With more than 15 years of management experience in the telecommunication industry, we have found that most businesses need an easy yet professional telecom solution.

While we continue to offer PABX as a separate product, we believe that there is more value to be added to our end customers by providing a bundled solution with landline and internet.

Often changing a phone-system/PABX is an expensive and time-consuming exercise and most small businesses neither have the time nor budget for it. However, in this high-tech age, it is also important for them to maintain a solid telecom base to ensure business continuity and growth.

Our Hosted PABX solution provides just that. We have taken away the massive upfront investment required in getting a new PABX and bundled it into either a 36 month or 60-month telecom services package which includes not only the phone-system but also voice and data services. The end product of this would be something that you would have just been dreaming about: a truly integrated solution that delivers exactly what you need when you need it.