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nbn Enterprise Ethernet

nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet

nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is a comprehensive, dedicated fibre service that connects end-user premises directly to the NBN Fibre Access Node (FAN). This service provides a symmetrical bandwidth of 100Mbps.

Genesystel currently offers 100Mbps nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet, which accommodates both Low and High Class of Service (CoS) options.

For “Low” CoS (PIR: CIR 1:0), traffic is delivered solely as Excess Information Rate (EIR), meaning it operates on a “best-efforts” basis. CoS Low supports IP-Line, IPVPN Best Effort, and e-Line V3 (TC4) services exclusively.

On the other hand, “High” CoS (PIR: CIR 1:1) delivers traffic with a Committed Information Rate (CIR) only. This is designed to cater to services that require low latency, minimal jitter, and loss tolerance. CoS High supports a wider range of services, including IP-Line, IPVPN (BD, Simple, and Flexi QoS), e-Line (TC-2), e-LAN, SIP Voice/ISDN, and Partner Link.

Benefits of nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet


You have the flexibility to
dedicate the entire 100 Mbps
fibre-optic connectivity to a
single service, such as
unlimited internet, or
distribute it among up to four
different products.

Premium Assurance:

Our business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet services come with robust support, featuring a 24 x 7, 12-hour fault resolution Service Level Agreement (SLA). Additionally, there’s the flexibility to upgrade to a 4-hour resolution time frame if shorter fault resolution times are necessary for your specific needs.

Failover Connectivity

With GenesysTel your business stays connected by enabling our Backup failover for smart

Reporting Dashboard to Manage Performance

  • Automatic event notification when the links are down.
  • Real-time visibility of devices and links performance so your helpdesk does not have to rely on carrier or service providers


With Managed Internet you get high-speed connectivity of 400mbps to 1000mbps, so your business doesn’t have to notice the slowing down of the internet during the hours of high demand.


GenesysTel offers you dedicated support for your business, 24/7, with the help of our team of highly trained network engineers.

Product Specification Table

Parameter Specification
Access Network NBN Fibre Access Node (FAN)
Access Type Multi-Service
Number of Services Supported Minimum 1 | Maximum 4
Services Supported Included:
  • Unlimited Internet – IP-Line with flat-rate data


  • IP/MPLS VPN – IP VPN (Single CoS or Multi (6) CoS)
  • Ethernet VPN – e-LAN (Single CoS or Multi (6) CoS)
  • Ethernet Line – e-Line (v3) – Traffic Class 3 (Intrastate b-end)
  • SIP Trunking – PAYG, National IV & Premium IV Plans
  • Aggregate: 100 Mbps (subject to CPE compatibility)
  • Per Service: Valid service bandwidths up to 100 Mbps
Note: Services are provisioned at the ordered bandwidth and cannot burst Changes to speeds need to be carried out via an upgrade or downgrade
  • Carrier will provide an NTU
  • With 4 customer-facing
Genesystel SDWAN/SD-Internet NTU Genesystel will provide an SDWAN/SD-Internet port for seamless auto failover feature without manual intervention and SDWAN connectivity for multiple sites
Auto-failover 4G Included
Reporting Dashboard and Analytics Complimentary Dashboard and Analytics for real-time visibility of both primary/backup link and their performances (Latency, Jitter, Packet loss)
Technical Support 24 x 7, 365 days per year

How It Works*

Fibre that is flexible to suit your needs. Choose to allocate your service just to internet or you can split it across data, Internet, voice or cloud.