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Information technology

Managed IT

Being at the forefront of Managed Service Providers, Genesystel delivers top-notch, dependable, and budget-friendly managed IT services tailored to drive your organization’s success in the realm of information technology.

Our established blend of enterprise-grade cloud technology, a wide spectrum of specialists, and swift, personalized support ensures the provision of world-class IT solutions you can trust.

Benefits of Managed IT


Our managed IT Service Desk offers valuable assistance in relieving the burden on your in-house IT resources, whether through on-site or remote support, for your day-to-day
IT management catering to your organization’s technology requirements around the clock,

Relieving the Responsibility of Infrastructure Management

Our Managed Infrastructure Services are designed to ease this burden for your team. We shoulder the responsibility, handling all the intricacies, and continuously enhancing your IT environment.

Virtual CIO

our Virtual CIO (vCIO) service provides continuous access to one of our most experienced senior executives. The vCIO assumes the responsibility of crafting an annual Strategic IT Plan, engaging in regular consultations with your senior
management team, and overseeing IT performance within your organization.

Managed Services Offerings Platinum
Unlimited On-site and Remote Support
Unlimited Automated Support
PC Monitoring, Maintenance, Patching
Office 365
Cloud File Sync & Share DNR
Endpoint Protection / Antivirus
Security Threat Detection and Remediation
Security Awareness Training
Cloud Backup
Backup Disaster Recovery Appliance
Monthly Reporting
Virtual CIO