5 Things you need when looking for Fibre 1000

The Internet has a positive impact on your business, right from its inception. But modern companies require high-speed internet to stay ahead of their competitors and follow a path of accelerated growth for evolving into a future-ready enterprise. High-speed internet offers a sure-shot way to ensure the profitability of your organization.

Advanced technology like Fibre-optics forms the backbone of the high-speed internet services instead of the traditional copper technology-based services with speed as fast as 10,000 Mbps(1Gbps).

Fast internet connectivity offers various benefits such as – improved productivity, better collaboration among the employees, less degradation of signal strength, higher reliability and many such benefits.

In this post, we provide insights on what things your business needs to consider – while opting for a high-speed internet data solution like Fibre 1000.

5 Things you explore while looking for Fibre 1000

Fast Internet Speed for All

Earlier businesses allocated bandwidth to essential applications and less access to the non-essential ones. TPG Fibre 1000 offers enterprise-grade fibre network with 99.95 % uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) along with unlimited internet usage.

It ensures that no teams in your business fall behind in terms of internet speed and bandwidth (which could hamper their performance).

High-quality Customer Service

Call dropouts and disrupted services cause immense headaches for any business. Right? It arises due to poor connectivity and improper customer support. Fibre 1000 provides high-speed internet services.

Moreover, Fibre 1000 drastically improves the performance of your business. It provides incredible internet connectivity, with increased ability to consistently perform for the clients with no disruption in connection.

Finally, it offers round-the-clock customer support. It enables your business to focus on the more critical aspect of strategic business planning. It saves you precious time for meaningful activities, like building ROI and driving sales.

Cost-effective Solution

Genesystel offers Fibre 1000 internet solutions over 24, 36 or 48 months. Your business can opt for a plan to suit your budget.

Moreover, 96 % of users have migrated towards the cloud. Fibre 1000 offers a clear advantage for your business as it enables to seamlessly access other cloud-based services of the likes of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that operate on the subscription-based model. It reduces the cost of your hardware.


Is your business in need of connecting multiple services with a single, high-speed fibre connection? Then TPG Fibre 1000 offers you the right kind of flexibility as it comes with a lightning-fast, symmetrical connection.

It offers flexibility as it dedicates the 1Gbps bandwidth – as and when required by your business. It enables access to your connection just for the internet or can be split across cloud, voice, data and internet services.

Futuristic Business

Are you in dire need to shape your business into a futuristic mode? Then Fibre 1000 is the right option for you to meet your stringent requirements.

It ensures the scalability of your business for future operations and keeps a watch towards the profitability of the company.


GenesysTel is one of the top-tier business internet providers in Australia. It offers a wide array of high-speed internet data solutions and with Fibre 1000 as its hot-selling product! It acts as a boon for your business facilitating higher productivity and effectiveness all  at prices more affordable than you think.

So, why wait? Just get connected with us for any further details.

Give Speed to Your Business with TPG NBN Business Bundles

The internet has become one of the most essential aspects of businesses today. From emailing staff to creating roasters to a lot of other things of daily operations, businesses must have a strong broadband connection to stay in the game because they say that a business is only as good as its communication. This is why GenesysTel brings to you TPG’s NBN ready business broadband plans in Australia that is fast and reliable to keep your business communication at its best.

TPG business broadband plans has repeatedly been named the best NBN provider with the most consistent evening speeds by the ACCC.

TPG Business Broadband Plans for Small offices

Take advantage of the most demanding applications over the Internet. TPG has business broadband plans for small offices starting at $69.99/month at the basic NBN 12 speed. Enjoy NBN 50 and 100 options with unlimited data, month-to-month or 18 month contract.

What else is on offer?

  • High-speed fibre optic broadband plans at $399/month for speed up to 400 mbps and $799 for 1Gbps in selected areas only.
  • Get extra features such as BizPhone calling.

Benefits of TPG NBN Business Broadband Plans for Small Offices Offered by GenesysTel:

1. Static IP

Included with every TPG Business NBN plan so that you can host and remotely access your onsite content.

2. Unlimited data

To allow your team members to use as much upload and download data as they need such as download file sharing and backup to cloud services.

3. High speed Wi-Fi modem

It provides amazing Wi-Fi speed and coverage for all your devices.

4. Raise efficiency and save time

Increase your business productivity with faster download times, research and browsing.

5. Video conferencing

Use your NBN connection for video conference meetings and presentations using applications such as Zoom and Skype.

6. Cloud applications

Follow global trends by taking advantage of cloud based applications such as Salesforce, Shopify and Microsoft Office 365.

Give GenesysTel a call today and speak to an NBN specialist from our Business Solutions Team to find the best solution for your business.