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Focus on your business while we take care of managing and maintaining your network.

GenesysTel’s service will connect distributed sites together into a secure, cohesive, and single private network for you.
We are backed by a carrier-grade, high-performance network that helps us provide internet for business and Managed Private Network solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Key Benefits

Save Time

GenesysTel’s Private Network eliminates the need to source individual network components by offering an all-inclusive package (an access service, IP Network, router, and network management) with a single bill, single price per-site model.

Save Money

OPEX price-per-site model, with no significant upfront hardware investment required. Ongoing costs are fixed and can be planned for. By letting us manage your network, you can reduce investment in IT management resources and focus on running your business.


Connect in more places with TPG fibre that can be deployed almost anywhere.

Manage Performance

The dimensioning of the private network ensures a business-grade ‘Application Experience’ through our managed router, delivering end-to-end accountability.


Private IP Network is built as a closed network and ensures inter-office communication is fully secure without additional equipment.


Private IP Network is highly scalable and compatible with a range of value-added services, allowing your business to grow with minimal downtime of the network applications and locations are added.

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