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Packet based SDWAN

GenesysTel’s SD-WAN features live failover, bandwidth bonding, packet-based encryption, and load balancing.

Our SDWAN solution is compatible with any x86 device and also allows our customer to add any choice of Virtual Firewall through (NFV) if required.

Benefits of SDWAN

Live Failover. 100% Uptime

Applications don’t see any failover as the same IP address is used for all circuits in the virtual tynnel

Hardware Flexibility

Compatible with any x86 device, giving you the freedom of choice and lower set-up costs

Load Balancing

Pocket-based load balancing breaks single packet flow into multiple packet streams and distributes them

Real-time Reporting

GenesysTel’s dashboard features real-time reporting and analytics

Fewer Escalations

Fix faults on the primary circuit while the customers is still operating on 4G

SD-WAN & Orchestration

Combine SD-WAN with your Management and Network Orchestration platform