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What if we asked you to declutter your workstation to improve productivity? You will probably want to get rid of the pen stand, your laptop bag may be, or wires. But, can you, even in your wild dreams, think of removing your desk phone?
Your desk phones connect you to the world, your team within the business and overseas as well. Removing it from the desk will actually bring your business operations to a halt. Right? Wrong—if we replace it with a softphone, which shifts all your desk phone functionalities to your smartphone or system. It comes loaded with extra features that improves business collaboration.
So a softphone is not just an efficient tool, but also the heartbeat of every enterprise. We bring you 5 reasons why softphone is significant for your business:


One of the best advantages softphones offer is cost saving. There are so many different types of softphones around. They all differ in price range but almost all of them are great money savers for sure. A paid softphone through your VoIP provider doesn’t cost you too much at all because you pay for bandwidth instead of minutes. Local calls are free and long-distance calls are way cheaper than the calls on traditional phone systems.

Less Equipment

Another advantage of a softphone is that it does not require any PBX server installation. They require less equipment than their traditional counterparts. The copper wiring to hook up a landline is not necessary.

Video Conferencing and Calling

You need to install a separate conference calling system for video conferencing and calling into a traditional phone system. However, a softphone can handle multi-party conferencing without any additional cost whatsoever.

Round-the-Clock Connectivity

You can take your softphone just anywhere you want. All you have to do is reinstall it on your new system or phone. No need to worry about the cost of moving equipment and reinstalling them all over again from the scratch. A simple application download and your business is good to go.
Remote Access
If you have employees working from home or different locations with different time zones, then softphones are life savers. Your employees can access the application from anywhere in the world. Forward calls to their mobile device and make changes in setting at the click of a button.
Softphones solutions can be customized to a client’s particular business requirement. At GenesysTel, we have a wide range of softphones that deliver the best value by saving your time and money – transforming the way you work, and delivering greater efficiency. Contact us for more information.