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The Australian telecommunications industry has an embargo period during the Christmas holiday season every year. During this time all the carriers – TPG, Telstra, Optus and NBN don’t offer certain services. These are in fixed infrastructure and network space. 

Any business who plans to scale-up their operations to meet the demand spike should consider this period of no service and plan things accordingly. 

GenesysTel urges you to be prepared with it for this festive season.  

Embargo Period – What you need to know 

There are two stages of the embargo period –   

Stage 1: Restricted Work 

In this stage only a limited fixed-line and network services are available. Additionally, the time taken to complete the service is more than usual. There is no effect on the mobile services that are available as usual.  

Stage 2: No Work Period 

No network and fixed line services are provided. The mobile services are also very limited. The order processing will not happen on the Public Holidays over the holiday period.  

20/Dec/2021 – 10/Jan/2022: During this period there will be no installations for the end customer and porting will also not occur. Not even a new small business phone system will be installed. 

How to Plan for This Period?

Before planning for anything new, it’s crucial to find out what gets impacted – how any new orders will get affected. 

Any order placed with telco prior to 19/Dec/2021 will only get processed to the extent possible. However, depending on the components required, the orders may not get completed until the embargo period is over.  

The pile-up of pending orders delays the completion of a new order even weeks after the embargo period is over.

For anyone who is looking to place new order for the Avaya phone systems or other services, you should know the tentative time required to process the orders which will help in planning. 

Normal time needed to get services post embargo:

  • New internet connections (NBN) – 2 to 3 weeks. 
  • New Voice Services and Fixed Voice Numbers including VoIP and SIP – 1 to 2 weeks.  
  • New Mobile Broadband Services – 1 to 5 days. 
  • New Mobile Phone Services – 1 to 5 days. 
  • Porting of Fixed Voice Numbers – 2 to 4 weeks. 
  • Porting of Internet Services – 2 weeks. 
  • Porting of Mobile Numbers – 1 to 3 weeks. 

By planning ahead and keeping in mind these lead times you will instantly be helping your business. Here is what a simple plan for capacity expansion may look like.   

SN  Additional Services Required  Nos. 

Lead Time 

Place Order Before 
1  New Internet Connection  2  2-3 weeks  2 weeks 
2  New Voice Services – VOIP  2  1-2 weeks  1 week 
3  New Mobile Phone Services  4  1-5 days  1 week 

GenesysTel – A Customer Oriented Telecommunications Solution Provider  The services required vary from one business to the other, and the lead time to get them changes accordingly. However, things can be planned well so that you are not stuck without new services once business goes back to normal at the end of the embargo. 

We believe in the success of our customers and update you about any potential issue that could hamper normal business operations or expansion plans.  

Over the past 10 years, we have provided 1000+ customised services to the client that helped them deliver better customer experience.  

Whether you want to add more business phone systems, a provision a new internet connection or want to avail some other service before the holiday season, plan well and we can help you kick start 2022 the right way.

Help your business by thinking ahead and talk to one of our consultants right away. 

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