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In this technological era, many people and businesses don’t know what they would do without their internet connection. Internet is a powerful and essential tool for everyone. It enables companies to gather information and help them communicate with their team and customers to make their lives easier. Hence any minute spent without the web can result in serious problems!

With the rise in access to collaboration and video conferencing tools in Australia, internet congestion has been a hot topic this year. A slow or congested internet connection has the potential to affect all areas of business and is one of few things that can be disruptive to workplace productivity.

Here is an outline on what you need to know about internet congestion and the solutions to avoid it in your day-to-day business operations.

Why Internet Congestion occurs?

Internet congestion occurs, when a source of network connection gets overloaded with data, and it always poses a problem for businesses. Congestion can be annoying for both employees and customers, and it can also reduce productivity. However, choosing the best business broadband in Australia can help you save from any bottlenecks or congestion in your business network.

What are the Prime Causes of Internet Congestion?

While internet congestion is usually temporary, sometimes there are larger issues at hand that will prevent congestion relief. Read on to learn the common causes of internet network congestion.

  • Due to network misconfiguration: Sometimes congestion is caused due to poor network design. Your office’s network design can have a big impact on performance and congestion. For example, take a broadcast storm; it can be an incredibly disruptive force on any properly functioning computer network. This results in significant data congestion on networks, and other problems with functionality and performance.
  • Due to multi-devices: When it comes to providing internet to devices, every network has a capacity that it can handle. It implies how much bandwidth and traffic your business internet connection can deal with before its performance is impacted. The more devices that are connected to the network, the more chances of service degradation. However, this can be avoided by taking precautions and by using the right internet for business service.
  • Due to faulty and incompatible hardware: By using a generic network, internet bandwidth will not be able to take the specific demands and can experience many faults when dealing with large and bulky files. With our solution, internet is tailored to your business demands and requirements to eliminate this risk.

The Impact of Internet Congestion on Your Business

Due to the impact of internet lag and congestion, employees can mostly experience connectivity issues while they are in teleconference meetings or managing large files. Here are the few impacts of slow internet connections that can hurt your business.

  • It enhances operational failure: Without a reliable internet connection, today’s businesses cannot research, work, discuss or send emails. So, it will be very difficult to operate them. Worse still, your organization will start losing money every second and workers will be idle and unable to complete their jobs without business tools and network.
  • It lowers the workforce productivity: A company’s success is directly proportional to the excellent performance of its employees. Unreliable and slow internet connections mean many tasks cannot be completed within deadlines, ultimately effecting employee morale and work productivity. A lack of productivity from slow internet will not only affects an employers’ profits, but employees are left feeling frustrated and unappreciated without having proper communications from managers about updates in projects.
  • It can affect VoIP service: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services require a minimum of 256 kbps internet speed to enable quality video chat. The clarity of phone calls also depends on a stable and strong internet connection. Without it there will be echoes during the call, which can lead to some unpleasantness when talking with clients or potential business partners – something we all want to avoid!

All and all, it’s more than just frustrating for any business that has an unreliable network connection.

How to Avoid Internet Congestion?

Internet congestion is inevitable. One of the best ways to avoid such issues is by opting for services of the high-quality internet service provider in Australia that doesn’t oversubscribe their network and offers what they promise to you.

The internet services provided by GenesysTel, have incredible flexibility and scalability to meet your business needs. We offer TPG fibre internet connectivity, speed ranges from 400Mbps to 1000Mbps. Along with this, the five managed services for you:

  • Managed Solution including Router.
  • Symmetrical bandwidth for business collaboration tools
  • Guaranteed high service level
  • Option to have Multiple Static IP Address
  • High speed data file transfer capability

The internet is a vital resource for businesses. In this blog, we discussed the causes of internet congestion and how it impacts your business. We also looked at ways to avoid it and provided an effective solution to prevent such problems from happening again in future.

If you want to get a fast and reliable internet connection for your business, reach GenesysTel– the leading telecommunication and internet service provider in Australia. It offers an array of high-speed internet data solutions to suit all business needs, including wireless broadband and mobile services. For more information on how you can get the best solution for your company or home office, contact us today!