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If you are an SMB owner reading this article, you are someone who realizes the importance of cutting down operational costs. You are competing against bigger and far well-entrenched players in your niche and need all the advantage you can get, to beat them. One of the ways you can do this is by investing in strategic revenue generation activities, but do you have the monetary resources on hand to take this step?
Yes, you do. Look around you, those legacy phone systems must be replaced with their sophisticated cloud-hosted counterparts.
Here’s why you should take this step:

High Cost of Maintenance

When we are talking about maintenance costs we aren’t just talking about the money you are going to spend to keep these phone systems shipshape. We are also taking into consideration the time invested in maintaining these legacy phone systems. Remember, time comes at a premium for your business and you don’t want to waste it trying to sort out your business phone maintenance issues. Also, if you are facing problems, that means your communication system is down, which results in loss of productivity; something you cannot take lightly.

Outdated Features

As an SMB how do you achieve a semblance of parity with your enterprise level competitors? The answer lies in digital transformation and deploying the right technology that drives business growth. If you are still using outdated phone systems, you won’t be able to maximize the potential of ‘communication’ to grow your business. The technology you are using might be a big reason why your business is falling behind the competition.
The solution lies in moving to a fully managed-business telephony system. You can deploy the most advanced business telephony solutions, with very little investment. Here are a few reasons why this is a promising idea:

 You are not Responsible for Its Maintenance

The word ‘fully managed’ means your business telephony system is managed by the hosted-PBX solutions provider. You use a subscription-based model to install the solution and the biggest benefit is that you do not have to invest in/or host an on-premise telecom infrastructure. Your hosted-telephony solutions provider remotely manages all your telecom needs, ensuring minimal downtime. This can improve your business’s communication efficiency by a long way, which results in improved operational efficiency. You are essentially bringing down your overheads by a long way and at the same time ensuring you telecom system functions optimally, always.

Predictable Costs – No Surprises

Think about a scenario wherein, you have planned a comprehensive and detailed business strategy that underlines expenses in a calendar year. But, all the best laid plans go astray when your telecom infrastructure crashes. The reasons could be many, but the result is an unplanned expense. This adversely impacts your business strategy and you are unable to achieve your revenue goals for the year. This probably sounds like a nightmarish scenario and it is, but it can be very real if you don’t make your telecom costs more predictable.
This is possible with a cloud-hosted communications system wherein the subscription covers just about every cost. Right from maintenance to software updates and from device upgrades to additional features integration – you pay a fixed cost at regular intervals (monthly, quarterly or yearly). There are no nasty surprises waiting for you!


Don’t miss the bus when it comes to your business’s telecom needs. Stop wasting money in maintaining your old phone systems when newer, better and far more advanced phone systems are available, at an affordable cost.