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Dark Fibre

Dark Fibre

Unlock unparalleled bandwidth and protocol flexibility with Dark Fibre, limited only by the equipment you connect at each end.

Experience high-performance fibre optic connectivity, all within a cost-effective flat monthly rate, and enjoy the added security of a dedicated network exclusively tailored to your business needs.

Effortlessly and economically scale up your infrastructure as your business needs and technology evolve, all without incurring extra carrier expenses.

Run 10Gbps Ethernet, Fibre Channel (SAN), or multiple DWDM wavelengths across the service by connecting the appropriate hardware at both ends.

Enjoy enhanced reliability and significantly reduced latency thanks to dedicated optical fibre, as opposed to conventional managed carrier services.

Rest assured in the security of your data transfer, as the fibre is exclusively reserved for your use and not shared with other customers.

Benefits of Dark Fibre

Unlimited Bandwidth

Experience near-limitless bandwidth capability, constrained only by the equipment deployed at each end of the service.

Take charge of your WAN with full Control

Achieve complete flexibility in bandwidth and network protocols. Upgrade by simply modifying your hardware and upstream conifguration


Ensure the secure transfer of data, as the fibre is dedicated solely to your use, with no sharing among other customers

How It Works

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