highly competitive and fast-paced business environment, great customer experience plays a key role in the growth of an organization. However, it all at some point in time starts looking like a game of whack-a-mole because every time your team is done fixing up an issue another crops up seconds later. Fortunately! GenesysTel has got a great economical solution for your business to enhance the customer experience so that you can focus on the core.

The smart range of small business phone systems in Australia offered by TPG BizPhone is ideal for any modern business. With plans starting from as little as $29.95/month, it is an investment worth making to ensure smooth business operations. These advanced business phone systems offered by TPG BizPhone have several other benefits some of which have been mentioned below to help you make an informed decision for your business.

A seamless switch without actually having to switch

Your business number after some point in time becomes your business identity. After all those years of hard work, you develop a healthy customer base of loyal clients who have your number on speed dial. However, a simple change of the business number while upgrading to a new business phone system can cost your reputation you have built in the market.


GenesysTel allows you to upgrade to the smartest range of small business phone systems in Australia TPG BizPhone with the majority of phone carriers including Telstra, Optus, AAPT, and Verizon among others. Don’t lose your number; don’t lose your business.

Call and voicemail forward features

They say that a missed call is a missed business. Phone calls are the lifeblood of a business. With every single missed call the chances of your customers going to your competitors are high.  So it is crucial that you do not miss a single call whatsoever.

TPG BizPhone’s Call Forward to Mobile is an ideal feature for any business. It forwards all your BizPhone unanswered calls to your mobile so that you can answer a call even on the go. There is Voicemail to Email feature also offered by TPG BizPhone wherein you receive an audio file of a voicemail to your email address so that you can respond to it quickly.

Auto-attendant with features

TPG BizPhone’s auto-attendant feature allows your business to have a professional image among your audience. Hiring a full-time receptionist for your business is an extra expenditure that can easily be avoided by TPG BizPhone’s auto-attendant feature.  It in a very organized and professional way directs your customers to concerned departments without any fuss. Custom On-Hold Music feature is another interesting feature that comes along. You can upload your own audio or any piece of information about your company’s services and products. This way you can leverage on call-wait time also.

No need for expensive technicians

Business productivity is affected every time an expensive technician pays a visit to your office for petty software configurations. However, business phone systems offered by TPG BizPhone give you the control in your hands with its self-service portal. No expensive third party technicians required. You are your own God.

So if you also want to power up your organization with the smartest range of small business phone systems in Australia offered by TPG BizPhone, contact GenesysTel at 1300 836 500. Our representative will get in touch with you shortly.

Beyond Just a Plan: The Review of TPG Broadband Plan in Australia

TPG over the past few years has grown its loyal customer base thanks to its wide range of cheap and simple broadband plans. And, after acquiring fellow broadband provider iiNet in 2015, the Australian telecommunication giant has now become the second largest ISP in the country by market share—right behind Telstra.

TPG’s ADSL2+broadband plans in both naked and bundled form are very popular among masses. The company also offers NBN business plans in available locations. In this blog, we review TPG’s broadband plans in Australia to help you find the best deal for your business needs. Here we go:

TPG Broadband Plans in Australia

They say that a business is as good as its communication. This is why TPG offers NBN broadband plans, which are fast and reliable to take care of all your business needs. With a wide range of incredible deals on offer, businesses can find the NBN plan and speed that’s just right for their needs.

Plan Type: NBN 12

11.1 Mbps

Basic Typical Business Hours Speed

Contact Term:

18 months: $0 Setup Fee

No Lock-In: $99.95 Setup Fee



Minimum charge $1289.82

Phone line:

Pay as you go

Wi-Fi Modem

Plan Type: NBN 50

47.9 Mbps

Standard Plus Typical Business Hours Speed

Contact Term:

18 months: $0 Setup Fee

No Lock-In: $99.95 Setup Fee

Plan 1:

500GB   DATA

250GB Peak + 250GB Off-Peak


Minimum charge $1469.82

Phone line :

Unlimited Local Calls

Unlimited Standard National Calls

Wi-Fi Modem

Plan 2:



Minimum charge $1649.82

Phone line:

Unlimited Local Calls

Unlimited Standard National Calls

Wi-Fi Modem

Plan 3:



Minimum charge $1829.82

Phone line:

Unlimited Local Calls

Unlimited Standard National Calls

Unlimited National Calls to Mobiles

Wi-Fi Modem

Plan Type: NBN 100

90.7 Mbps

Premium Typical Business Hours Speed

Contact Term:

18 months: $0 Setup Fee

No Lock-In: $99.95 Setup Fee

Plan 1:

500GB           DATA

250GB Peak + 250GB Off-Peak


Minimum charge $1829.82

Phone line

Unlimited Local Calls

Unlimited Standard National Calls

Wi-Fi Modem

Plan 2:



Minimum charge $2009.82

Phone line:

Unlimited Local Calls

Unlimited Standard National Calls

Wi-Fi Modem

Plan 3:



Minimum charge $2189.82

Phone line:

Unlimited Local Calls

Unlimited Standard National Calls

Unlimited National Calls to Mobiles

Wi-Fi Modem

Benefits of choosing TPG Business Plan in Australia:

  1. Static IP

A Static IP is included with your Business NBN plan, enabling a host of networking solutions.

  1. High Speed Wi-Fi Modem

NBN bundles include a dual band 802.11ac Wi-Fi modem which provides amazing Wi-Fi speed and coverage.

  1. Contract Options

Go no lock-in contract or enjoy free setup on an 18 month contract. Both NBN deals come with Wi-Fi modem included.

  1. Flexibility

Move up or down your plan anytime without any change fee, keep your existing phone number or get a new one at signup.

  1. Unlimited Data

Unlimited NBN plans are suited for businesses with high demand for data.

  1. Bizphone

Compliment your Business NBN plan with Bizphone.

So how does TPG stack up against other broadband providers in Australia?

Due to TPG’s focus on value for money broadband plans from the very beginning, the company has been able to fare exceptionally well against the competition. Overall, TPG fares better than the following providers:

  • iiNet
  • Internode
  • Telstra
  • Dodo
  • iPrimus
  • Foxtel
  • Optus

Finally! Is TPG worth all the money?

As stated many times in this blog, TPG broadband plans in Australia are very popular among masses. They offer good deals for new players seeking decent value. Cheap, simple, and easy-to-understand broadband plans offered by the company have worked exceptionally well for many years. And, going by the current scenario, TPG will continue to rule the industry in the future as well. Its wide range of broadband plans caters to needs of every business. Overall, TPG is a safe bet for businesses.

If you want TPG broadband plans in Australia for your business, then connect with the most trusted telecommunications service provider GeneysTel today.

Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas 2019

Christmas is just round the corner and we can’t help but get excited about all the impending celebrations on modern day versions of Jingle Bells. However, the thought of gifting right pressies to your loved ones can take all the fun away. So if you too like other early birds have kept your shopping plans for the last moment, we’ve got you the best gift ideas for all those who you care right here. Stop feeling stuck now and just read on:

  • Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam

For safer yet fun rides!

One of the perfect gifts for your loved ones this Christmas. This attractive 130 degree wireless dash camera for cars is packed with smart WiFi car DVR, smart voice control, SONY IMX image sensor, and 1920 x 1080P HD resolution.  It meets all your video and photo needs while driving. Make your driving experience safer and fun with smart voice control.

Price: $59.99

  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Oh Snap

Capture memories instantly!

All right! Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Oh Snap is quite a cute way to capture memories instantly and cherish them all forever. It comes loaded with a selfie mirror on the front to help you check your framing, close-up lens attachment, and built-in flash for bright and clear images.

Price: $129.00

  • Weber Q Black BBQ Lp

For the love of barbecue!

Christmas celebrations are incomplete without good food. So let’s add a dash of excitement to this big day with Weber Q (Q2000au) Black Bbq Lp. One of the finest Bbqs in town comes with easy to read infinite control burner control knob, cool to touch thermoset lid handle, 2 thermoset swing out work surfaces, removable drip tray, and what not. Happy eating!

Price: $459.00

  • Glenfiddich Experiment XX Scotch Whisky

Revel in the liquid sunshine!

Regarded as one of the finest whiskies, let Glenfiddich Experiment XX Scotch add its colours into your Christmas celebration. In a 700 ml bottle, this sparkling whisky packs warm summer fruit aromas with sweet candyfloss and liquorice notes. Take your celebration to a new high with salt on the sides.

Price: $124.99

  • Fitbit Versa 2

Smart health for the smart minds!

It’s time to make some new cliché resolutions this Christmas with health. Bring Fitbit Versa 2 (a premium health & fitness smartwatch) home and bless your loved ones with the world of smart health. This smartwatch is loaded with features such as voice control, sleep score, apps, and more.

Price: $329.95

What? Are you still thinking? Hurry up Santa is already on his way. Check out the list of gifts above and bring one big smile on the face of your loved ones.

Give Speed to Your Business with TPG NBN Business Bundles

The internet has become one of the most essential aspects of businesses today. From emailing staff to creating roasters to a lot of other things of daily operations, businesses must have a strong broadband connection to stay in the game because they say that a business is only as good as its communication. This is why GenesysTel brings to you TPG’s NBN ready business broadband plans in Australia that is fast and reliable to keep your business communication at its best.

TPG business broadband plans has repeatedly been named the best NBN provider with the most consistent evening speeds by the ACCC.

TPG Business Broadband Plans for Small offices

Take advantage of the most demanding applications over the Internet. TPG has business broadband plans for small offices starting at $69.99/month at the basic NBN 12 speed. Enjoy NBN 50 and 100 options with unlimited data, month-to-month or 18 month contract.

What else is on offer?

  • High-speed fibre optic broadband plans at $399/month for speed up to 400 mbps and $799 for 1Gbps in selected areas only.
  • Get extra features such as BizPhone calling.

Benefits of TPG NBN Business Broadband Plans for Small Offices Offered by GenesysTel:

1. Static IP

Included with every TPG Business NBN plan so that you can host and remotely access your onsite content.

2. Unlimited data

To allow your team members to use as much upload and download data as they need such as download file sharing and backup to cloud services.

3. High speed Wi-Fi modem

It provides amazing Wi-Fi speed and coverage for all your devices.

4. Raise efficiency and save time

Increase your business productivity with faster download times, research and browsing.

5. Video conferencing

Use your NBN connection for video conference meetings and presentations using applications such as Zoom and Skype.

6. Cloud applications

Follow global trends by taking advantage of cloud based applications such as Salesforce, Shopify and Microsoft Office 365.

Give GenesysTel a call today and speak to an NBN specialist from our Business Solutions Team to find the best solution for your business.

NBN Scammer at Your Door Step? How to Avoid Falling Prey to the Scam

The people of Australia has come under attack of a new NBN scam, which is duping them all of their hard earned money. NBN Co has taken a swift action already after the reports of this scam duping people has skyrocketed manifolds in the past few months.

In an official statement, the company has said that it has recorded about 84% hike in the enquiries related to the suspected scam over a period of a year or so. The scammers introduce themselves as NBN employees over a call to the people of Australia in order to secure their bank details.

Darren Kane, NBN Co’s Chief Security Officer, has advised the citizens to be extra cautious when speaking to anybody claiming to be part of the company, especially when requests of financial information are made.

“We will never make unsolicited calls or door knock to sell broadband services to the public. We will never request remote access to a resident’s computer and we will never make unsolicited requests for payments or financial information,” Kane clarified.

Talking about the scam, Kane further added that people should understand when and how a company like NBN Co and its retailers speak to their customers.

“It’s important to remember the key point of contact for Australians connecting to the NBN access network will always be their preferred phone and internet service provider. This is because NBN Co is a wholesale-only company and does not sell services directly to the public,” he added.

NBN Co has issued valuable information on how to avoid falling victim to the ongoing scam. The company has urged its customers to not share any bank, credit card or personal information with any unsolicited caller claiming to be part of the company. The company has also advised the citizens to never allow an unsolicited caller to take remote access of their system through installation of programs.

Another thing that citizens can do to avoid falling prey to these scammers is calling a service provider to ensure that the call is actually genuine.