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The holiday season is here. It’s the time of the year when everyone plans to enjoy – that means no work! 

Well, Australia’s telcos are also no different. Every year during the holiday season they follow a telco embargo period during which many services are unavailable.  

 You might think – 

  • Will support be there for my small business 
  • What will happen if there is an issue?  

 At GenesysTel, we make every effort to ensure that customers find answers to all such questions well in advance to avoid any disruption to operations during the embargo period. 

How The Telco Support Gets Affected and What Will Be Available? 

During the holiday season – which is also the embargo period – the response time could be more than expected with any telco carrier. However, some requests may not get through at all and remain unprocessed.  

Fault restoration is not affected during the holiday season, and customers can lodge a complaint with the telco provider as usual. 

GenesysTel customers are at an advantage as our solution already comes with an automatic failover. So, even if there is an issue, the failover to 4G/5G ensures that business operations continue normally with limited disruption while the problem is fixed ASAP.  

Mobile Services – Resolution and New Provisioning  

The existing connections are largely unaffected and even during the holiday season most of the mobile services remain available.  

SIM card activation, new mobile connection, change of mobile plan, disconnecting a mobile, etc. remain available as usual. 

Getting a new mobile connection usually takes 1-5 days and it could be delayed during the holiday season. Similarly, porting a new number that usually takes 1-3 weeks may take more time.  

Hosted VoIP Phone Systems – Issue Resolution and New Provisioning 

Serious faults in VoIP usually don’t occur. Even if there is one, the automatic failover that customers get with GenesysTel ensures that business operations are unaffected. 

However, those businesses that are planning a new hosted VoIP connection need to begin well in advance.  

Provisioning of new VoIP phone systems – that may need a plan upgrade or subscribing to new solution – may get delayed beyond the usual 1- 2 weeks’ time due to the embargo period. 

It’s better to assess your needs early and organise a plan upgrade in a timely manner to avoid any strain on the capacity later on.  

FTTP Connection – Resolution, Upgrade and New Connection  

SMBs that are already using a fibre-to-the-premise connection need not worry about the issues. The automatic failover to 4G/5G ensures continuity.  

However, if there is a need to upgrade to new internet plan for small business VoIP (or something similar) with more capacity or purchase of an additional one, it would take more time than usual.  

At GenesysTel, we make sure to minimise the challenges that your business face when expanding – unexpected delays due to limited capacity.  

Ensuring Business Continuity and Happy Holiday Season 

Every business, large or small, wants to ensure that its operation runs smoothly without any issues during this holiday season.  A continuity matrix is meant to ease your concerns. 

Exhibit A: 

Continuity Matrix for Holiday Season 
Sno.  Services  Issue  Continuity  Fault Restoration* 
1  FTTP Internet  Any  Automatic Failover  Limited Service 
2  Hosted PABX  Any  Automatic Failover  Limited Service 

*No Service on Public Holidays 

However, to ensure that capacity bottlenecks don’t snowball into a continuity issue, it’s best to consider upgrades or additional plans. 

Exhibit B: 

Is an upgrade needed to ensure smooth operations? 
Sno.  Services  Expected Bottleneck  Upgrade/ Additional Plan Needed  Lead Time to Upgrade / New Plan 
1  FTTP Internet  Yes/No  Yes/No  3-4 weeks 
2  Hosted PABX  Yes/No  Yes/No  1-2 weeks 

It’s best to identify the expansion needs early and discuss the solution with our experts.  

GenesysTel – Australia’s Trusted Telco Service Provider  

We offer telecommunications services that our customers rely on all throughout the year. Even during the holiday season, business continuity isn’t an issue.  

Speak to our consultants and we’ll ensure that your business is ready for this season too.  

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