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The past few years have been tough on small businesses in particular. A report from the NationalSkills Commission shows this clearly. Almost 58% of the businesses said that they were significantly impacted by lockdowns. They faced a lower demand for their goods and services and even had to change their business practices. 

Things have changed for the better now. Australian Bureau of Statistics has found that nearly 23% of businesses are expected to increase their team size in the coming three months.  

Scaling up the team is not an issue when you have the best communication solution – A Managed Complete Solution. It’s a fully managed service that takes care of the network and telephony requirements. Many businesses are enjoying its many benefits.

Hosted PABX System: Supports VoIP

For small businesses who are still waiting for revenues to reach normalcy, additional expense for the purchase of hardware is unthinkable. There are other important expenses, and putting in place the best team is a priority.  

At GenesysTel, customer interests come first. Our telephony solution is managed entirely in the cloud. You’ll subscribe to a service that includes devices as well as the network. There is no need to create an expensive on-premise hardware infrastructure.

No Upper Limit on Calls and Data Consumption 

It’s a huge benefit for a business that’s adding customers at a fast-pace. You don’t have to worry about a spate of customer calls. Your team can handle them without missing any. 

Many of our customers keep growing without incurring additional expenses. Our solution is VoIP based and unlimited data ensures that your team interacts over conference calls without worry. 

One Solution for All the Sites or Branches 

Many of our customers are present across multiple locations. Their team needs to co-ordinate with other branches and the main office. 

Our managed telephony solution has made communication a lot simpler. There is no need to have a separate system for every location. With a single solution, various sites can gain access to network and devices and work as a one cohesive business unit. 

Supports Blazing Fast Growth 

Expand your business at a fast pace. Increase the team-size, hire remote teams to manage customer calls without worrying about technical feasibility. 

GenesysTel has many customers that grew quickly, leveraging the scalability of a manage telephony solution. As a customer-centric company we continuously monitor your requirements and respond with a solution that fosters growth.  

Business Continuity

It’s a major concern for business of any size. No one wants to see business activities coming to a halt due to a cable cut somewhere. Our cloud-based solution is reliable with high up time. 

Automatic failover to 4G/5G brings in the much-needed redundancy to the solution. Even if there is disruption in the service due to physical disconnection of cable, the automatic failover works as a disaster recovery mechanism. The service continues uninterrupted. Our team makes you aware of any such incidence with a support call as well.  

Connect Over The Internet 

During this pandemic, the effect of lockdowns was damaging, particularly to those businesses that were unprepared for remote operations. No business activity means no growth.  

Our cloud hosted PABX system is a saviour for businesses. Their teams worked remotely as this solution can be accessed from anywhere. A VoIP based system only needs internet connectivity to function.

Simple to Budget

We know the concerns of small business owners well. This solution includes everything, the network, the devices, and the router. You don’t have to chase anything, as we take care of all the communication needs.  

Budgeting is simple, pick the right plan, identify the sites, opt for the service and there is a single bill raised on per site basis.  

Maintenance and Support 

This solution hardly needs any maintenance. Even if there are any issues, our highly trained local team will offer the support.  

There is no extra cost for maintenance, and it comes included in the plan. For small businesses, it helps to have a solution that lets you focus on growth. 

Dependable Performance

We are leaders amongst hosted PBX providers in Australia. The voice quality is high as the voice traffic is prioritized on the network. Even if the call volume is high, the quality is always good.    

Our solution is relied on by several businesses across the country.  

GenesysTel – Business Communication Solution You Can Trust 

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We have been a reliable telephony solution provider for Australian businesses for than 10 years now. Having rendered more than 1000 customized solution, we are widely considered as the best hosted PBX providers in Australia. 

We have designed telephony solutions considering the specific needs and budget of the small business. These are available as subscription plans. Pick the right one considering your specific needs.  

Our experts can help you understand the nuances in these plans and even create a customized solution. Connect with us over social media or talk to us. 

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