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The ISDN shutdown will kick off from September 30, 2019. It will affect more than 2 million businesses in Australia. We have compiled a list of steps to help your business prepare for the shutdown and transition to advanced technologies. Here we go:

Steps to Prepare for the ISDN Shutdown for Businesses


Step 1: Review Business Infrastructure

Review your entire business telecommunication infrastructure. Understand how your employees access important data. Analyze what technology will benefit your business. See if your business infrastructure requires an upgrade. SIP is good for your business but VoIP also has extensive features in store. Choose according to your business goals.

Step 2: Create Migration Plan

Migration to new technology is an important aspect of a business especially when the industry is inching close to the ISDN shutdown. Build a proper migration plan before switching to any technology. Understand all your options, the pricing, and the total timeframe.

Step 3: Choose Your Network Provider

Technologies such as SIP have a wide range of features and benefits to revolutionize your business. However, the key to success lies in choosing your network provider wisely. Ensure that your network provider ports all your old numbers over to a new service effectively. It is their responsibility to ensure the delivery of secure and reliable services for your staff and customers.

Step 4: Outsource Migration of the ISDN

There are several reasons why you should outsource the migration of ISDN:
Time: It is a very time-consuming process. You should not invest your internal resource on this. This is why outsource migration of the ISDN.
Risks: Various risks are involved in the migration of the ISDN. A single mistake can interrupt your entire business operation. So it is wise to leave it on experts.

Understanding the Benefits of the ISDN Shutdown

  • The ISDN shutdown will prompt businesses to go on the cloud, which is more reliable and secure.
  • New technologies have a wide range of features for businesses to grow exponentially. They are easy to setup, cost-effective, and versatile.
  • New technologies provide global access.
  • VoIP and SIP offer better telecommunication quality.
  • New technologies are flexible too.

The ISDN shutdown will affect a huge number of business operations soon. Preparing for it in advance is the key to keep your business running effectively without any interruption. Don’t let the shutdown tighten the noose around your business. Just a few right steps will turn the Bane into Boon.