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Remote working is new-normal today. Regardless of the industry you belong to or the size of your business, there is a high probability that you might be already benefiting from some cloud communications services in one way or the other. Considering today’s socio-economic landscape, your employees might be working from different locations and you use a team messaging app that helps them collaborate easily and inexpensively from anywhere; Or maybe you already use video conferencing to stay connected.
These are all examples of cloud facilitated communication systems that work on different platforms. One similar service that helps businesses by facilitating seamless communication between their employees and clients alike is a cloud telephony system aka hosted cloud telephony.
Here’s how cloud telephony system is key to a successful remote working setting. Let us discuss the challenges of remote working and how cloud telephony can be an effective solution:

Challenge 1

Handling Multiple Business Calls


Maintaining Professional Network
By using the virtual phone numbers provided by the hosted telephony service provider, your business calls can be diverted to the designated individuals’ personal number. Virtual numbers or virtual phones are one of the standard features provided in monthly charged business phone systems that can be connected to multiple phone systems. Calls from specific customers/clients can also be transferred to experts who can promptly resolve issues. The system also has features such as call parking and auto-attendant that can barely miss any calls throughout the day.
In addition, businesses can opt for more features as their needs grow only by slightly increasing their expenditure because of the pay-as-you-go nature of the cloud telephony system. Such a simple but adaptive approach strengthens the overall internal and external network and enables hassle-free communication with clients and employees. Also, businesses can easily run optimised campaigns and track every date in real-time with access to call recordings, sticky agent concept and much more.

Challenge 2

Accessibility Issues in Team Management


Adapt and Overcome
One of the major benefits of cloud telephony system is its mobility and flexibility that are seamless. It enables complete access to the team and customer data through mobile and web. You can simply manage your overall communication without any restrictions through a secure connection regardless of the location and time zone. Modern business telephone systems can also integrate into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool which will initiate better lead management as it will boost productivity. Adding a cloud telephony solution to your business can increase your direct sales and also help you identify and acquire quality leads.
Taking things forward, team coordination requires consistent communication and cloud telephony is designed and developed specifically for such a purpose. It facilitates communication that is secure, seamless and doesn’t hamper productivity. Often team leaders opt for an approach that requires frequent team meetings and so much back and forth. Cloud telephony enables team leaders and managers to stay connected to their teams with minimal manual communication as the service also allows for uploading and downloading large files. Such simplistic operations earlier required separate subscription-based services, but things are different with cloud telephony. It gives each and every employee the power to communicate securely and improve their productivity.
Overall Benefits in the Long Run
Remote working benefits from cloud telephony are unlimited as they can be extrapolated in almost every modern day-to-day working scenario. Some of the major benefits include easy management and monitoring through centralised tools, enhanced flexibility and scalability, cost-effectiveness obtained from a pay-as-you-go/subscription-based model and from short to virtually no downtime throughout the service span. On the other hand, technological benefits such as virtual conferences, plug and play operation, softphone nature, hot desking, call forwarding, call pairing, etc. also allow for enhanced connectivity and hassle-free cloud telephony.
Businesses are rapidly adopting pay-per-go subscription models for their telephony solutions. Although remote working solutions such as cloud telephone came as a means to resolve connectivity and coordination problems, but it quickly became the norm as it suited everyone’s interest. Businesses did not need to worry about communication, whereas employees got to work from the safety of their homes. This saves both time and overhead costs and proved to be a positive aspect of productivity.
Talking about the cloud telephony solutions for small, mid-sized and large business organisations, GenesysTel offers cost-effective and scalable business communication services. The company offers tailor-made solutions for unique business requirements along with a fair possibility of scaling those up and/or down as per the dynamic business needs. GenesysTel is also one of the few fibrenet providers with more than 15 years of experience in facilitating smart business communications.