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Inbound Service is a telephony service providing free phone (1800) numbers or local access (13/1300) numbers.

Access a diverse array of inbound services, provided at cost-effective rates by TPG Telecom, enabling your organization to optimize the value derived from inbound traffic.

Inbound calls can be efficiently directed to single or multiple answering points, as well as pre-selected answering points, depending on factors such as time of day, call traffic volume, or geographical source.

Benefits of Inbound Voice

Simplified for Customer Convenience

Customers can easily reach you by dialing a single, easily remembered number from anywhere in Australia. Numbers starting with 13, 1300, and 1800 offer a user-friendly experience

Streamlined Advertising

Simplify and standardize your marketing efforts by using a single, consistent phone numbers

Call handling with efficiency

Save your time, and theirs’s by immediately routing customers to the right department through touch-tone prompts

Product Specifications

Parameter Specification
Configuration 13, 1300,1800
  • 24/7 online moves, adds and changes (MACs) Origin based routing (state, exchange service area, charge district area, postcode and mobile location identifier)
  • Call overflow
  • Call splaying
  • Time of day, day of week and day of year
  • Selected Caller Routing
  • Customised Voice Response (CVR)
Number Portability Yes