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Choosing a telephony solution provider is a crucial business decision. All your operations rely on internet and telecommunications in this day and age, and therefore you need a system with the best performance. No communication means no business, so it makes sense to go with the best.  

GenesysTel – The Best for your Business 

Every business has its specific business communication requirements and none understands them better than us. We offer a solution tailored to meet your specific enterprise needs. With a country-wide network, we can scale up the solution and ensure that the business grows without any bottlenecks.   

Our solutions are highly reliable, technologically advanced and adapting, and come with our daily commitment. Numerous businesses across the country have leveraged our services to grow across the country and continue to enjoy many benefits.  

Benefit 1: Every Service is a Managed Service 

At GenesysTel, every solution we provide, whether it is VoIP, internet or PABX is a managed service. This means that we are constantly aware of the status of your service. If your service goes down, we will know at the same time as you, increasing the efficiency in troubleshooting and solving all your problems. A managed service means you have ongoing support. 

Benefit 2: Quality of Service  

At GenesysTel, we are a business internet provider that looks beyond just the internet. We are committed to a customer-centric approach that gives you to best quality of service for your business.   

Customisable Managed Complete Solution  We provide a single service that takes care of all your network and office telephony needs. Any cloud-based or soft phone needed for your team is provided and maintained by us. Your network is the business backbone and we ensure that it delivers optimal performance all the time.   

Access Management  Changing business needs lead to change in the responsibilities of the team members. With our support, we ensure that accessibility is never a problem. The managed router service ensures that the network is configured to deliver it’s best for the changed needs.  

Quality Voice Calls – The hosted PBX renders a true-to-life call-quality over the internet. However, with our voice prioritization scheme, the quality never suffers even due to other traffic on the network.   

Available Anywhere – Businesses that are using this solution experience close to no discontinuity even during a lockdown. Their team could connect with others and customers using VoIP from anywhere at any time.  

A few business internet service providers can provide the quality of service that we offer! 

Benefit 3: Automatic Failover – Redundancy  

Reliability is not a concern with our solution. Even if there is a physical disconnection caused by broken cable, the system automatically fails over to 4G/5G network. In fact, any link in the network comes with such option. That’s why our customers continue to enjoy an uninterrupted service.  

What if the system fails? If this happens, the back-up system is immediately activated. Our team will give you call within 45 minutes to inform you of the incidence and that the system continues to work normally with fail-over.   

Redundancy ensures that business operations continue unabated even during a problem with link. We have several large-scale enterprise customers who have operations at multiple sites across the country.  

Benefit 4: Continued Support  

Most customers have been with us for many years and the reason is simple. We have supported them continuously in their growth journey.  

Local Support – We offer Australia-based technical support that is prompt and precise. In most cases, the issues could be related to access management, a down link, or slow connection. Our support team swiftly comes into action and resolves the issue. But more importantly our team is committed to you and our customer relations allow GenesysTel to provide you with the best possible service. 

Expansion – Planning to add a new branch office or add new team members? Our team is there to support you through it all and provide you what you need. Any solution is customisable to expansion and contraction depending on the altering needs of your business.

Existing System Usage – Many customers have their existing devices that they want to use with the new solution to save on costs and avoid excess disruption to their activities. Our support can iron out these issues and offer an integrated solution that works seamlessly to achieve this.  

GenesysTel – Australia’s Trusted Business Communication Solution Provider  

Our solutions are trusted by companies across several industries. Businesses of varying scales rely on our solutions to conduct business throughout the country.    

Our network assets combined with innovation and top-notch customer service and relations offer great value in the form of products that we deliver. With over 10 years of experience, we have helped many businesses to streamline their communication. Our support team ensures that every single issue is resolved timely.  

Having delivered 1000+ customised services, we can successfully deliver solution for your specific business needs.   

Speak to one of our consultants to find out how a managed solution can benefit your business. 

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