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Print Service

Managed Print Services (MPS)

Empower your vision for streamlined printing that emphasizes simplicity, security, savings, and sustainability. Managing print operations can be complex, especially when print is crucial to your organization.

As Managed Print Service, we focus on key areas such as

  • Device Reduction and Footprint Consolidation: Efforts to minimize the number of devices and their physical footprint.
  • Process Simplification and Streamlining: Strategies to enhance efficiency by simplifying and streamlining processes.
  • Process Automation: Utilizing automation to decrease process volumes whenever feasible.
  • Flexible Finance Options: Providing options to conclude costly competitor contracts through flexible financial arrangements.

Benefits of Managed Print Service


A user-friendly cloud-based and integrated system that automates toner delivery, connects disparate networks, and minimizes interruptions.

Reporting Tool

A single consolidated tool for comprehensive monitoring, analysis, reporting, and remote
service and solutions.


Financial transparency through a low cost-per-page (CPP), a monthly fixed cost, and a predefined hardware price list.


Enhanced security with firmware updates, the ability to deploy device security policies tailored to each customer, and role-based access control.

Cost Saving

Through the centralization and management of all printers, MFDs, photocopiers, and faxes
under a unified agreement, Genesystel delivers substantial, tangible, and substantial cost reduction

Managed Service Portal

Full visibility and seamless access to
customer fleets, along with convenient end customer SLA reporting through the Customer Governance Portal.