A guide to unlimited nbn™ plans

The consumption of media in digital formats is increasing tremendously across the world.   The last 10 years have witnessed unprecedented growth in the at-home entertainment including the Disney Plus, Netflix and HBO Now. With the spread of Corona Virus, consumers across the world are searching for the content to watch at their homes.  The internet has become an integral part of our lives, and it has transformed the way in which we work and play.  The interest of Australians towards unlimited data plans is increasing significantly.  It would not be wrong to say that by the end of 2020, Australian economy will be powered by NBN Broadband Network to emerge as a fully digital economy.

What is NBN Broadband Network? The National Broadband Network referred to as NBN in short.  This is a high – speed network rolled out by NBN (formally known as NBN Co) owned by the Australian government. The NBN provides high-speed broadband connections to Australian homes and offices.

What is an “unlimited” plan?

 It is important to understand that what does an unlimited data plan means.  In simple words, it means an internet connection with no data limits. For example, you get a 100GB plan, if your plan gets over in a month, then the speed of internet will reduce dramatically, and you’ll be charged a premium to get some extra data. 

An unlimited internet plan, at the same time, also means unlimited internet usage without the concern of the amount of data being used.

In the past, there were “unlimited plans” in which the internet speed dropped automatically after a certain data limit.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission took action against this.   The major reason why this term is used by the ISPs is that they want users to feel that they are getting a data limit that will not go over through normal usage.

The Unlimited plans were not exactly what they appeared to be

Still, there are some cases in which users may fall out of the excessive data usage, and this is considered as a foul of the ISP provider, breach of the fair use policy and fraudulent usage of your internet connection. 

There are only few service contracts that qualify the true meaning of “Unlimited”.

Why customers choose unlimited plans?

One of the first reasons customers seek for an unlimited plan is the peace of mind they get.  With such a plan, they need not to keep an eye on their data usage and can freely flick on Netflix and TV. Unlimited plans also help in making “working from home” more effective and efficient.  

Unlimited plans make our lives easier.

Important Factors of NBN Plan that should not be missed

Are you also looking for NBN plan?  Here are some factors that you should consider.

Internet speed

 It’s not about the amount of data that you get with the unlimited plan, it is about the speed that will get you the most out of the gaming devices, streaming services along with ensuring a seamless office work experience.

Our recommendations:

  • 25Mbps connection at a minimum will offer you the adequate speed for the home applications. According to the Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), there are over 1.1 million users on the 25/5Mbps plan (2017).
  • 100 Mbps is the fastest internet connection that will allow you to download large files quickly. The 100Mbps -speed tier of NBN will offer a perfect speed for gaming, 4K movie and large file downloads.

Evening speeds

What is the evening speed?  Evening speeds indicate the connection speeds at the times when the connections are used the most. It is a measure of the speed delivered by the ISP nightly from 7 pm – 11 pm.

The evening speeds drop dramatically in the case when NBN broadband service providers do not purchase sufficient bandwidth from nbn™. The calls will drop dramatically, and it takes longer for the speeds to recover. The speed will be back to normal when other users start logging off.

GenesysTel is a reliable and trusted business telecommunication and NBN broadband service provider in Australia.  With GenesysTel’s NBN you will get the best customer service along with high –performance NBN plans. Switching you NBN to GenesysTel is easy, (1) select a perfect plan according to your needs (2) we will then deliver you the modem (3) plug the model and go online! Unlimited NBN plans will allow you to enjoy the streaming, downloading and gaming as much as you want without the stress of speed caps and the huge bills.  Our 24X7 customer support will ensure that you do not face any issues while the deploying the best internet connection and our team will help you to get the most out of the unlimited nbn™ plans.

Tips for Choosing the Best Small Business Phone System

Business phone system is a mission-critical tool that helps businesses accelerating their growth and helping them achieve their goals.  It is, therefore, essential for companies to choose the best business phone system. There are several options of business phone system including, analog landlines, VoIP Phone System for Small Business, and cloud-hosted VoIP service.   The process of selection of the phone system is both challenging and time consuming.   

VoIP business phone system is the first choice for businesses and enterprises as they cost less and include several advanced features that go beyond making the calls.  VoIP Phone System for Small Business facilitates company-wide communication to streamline operations and help businesses saving their costs.  

What is VoIP? VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP phone system is a form of service that offers businesses multiple lines of communication via the internet, including messaging, calling and video calling and scheduling.    
Small businesses have to make a big impression, and VoIP phone systems can help them.  

This blog will let you know some tips for choosing a VoIP system for small businesses. We have researched and analyzed some of the best tips that will for sure, help you in choosing your business phone system. 

Features of the business phone system

There are some important features that you should look in the plan: 

 1. Does the plan offer you all the essential features that your business needs for a seamless functioning? 

2. What are the extra features in the plan that will help your business? 

3. You should also check that if there is any additional fees for some specific tool as your basic plan may not include all the features.  

4. The vendor should also be asked about the updates schedules and maintenance windows and the new features that your vendor will add.   


While choosing a phone system for small business, a balance between the cost and features must be ensured. In simple words, a VoIP system loaded with several features may not help you if you cannot afford it. 

 We recommend you to focus on the features that you require and select the plan accordingly.  

Important tip: Growth stage businesses should map out both their current and future requirements before choosing a phone system for small businesses. 

Infrastructural changes 

1. To run the business phone system successfully, you should consider the changes that you have to make in your existing infrastructure.   

2. Inquire about the equipment that needs to be upgraded or replaced along with the changes like a second internet connection for VoIP. 

3. You should also look for a vendor that can assess your existing network with a small payment included in the fees.  

Ease of use

1. The VoIP phone systems are generally easy to use for the employees, but every system is different. 

2. Consider ensuring that your employees can use the new business phone system easily and efficiently.  

3. Do not forget to take a test drive of the new phone system to let your users try the new system in a real-world environment.  

Customized Mobile Apps

Your mobile and frontline workers may require a full suite of VoIP functionality so that they can run it on their mobile devices. In such a case, you need to ensure that the VoIP service you are choosing is mobile enough to serve the needs of your mobile workers.   

 This is important as not all the vendors will offer you the same services and value as they deliver with the desktop app.  

Call Management

 Before choosing the VoIP phone system for your small business, ensure that the product you choose includes all the smart features to meet all your smart business needs. For example, the call queuing feature will allow you to manage a large call volume on certain phone numbers. 

The VoIP should also be efficient enough to distribute the calls between different extensions. 

Vendor Support and history

Last, but essential, the cloud VoIP service provider you choose for should work as your business partner rather than just another supplier. In addition, also check about their history about serving the small businesses along with their efficiency in complying with the mandatory industry requirements. 

GenesysTel – Small Business Phone System Expert

GenesysTel offers the most trusted business voice solutions that are powered by VoIP at the best affordable prices. We are a leading business phone company, our VoIP and IP phone systems offer high-quality calls with call clarity at the lowest rates in Australia. Are you looking for a reliable business phone system partner? We can provide you the most cost-effective, responsive, personalized, and affordable business telecommunications solutions for your business. We will offer you business voice solutions according to your business objectives and the business challenges.  

Complete Guide to Choosing VoIP Phone System For Business

Are you aware that the new communication channel over the phone, like the VoIP solutions, can reduce your business operating cost considerably?  Now, you can save around 70% of your costs without compromising on the features of traditional phone systems but adding more . Be in an advantageous position with the added features in this latest system, making calls on the go managing everything through a computer app. Build a team bonding with your staff working remotely and monitor everything through the mouse effortlessly and so much more.

Switching from the regular PSTN phone lines to the virtual world of VoIP might seem to be intimated at the beginning and can bring forward some teething problems, but it is quite common when you embrace new technology into your system. It is not rocket science, which will go over your head but can boost up the process of your efficient decision making considerably fast within a few hours of initial jugglery.  Through this VoIP wiki that we have prepared, get to know the details of the virtual phone services. And find an easy solution to work in a better atmosphere.  Our, this, VoIP for business article will guide you for stepping the foot forward and enable you to decide to adapt to this technology to sail and begin the voyage.

What is VoIP

By now, almost all are aware and making calls using the internet using various platforms like Whatsapp, Skype, Google Duos, and likewise. They all need an internet connection to connect to others. It is nothing but talking with others through VOIP. It is time for you to know the details of what is VoIP and how does it work.

  • The full form of VOIP is voice over internet protocol. It uses the internet to make calls through a phone system that converts the analog signals of the sounds to digital signals. One can use any system like the desktop, laptop, or any digital device that is driven by data. 
  • The basic principle is to use the internet to make calls, unlike traditional phone calls through landlines and mobile phones. One of the significant advantages is that business houses can cut down their traditional phone usage expenses. The call and the rental charges can be cut drastically as internet data is used to make the calls. Sometimes one can make the calls free of cost as the data providers offer various sales promotions and loyalty packages.

It is time for you to embrace the new technology and cut down your business expenses considerably. Contact clients and coworkers at lightning speed. Do not delay to take the services and enjoy the benefits. Be in touch with us immediately for more details.

How VoIP Works

  • As already discussed, VOIP needs an internet connection to work. But that is not all. Let us dig a little deep and look at how does VoIP work The efficiency of the VoIP depends on the speed and the signal strength of the internet connection. How do VoIP phones work and behave entirely depends on the stability of the internet. Some of the gadgets that are used in the system help them to work efficiently. 
  • While making calls using the VOIP phone services,your voice is encoded to digital data and sent to other phones. The other telephones re-recodes the digital data into voice signals. Thus, the receiver of your call can hear your voice. 
  • Throughout the process of encoding and decoding is done by codec’s. Codec’s compresses the data for faster transmission and better voice quality and clarity. Codec’s are essential in the VoIP systems playing the vital role of switching analog data to digital and vice-versa. 
  • One should make note that calls made through VoIP can be received by traditional phones. Again, traditional telephones can dial the VoIP number to connect to the user. In both cases, either the digital signal is converted to analog or the analog signal is reversed. The process begins or ends at some point, till which both the signals get the scope to travel before conversion. If users at both ends are using VoIP devices, the call signals travel digitally entirely, without requirement of translation. 

However, how does VoIP work efficiently depends on particular gadgets that are used to make these types of calls and one should also know a bit about them. Without any argument, one can say VoIP is gaining popularity day by day due to multiple advantages, and many users are switching to this new system for various reasons.

Why VoIP is popular now a days

By now, one has understood how VoIP works,and it is time to look into the factors why VoIP is gaining popularity and replacing the traditional phone system of connecting with people. It is estimated that by 2020 there would be nearly 204.8 billion corporate subscribers worldwide.

  • Cuts down the telephone bills – One of the primary reasons for VoIP phones getting popular are the cost to make and receive the calls. Unlike the traditional call system, VoIP call rates are much cheaper as they are calls made through the internet. Data rates are much less than the traditional voice calls. One can connect to distance places of the world at a much lower price and talk freely for hours without the worries of the mounting phone bills. The costs of the calls are included in the plans of the broadband system. The user does not need to shell any extra penny to talk using this system. 
  • Better call quality – The voice technology used by any VoIP calling system is a High Definition or HD voice technology. It is an utterly digital method and compresses the voice signals to travel at lightning speed without any lag, depending on the internet speed. Thus it makes the calls to have better clarity. One can make these type of calls irrespective of their location and even on the move with the through their mobile phones. It enables the user more flexible to work and while on the go, and one does not need to be stationary at one place to make or receive calls. 
  • Business operations are scaled – In this age of cutthroat competition, the revenue earnings get a hammering if one does not scale their business operations. Scaling down the business is one of the critical factors to cut unnecessary overheads. Unlike the traditional system, where a new PBX system needs to be installed with the increase in the number of users, using the business VoIP system, any business entity only needs to buy the phones that work on VoIP and pass them to their employees. One only needs to add the newly added phone to the network using their computer, where the software is loaded to make these types of calls. Simply clicking the mouse can add any VoIP enabled phone to the system, and no such extra gadgets are required. 
  • Enhances efficiency – Since the success of any business depends on the Customer Relationship Management or the CRM and the Enterprise Resource Planning, any VoIP system introduced in any business helps to maintain more balance between the two. Back office, human resources management is done using the ERP that ultimately helps to get customer satisfaction. VoIP easily integrates with these types of software and improves efficiency and enhances the productivity of any employee, and thus the business is well managed to earn more revenues. This technology helps any business house to maintain the equilibrium of the functions of different wings, and better-coordinated efforts are made by the employees to increase productivity and the market share. Experts predict that by the year 2025 95% of customer interaction will be done by Artificial Intelligence and Chabot.
  • Can be easily configured – Unlike traditional phones, IP phone systems are easy to configure, allowing the user to call a specific number or multiple numbers easily. Calls can be scheduled in advance, and the system can connect to the users based on the schedule. This is of great help to the entrepreneurs as telephonic meetings with the employees, or the customers can be done more efficiently. 

Get in touch with us for more details to enjoy the benefits. We are open to clear your doubts so that you can run your business more efficiently, embracing the most popular communication technology as on date. 

VoIP Business VoIP Phone System vs. Traditional On-Premise PBX

One can see that VoIP phone Compound Annual Growth Rate or CAGR will be 14% by the year 2024 In the Asia Pacific region due to the benefits that one can derive from them.

  • It has been observed that if the internet connection is stable, VoIP PBX works much better than the traditional-on premise- PBX systems. If the cloud-hosted services back it, the chance of call drop and call failure is minimized. The traditional PBX system works on a wired connection, and the signals are very much dependent on the electromagnetic interference. As the distance increases, the quality of the call drops considerably due to weak signal strength. This is completely negated in the IP PBX phone system.Thus the reliability of the calls is more in business PBX working using the VoIP technology. 
  • In the case of traditional PBX, one needs to increase the capacity of the PBX paying the extra amount to the service provider, and extra gadgets need to be purchased to give a connection to the additional number of employees. It is an entirely wired system. However, in the IP PBX phone system, one can easily increase the number of users only purchasing the VoIP enabled handsets and remotely connect them with the system. If the bandwidth of the network is robust, there are no problems in adding additional devices. Therefore, we can say VoIP systems are more flexible to work with than the age-old traditional PBX phone system.
  • One of the significant advantages of an IP telephone system is to cut down the recurring cost, including recurring maintenance considerably. The underlying infrastructure is not that heavy in the case of this type of phone system, and the upfront cost is much less. In the traditional- on-premise PBX system, the bills increase progressively as more users are added. If you are in business, you might have noticed how your bills inflate as the number of users and the calls made increases, unlike the VoIP system where they are no requirement of paying separately for the internet and the call charges. Service providers do correct metering, and the soaring bills are completely negated as this system works in a bundled process. Thus one pays less in the internet phone system and this cuts down the overall business overheads to a considerable level. 
  • There are many other features in using VoIP phones. One can make outgoing calls as well as receive incoming calls. You can do video conferencing, get notifications and screen pop-ups, get voicemail, and transfer voicemail to email, and many other unique features that cannot be availed through the traditional PBX system. We can say that phone systems working with VoIP technology are feature-rich, and many business houses take full advantage of them without paying anything extra. These types of phone calls and features can be availed using any desktop, laptop, any data-enabled digital device, and mobile phones. However, almost a chunk of the features is absent in the traditional PBX systems. 

What do I need for a VoIP Phone system to work?

  • If you intend to have a VoIP system, the first and foremost thing you should have is an internet connection with good signal strength and proper bandwidth. As they work using the internet, therefore make sure that you subscribe with an internet service provider that can fulfill the above primary condition.
  • A VoIP gateway router is needed that is linked with the internet gateway of your service provider. From the gateway router, connect your desktop, laptop, VoIP PBX, and all workstation on the one hand and the server, mobile phones, analog phones, and VoIP phones on the other side.
  • If you are willing to take advantage of the full benefits of this system, opt for the IP paging technique too. Go for Uncast IP paging that works on one to one basis and each having a different IP address. If you want to send pages to multiple phones, select the Multicast IP paging option. Again under each of these two paging systems, there is overhead paging and the desktop paging.
  • You need to purchase some IP enabled phones to take advantage of the SIP system. Buy a hardware-enabled phone, which is nothing but something like the basic landline phones but with VoIP technology. One can make calls, do conferencing, and send voicemails, transfer calls, and many other things. These types of phones come with an inbuilt microphone, speaker, and the caller ID feature along with the dial pads.
  • You can also use software devices like desktops, mobile phones, and laptops. The software enabled phones have a touchpad and caller ID, and one need to an external headset and microphone to make and receive calls except the VoIP enabled mobile phones.
  • One needs to have an ATA, which is nothing but analog telephone adaptor, RJ 45 LAN cable, and specially made IP enabled headset and some software to make and receive calls using the internet. It is best to contact some VoIP supply and service experts to know all the technicalities and the equipment needed and understand how VoIP works in Australia if you are operating your business from there. 

It is time for you to call or ping us and we are free to help you out to suggest the best solution and help you to install the system for your business. 

The Best VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business

  • It has been found through research in Australia that 70% of the expenses of any small business is from the phone calls. With the VoIP phone system Australia gaining popularity day by day, one can cut down the telephone expenses by about 60%. 
  • One should subscribe to some of the best plans according to the business need and use VoIP enabled mobile phones to make cheap long distance local or international calls. 
  • Getting the hosted PBX is another best way as they minimize the cost of hardware that would have been otherwise required incurring huge expenses. Make sure that the IP phone supplier and the service provider gives 100% free programming solution with lifetime validity. 

If you have staff that is working from home or remotely located, the best VoIP phone system Australia companies can come to help your small business with their services. It is time to compare the services offered by different companies and select the best one for your small business needs. 

  • Some of the best companies in Australia offer exclusive packages for small business houses so that the small entrepreneurs do not burn a hole in their pocket, installing and maintaining them. 
  • Make sure that your business volume increase without increasing the phone and communication bills while opting for the SIP phone system.
  • Get the VoIP desktop phone handset, WiFi enabled wireless phone or a DECT receiver, Softphones for the remote workers, or the IP conferencing phone set at a reasonable price to run the show of your small business cutting down the overhead costs. 

VoIP Plan Table

One can select various plans from the service provider. The plans and the costs vary according to the features that are needed for running the business. However, before selecting any service provider and enrolling for a specific plan as per their table, it should be pertinent to ask about some of the factors that may or may not be included in the selected plan. One should always ask for the plan details and enquire about the plan features before sealing the deal. In a study, it has been found that 22% of all businesses have toll free numbers, allowing customers to communicate without spending on their phone bills. Careful selection of a plan is needed so that anyone in the organization can handle the incoming calls without keeping the customer waiting.

  • Enquire about the cost per month – One should always ask about the cost per month for a particular plan. They vary considerably according to the features included, and for all, not all features are required. It is best to start with the minimum basic plan, gauge the pros and cons as per the business need, and then shift to some other higher plan to overcome the cons if felt any.
  • Setup and hosting fees – Make sure if the plan that you have selected from the table includes or excludes the hosting and the setup fees. Many service provider does this free of cost, and one should get it confirmed before taking the services from any particular provider.
  • The subscription level – There are different plans offered by every service provider. The higher the subscription, the more are the features. Define your business needs, read and understand all the features, and then only subscribe to a particular plan. A subscription with unnecessary features for your business module will increase the business expenses, and again a less featured plan will not suffice your business needs. One should, therefore, judiciously select the plan and steam ahead.
  • The user numbers – This is one of the significant factors for selecting a plan from any table. The more the number, the price per user drops. The monthly charges vary according to the number of users using the system.
  • The broadband speed – As already discussed, VoIP works with the help of the internet, as the name suggests. So a steady and broadband connection that can give a speed of 10 Mbps without any interruption should always be included in your plan table.
  • Phone and additional pieces of equipment – With many manufacturers engaged in the business of VoIP phones, the prices of the sets have considerably come down. One can enjoy price cuts. Again almost all the extra equipment that is needed is supplied by the service providers free of cost, except the extra microphones and the external headsets and adapters. Make sure to choose the best plan from the table.


VoIP phones are here to stay and would gradually replace traditional phones. Low cost of operation and voice and video clarity is some of the key features along with lighting speed call connection. They are becoming a must for all businesses not only to keep the communication cost in control but to cut the costs to a great level. Almost all entrepreneurs are looking to cut down their overheads to sustain challenging market situations. It is no point in being a laggard, but to install the system in your business following the guidelines mentioned above. It is time to communicate effectively to control your manpower resources and increase the business volume by increasing the customer base. So, get a VoIP system installed in your business and reap the benefits.

For any doubt-clearing, and services feel free to contact us, and we shall be more than happy to answer your queries and fulfill your needs.

Be in touch with us without any hesitation for any of your VoIP blues. We are always open to serve & solve your purpose anytime without any delay.

It is time to pick up your phone and dial our digits without delay for more details. Write to us for any query, and we are always open to explain and reply and, if necessary, do the needful for you. 

Is Your Business Working Remotely? We’re Here to Help

During this unprecedented crisis, many businesses are “strongly encouraging” their employees to work remotely to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19.   

While remote working arrangements may be helpful in decelerating the proliferation of COVID-19, they also present difficulties that can be at variance with working out of the office. Following is the list of remote working solutions that can enable your staff to stay connected when working remotely.  

Tools you need to embrace remote working

While working remotely it is important that staff feel as connected as if they were in the office. There are a few tools like Microsoft Teams that are critical to ensuring employees can be productive, collaborative and maintain a sense of community while working remotely. With ever-improving new capabilities, virtual meetings will make staff more inclusive. To do so, using a reliable internet connection for remote working staff is a critical factor in ensuring uninterrupted access to information. To eliminate unnecessary costs in your communication strategy, you’ll also need VoIP services to make calls via the Internet rather than phone lines. Through our powerful collaboration tools such as Hosted PABX SolutionVoIP Phone Systems, NBN Internet & Broadband Services, you can easily connect and collaborate effectively with each other and with your customers.  

VoIP Phone Systems   

VoIP Phone Systems are for employees who love their desk phone. This allows an employee to take a compatible desk phone home, plug it in to their home router and have it work just like it does in the office. GenesysTel can help you have the most trusted business voice solutions powered by VoIP solutions at the best price you can imagine. Our affordable small business VoIP and IP phone systems offer high-quality calls with call clarity beyond your expectations. GenesysTel’s Cloud based phone systems offer some of the lowest rates in Australia. Our expert team at GenesysTel works with you to fully understand your business needs and deliver the most cost-effective business telecommunications solutions for your business.  

Hosted PABX Solution 

Our Hosted PABX solution is for those employees that need to make and receive calls but don’t need a lot of additional functionality. Often changing a phone-system/PABX is an expensive and time-consuming exercise and most small businesses neither have the time nor budget for it. However, in this urgent situation, it is also important for them to maintain a solid telecom base to ensure business continuity and growth. Our Hosted PABX solution is something that you would have just been dreaming about: a truly integrated solution that delivers exactly what you need when you need it.

High-Speed Internet Services  

While working remotely, finding the right business internet service provider who understands your specific business requirements is most important. Therefore, we’ve taken the guesswork straight out of the process by partnering with NBN broadband service providers and aligning you with the best possible NBN internet and broadband services at the lowest possible price. GenesysTel offers affordable NBN business plans for small and medium-sized businesses that need fast and dependable internet speed. We can provide customized data solution services to help you meet all your business needs and budgets.  

GenesysTel provides a number of Telecommunication solutions and features that can help businesses transition to remote working.  

Government Stimulus Package For Businesses Explained

The Government is acting decisively for businesses to address the significant economic consequences of the Coronavirus. The spread of the Coronavirus worldwide has expanded and is speculated to be more extensive. Both the international and domestic Governments have announced stricter mitigation measures to slow down the spread of the virus, which are resulting in significant economic impacts.  

On 22 March, the Government announced a second set of Stimulus package which, combined with the previous actions, total $189 billion across the forward estimates, representing 9.7 percent of annual GDP.   

Aim of these economic reforms is to help small businesses manage cash flow challenges and retain employees. Which includes cash flow support to businesses and providing temporary relief for financially distressed businesses.

  • Providing cash flow support for employers  
  • Temporary relief for financially distressed businesses   
  • Increasing the instant asset write-off   
  • Backing business investment  
  • Supporting apprentices and trainees 

In this article, we will take a deeper look at Specific to the business community, its components include:

  •   Change in the instant asset write-off (IAWO) from $30,000 to $150,000.
  • The access is expanded to businesses with total turnover up to $500 Million until 30 June 2020.
  • $3.2 billion by giving a time-limited 15-month incentive through to 30 June 2021 by speeding depreciation deductions.
  • Businesses with turnover up to $500 million will now be able to deduct 50 percent of the asset cost in the year they are purchased.

“This is a comprehensive, well-thought-through, a well-targeted plan, which is designed to support the Australian economy and jobs and businesses through the difficult months ahead,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

Let’s look at a simple example: 

Consider a scenario, where one purchases some equipment before 30 June 2020 for $50,000 and write off the entire cost immediately while paying tax on $50,000, the equipment worth $50,000 eventually cost just $35,000.

What does this mean for businesses?  

There are several ways in which Australian companies can make use of these incentives:

Remote working

Companies across the globe have made work from home mandatory. Remote working is allowing businesses to keep running while encouraging employees to follow the guideline of social distancing.

The IT channel in Australia is efficient enough to help businesses transition from traditional working to remote working.

This includes all the technologies that help employees working from homes comfortably including laptops, monitors, keyboards, docking stations, remote collaboration and software that facilitate video conferencing along with better communication.

The need of secured devices

The Corona pandemic has increased the dependency of companies on technology services companies along with accelerating the demand for technologies that were already being used by companies.

Soon after the end of support (EoS) for Windows 7 was announced by Microsoft, the stimulus landed in. With the announcement comes the end of operating system security updates. However, Australian businesses still use thousands of Windows 7 devices.

There is a need to refresh the technology with the latest and secure devices.

Digital transformation

Modern technologies are an integral part of any small or large company. Businesses survive but thrive with modern technology.  

An effective digital business strategy is a bonus for companies to streamline their processes, customer and employee interaction along with delivering excellent customer service every time.  

The stimulus comes with an investment opportunity in digital transformation.  

This could include anything from a new infrastructure purchase to technology upgrades for modernization.

Talent attraction and retention

According to the studies, the latest technologies are the choice of millennials. This also becomes an incentive to attract, retain and train the best talents. In Australia, it is, however, becoming difficult to find, hire and retain potential people.  

A cutting-edge technology environment with advanced technology like conversational AI and programmatic advertising will help the Australian businesses operate smoothly. Such a working environment will also foster the professional development of employees.

Security, backup and disaster recovery

A pandemic like Corona Virus increases the importance of business continuity.   

Australia’s stimulus package presents huge opportunities for businesses to improve their technological environment. This can be achieved by making investments in areas including security, disaster recovery and security systems that otherwise not have been considered.

Data breaches are a new big challenge and every company is required to protect its data. A security audit conducted by external auditors may be helpful in such a scenario. The results obtained can be used for system up-gradation and ensuring that the right measures are at the right place.

The financial benefit

Businesses can move strategically by leveraging the tax advantage and preparing for the future.   Supporting businesses during a crisis of Corona pandemic with stimulus packages are great support for businesses in terms of improving their cash flows and enhancing the readiness and capabilities to recover.

Want a world-class telecommunication service?

Genesystel is here to help you! We offer fast, personalized, and cost-effective telecommunications solutions across the industries that help our clients communicate efficiently and deliver high standard services.

Overview of VoIP for Small Business

With so much to say to and share with coworkers across office buildings, a traditional phone line seems limiting to real communication. Modern businesses need people to be able to see each other and interpret body language when they negotiate.

Clearly, you need a communication channel that combines the benefits of a good old phone line with the visual connectivity of the internet. Nothing combines these two effects better than a VoIP business phone system.

What is VoIP?

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is simply a means of transmitting sound as packets of digital information across an internet connection. You can enhance voice clarity and add video to make communication immeasurably more effective.

Business telephony systems using VoIP also have a host of other features such as call parking, auto call attendant, call holding and intelligent call routing. Without these features your customer or coworker can easily lose herself in the network.

Key Takeaway: VoIP is a system of making calls using the internet.

What devices do you need to install for VoIP?

All you need for VoIP to work is a pair of special handsets at either end of the connection and a working internet connection.

Let us explore the types of VoIP business phone systems:

Types of VoIP Phones

The two types of VoIP phones are:

Hardware Phones

Hard phones are like traditional cordless telephones. They come with an inbuilt speaker, caller ID, and a microphone. They offer business features such as call transfer, voicemail and conferencing.

Software Phones

Software phones are applications on your mobile and desktop devices. These softphones come with a caller ID and a touchpad. The user can make calls with a headset and an attached microphone.

Key Takeaway: VoIP requires configured handsets at each end of a connection.

Let us compare VoIP phones and the Private Branch Exchange or PBX phone systems you’ve been used to.

Differences between VoIP & PBX

ReliabilityVoIP call quality depends on the strength of your internet connection. Calls can drop or voice quality dip when there is a poor internet connection. Cloud hosted telephony services usually provide an alternative connection in case of failovers. PBX systems work on an independent copper network. Signals are subject to electromagnetic interference and drop in signal strength with distance.
Flexibility VoIP systems fare better in terms of flexibility. There is flexibility in terms of adding several users, and changes in requirements. The only limiting parameters are internet connections and the network’s bandwidth. On the contrary, a PBX system comes with an original number of analog phone lines. You need to buy additional capacity from the phone provider when your organization adds more employees or even call volumes.
Cost Factor VoIP fares better in terms of overall costs. This is because VoIP comes with light infrastructure and has a lower upfront cost. VoIP providers offer transparent metering and lower monthly bills. There is no requirement for generating separate bills for phone and internet services. PBX systems usually have a progressively increasing bill. If you’re a business user, you could end up paying extra costs for commercial use.

Key Takeaway: VoIP is easier to modify and more pocket-friendly provided you have reliable internet.

If you’re still undecided, here’s why you ought to consider a VoIP connection for your office.

Advantages of VoIP Systems

Benefits How?
Lower Costs The cost of using a VoIP phone system is lower than that of a traditional phone system. Long-distance calls become cheaper with a VoIP service provider since it uses broadband and calls require no extra cost.
Enhanced Call Quality A VoIP system offers HD voice technology and delivers amazing call quality.  Moreover, it enables the users to make phone calls, from any physical location – anytime and anywhere. So, the user can make calls, while on the go, even on mobile devices.
Scalability Today’s businesses require scaling up their operations, as and when needed. In the traditional system, with additional headcount comes an entirely new PBX system. On the contrary, a VoIP system offers the easier option of merely buying a new VoIP phone – since adding an extension requires just a click of the mouse.
Increased Efficiency A VoIP system integrates well with your CRM or ERP software. It allows voice enabling of these platforms with improved productivity and increased efficiency of the business.
Provide User-friendly Configurations The configuration options are higher for the VoIP system, compared to traditional phone systems. The former offers an easy to configure option. It can transfer calls to a specific number or multiple numbers, based on stated conditions like day of the week, time of day, etc.

Key Takeaway: VoIP is budget-friendly, clearer, scalable, efficient, and easy to configure.


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