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Business phone system is a mission-critical tool that helps businesses accelerating their growth and helping them achieve their goals.  It is, therefore, essential for companies to choose the best business phone system. There are several options of business phone system including, analog landlines, VoIP Phone System for Small Business, and cloud-hosted VoIP service.   The process of selection of the phone system is both challenging and time consuming.   

VoIP business phone system is the first choice for businesses and enterprises as they cost less and include several advanced features that go beyond making the calls.  VoIP Phone System for Small Business facilitates company-wide communication to streamline operations and help businesses saving their costs.  

What is VoIP? VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP phone system is a form of service that offers businesses multiple lines of communication via the internet, including messaging, calling and video calling and scheduling.    
Small businesses have to make a big impression, and VoIP phone systems can help them.  

This blog will let you know some tips for choosing a VoIP system for small businesses. We have researched and analyzed some of the best tips that will for sure, help you in choosing your business phone system. 

Features of the business phone system

There are some important features that you should look in the plan: 

 1. Does the plan offer you all the essential features that your business needs for a seamless functioning? 

2. What are the extra features in the plan that will help your business? 

3. You should also check that if there is any additional fees for some specific tool as your basic plan may not include all the features.  

4. The vendor should also be asked about the updates schedules and maintenance windows and the new features that your vendor will add.   


While choosing a phone system for small business, a balance between the cost and features must be ensured. In simple words, a VoIP system loaded with several features may not help you if you cannot afford it. 

 We recommend you to focus on the features that you require and select the plan accordingly.  

Important tip: Growth stage businesses should map out both their current and future requirements before choosing a phone system for small businesses. 

Infrastructural changes 

1. To run the business phone system successfully, you should consider the changes that you have to make in your existing infrastructure.   

2. Inquire about the equipment that needs to be upgraded or replaced along with the changes like a second internet connection for VoIP. 

3. You should also look for a vendor that can assess your existing network with a small payment included in the fees.  

Ease of use

1. The VoIP phone systems are generally easy to use for the employees, but every system is different. 

2. Consider ensuring that your employees can use the new business phone system easily and efficiently.  

3. Do not forget to take a test drive of the new phone system to let your users try the new system in a real-world environment.  

Customized Mobile Apps

Your mobile and frontline workers may require a full suite of VoIP functionality so that they can run it on their mobile devices. In such a case, you need to ensure that the VoIP service you are choosing is mobile enough to serve the needs of your mobile workers.   

 This is important as not all the vendors will offer you the same services and value as they deliver with the desktop app.  

Call Management

 Before choosing the VoIP phone system for your small business, ensure that the product you choose includes all the smart features to meet all your smart business needs. For example, the call queuing feature will allow you to manage a large call volume on certain phone numbers. 

The VoIP should also be efficient enough to distribute the calls between different extensions. 

Vendor Support and history

Last, but essential, the cloud VoIP service provider you choose for should work as your business partner rather than just another supplier. In addition, also check about their history about serving the small businesses along with their efficiency in complying with the mandatory industry requirements. 

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