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GenesysTel is one of the most trusted business telecommunications solutions provider in Australia. We earn our reputation for delivering personalized telecom solutions to diverse clients across different industry sectors. Our innovation, network assets, and unique products enable us to provide bespoke communication solutions that are fast, reliable, and cost-effective.

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We support businesses to operate efficiently by providing gold standard business telecommunication solutions with award winning customer service.

I have been a client of Genesystel for several years now. We have 55 employees in our head office and we are constantly on the internet. We use 2 x 400MB/400MB Fibre Optic data connection supplied by Genesystel for our head office. They provide an excellent service at an amazingly great price. Having a reliable Internet simply means we can get things done more quickly and efficiently, which is surely the name of the game in any business. I have had no drop out issues and I could not be more delighted with the quality and service I receive.
Roy Juwana
IT & Communications Manager, Crown Group

Relocating and growing our business required new data connections in difficult locations that other ISPs weren’t willing to provide at reasonable cost. Dilapidated telecoms infrastructure and enormous surrounding construction work meant that simply running a fibre cable to our premises looked like an impossibility.

In the end we approached Genesystel and they were able to push the project through from start to finish. We have the fibre we need, and the reliability of their service has been fantastic. It has changed the way we manage our IT services.

Genesystel was able to do what the bigger players could not. I wish we’d gone down that path sooner, it would have saved us months of wrangling.

Chris Knight
IT Manager, Castle Medical Holdings
Our firm spent several months navigating the murky waters of internet services, we were oversold in nearly every instance. It was confusing and the whole process left us struggling to make the right decision. GENESYSTEL offered us exactly what we needed, at a very competitive price. There was no smoke and mirrors, rather they offered a service and delivered.

We have been very happy with our service over the last few years, issue free. Would recommend to anybody looking at internet services.

Orson Baker
Tardis Group
The team at Genesystel is promptly attentive and a great company to work with. We particularly work with Neelesh and we find him very professional and always ready to assist in any problem we may have.
Jennifer Kasparian
Accounts Administrator, Noisebox Integrated Technologies
Abuzz Solutions supplies wayfinding solutions to all major shopping centre operators in Australia. Our solution includes delivery of cloud based services to over 180 malls in Australia and across Asia. This includes dedicated IP connections to the majority of these sites. In early 2016 following discussions with Genesystel, it was decided to move these services to AAPT from the then current supplier. The decision was taken on the basis of immediate and projected cost savings, flexibility and the expectation of close collaboration between our in-house network engineers and Genesystel/AAPT staff. The migration has been a major effort for all involved and the attitude and effort from Genesystel (Neelesh Verma) and AAPT very much appreciated.
Paul Pettersen
Operations Manager, Abuzz Solutions & Abuzz Solutions Asia.
Criterion Conferences produces professional conferences that address the need-to-know issues for the Australian market. In early 2016 Criterion Conferences made the decision to move all our telephony and Internet services over to Genesystel. The key driver for that decision was the projected cost saving, high availability and the lure of having everything under one umbrella. Since making this decision, Gensystel has given us a reliable and robust network and a peace of mind. Over the past year, we have only experienced 7 secs of unavailability. Two thumbs up! I am happy to recommend Gensystel as a provider to any business looking for lower cost, high availability services.
Richard Jules
Head of IT and Systems Development, Criterion Conferences.
I contacted Genesystel after a recommendation from one of my colleagues, at a time when we were evaluating our existing phone and internet contracts, and amidst of an office move. Navigating the many options can be daunting, particularly with deadlines to meet, and I found Genesystel and AAPT, competitive, and more importantly, responsive. The transition went smoothly and completed on time, with regular follow up from the team throughout the contract and provisioning stage. The internet and phone services have been trouble free for 12 months now, which is about all I could hope for. If you’re looking for corporate internet/Phone I highly recommend Genesystel team.
Tim Buric
Agilyx Pty Ltd
I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I’m glad I decided to work with you. I have to be honest and say I wasn’t very confident things will work out in the beginning, but once we started, I never have any problem at all.Our internet service is so much faster and easier to work with than what we had in the past. It used to take me an hour or more to update a page and I would still sometimes screw things up. For the past year and half has been absolutely great. So big thank you for that!
Thanks, guys!
Mike Dobrota
Tardis Group has been utilising the services of Genesystel for the past two years, during which time, the level of service has been excellent. Genesystel has competitive internet rates and has provided assistance during a migration project whereby Genesystel ensured the business was not disrupted in any way. Genesystel staff excel where support is concerned, providing reliable support and advice over the years. Based on experience, I would recommend Genesystel as a provider.
Angela Christie
Tardis Group.


Business Voice Solutions

Change Nothing, Yet Change Everything!

We bring to you affordable and tailor-made business voice solutions through business VoIP solutions for SMEs.

Are you looking for a hassle-free and cost-effective business voice solution with cloud based phone systems? Unique VoIP business phone systems designed to fulfill your business voice solutions requirements with features you never thought a telephony system could deliver.

GenesysTel provides SIP based voice solutions that offer great call quality, flexibility, and agility at a fraction of the cost. Popularity of SIP solutions has been growing rapidly and it will soon dominate the world of business in voice communication. Our SIP based voice solutions offer services to a wide range of client usage scenarios—from IP PBXs to Call Centre dialers and more.

Empower Your Business with Cost-Effective VoIP Phone Systems Today!

Remember, we’re just a call away!

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Data Solutions

Reliable Internet Services for Small Businesses Doesn’t Have to Be About Luck!

Unlocking the potential of your network is not about luck, it’s about finding the right business internet service providers who understands your business and can provide you with the consultative approach to find a competitive edge over in your industry.

Having partnered with NBN providers, GenesysTel can provide scalable and reliable NBN business plans with guaranteed uptime. Our offering ranges from a fibre based reliable internet link for small and medium businesses to a Private IP Network offering for Multi Sites. Depending on your location, you can access speeds up to 1GB starting from $799 per month.

The experts at GenesysTel will work with you to tailor data solutions so you have a robust infrastructure within your budget and a solution that will support your growth. Our team is available for a Face-to-Face “No Obligation” consultation when you want.

Meet Your Best High Speed Internet Provider Today and See for Yourself!

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Business Phone System

NBN Ready Business Phone Systems without Any Capital Outlay!

GenesysTel partners with the best-of-breed business phone system services provider to offer you NBN ready PABX, delivered over SIP Technology. Our team has the industry knowledge and is technology savvy to ensure that you get feature rich business phone solutions at a fraction of the current cost. As the system is maintained by us, it's always up to date with the latest software.

Top Business Phone System Specialists

We support your business with modern, user-friendly office telecom phone systems that save you both, time, and money. The system comes complete with every feature and function that your business may need. It can be customised depending on your business requirements.

Your Most Trusted Phone Service Providers for Small Business.

Don’t ever lose a customer again, let us help you improve your staff productivity!

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Complete Business Telecommunication Solution

Sick of Variable and Rising Telecommunication Cost? Complete Business Telecommunication Solution is the Answer!

Genesystel’s complete business telecommunications solutions bundles your voice, high speed data and PABX into a single, fixed price per month. Through our small business internet and phone packages, you will have a direct connection to a private Network & managed voice solution, designed for 99.99% availability. You’ll access a host of application features such as conferencing at the Fibre’s amazing speed.

Best Phone and Internet Plans for Small Businesses

When you are ready to migrate, we’re with you every step of the way. By creating a detailed technology roadmap, based on a clear understanding of your business strategies, we can help you stay connected and productive throughout the migration. This will help ensure the business benefits of unified communication come sooner, not later.

Small Business Broadband and Phone Packages.

Transform your business and shape the future with AAPT & Avaya cutting edge solution.

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