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A modern communication system is crucial to today’s business world. A communication system that was once seen as a costly investment is now accessible to each and every organisation, irrespective of its size. Many entrepreneurs use different forms of communication medium, from phone calls and texting to online chatting and emailing, given the ever-changing services it can be easy to miss out on new technology such as VoIP Phone System that synthesises all forms of business communication into one service.  

Due to the high smartphone usage and internet consumption, many countries in the Asia Pacific (including Australia) will lead VoIP market by 2025. As a result, it is predicted that the VoIP market size of Asia Pacific will increase up to 15% every year and take a big part from the competition. This synthesised connectivity offering high-level efficiency, means it is time for your business make the change. 

Here is the list of some critical features to be considered when choosing a business VoIP System:   

  • Unlimited Calling Access:   

Integrating VoIP services with business phone systems can help entrepreneurs in several ways. One of the major perks of using VoIP Phone Services is that businesses can make unlimited long-distance and local corporate calls by relying on the internet rather than landlines.   

In addition, it provides businesses with the opportunity to focus more of their attention and resources towards service.  

  • Multi-device Support:   

Due to the recent technology surge, experts find out that an average person owns at least three connected devices. Hence, consumers expect all digital services to be available uniformly across the web, mobile, and desktop platforms.   

A VoIP system is an excellent solution because it can be used on any screen type without having the limitations of some traditional systems.  

  • Cost-efficient System:   

VoIP is a lightweight phone system that runs overcloud. This means VoIP technology can eliminate the need for expensive cable connections for your business telephony. To implement this robust business communication, all you need is a high-speed internet connection.   

When you implement a VoIP system within your organisation, you will see zero hardware relating to it. As a result, it ultimately reduces IT workload, hardware maintenance costs, and business overhead costs.  

  • Simplified Business Communication:  

There is an abundance of communication channels in this technology age that you can utilise for your business. Hence, it became crucial for you to give customers access to whichever channel type they prefer. VoIP Phone System provide you options to use phone calls, video chat, instant messaging email as a communication channel.    

VoIP offers a centralized administration tool and multi-channel support, making business communication less complicated than ever before. 

  • Boosts Business Continuity:  

VoIP business phone systems are the ultimate business continuity solution. As VoIP runs with the help of an internet connection, it means reduced telephony costs and zero phone hardware needs.  

VoIP systems enable seamless communication even when there is no internet connection. This means that business will be able to continue as usual in the event of an outage or disaster, meaning less downtime and better customer service!  

What VoIP Phone Features to Expect for your Small Businesses   

Finding the perfect VoIP provider can be challenging since different VoIP system providers offer different sets of features and functionalities that are not always compatible. For small businesses, we highly recommend finding a VoIP provider that will offer you the essential features listed below:   

  • Business Call Conferencing:   

When it comes to speaking with multiple people about the same topic at once, it can be confusing. It can be hard to track the conversation’s progress and even cause you to forget some aspects of what you have already discussed. This is where conferencing capabilities come in.  

Call conferencing is one of the significant features of VoIP service, as this feature enables teams to conduct video and audio calls with multiple people at the same time. Furthermore, having a VoIP solution means you can share videos, photos, documents and other files while conversing with your team.   

  • Auomated Receptionist:  

When it comes to small businesses, various factors can play a significant role in the success of your day-to-day business operations. One such factor is whether or not you’ve enough staff members available to respond to callers and visitors round the clock.   

As a small business owner, hiring a dedicated customer support team is difficult, wherein the automated attendant or receptionist tool will come in handy. This small business VoIP feature help users to accept, queue, and route calls, which ultimately saves time and resources without compromising the efficiency of business operations.  

  • Voice mail to Email Integration:  

If you’re having difficulty jotting down voicemail names, you can automatically transcribe your messages to email using VoIP’s voicemail feature. This way, it’s easy for you to record and organised files without spending time listening through each message.  

  • Call Recording: 

If you have a regulated company, it may be in your interest to keep track of business data to avoid mistakes. By having a good VoIP system will help users easily record calls with a click of a mouse. This way you can track customer satisfaction and questions without worrying about manually writing them down.  

VoIP systems can be a game-changer for your small businesses allowing you to communicate more effectively and diversely with your customers and teammates. Small business VoIP provides the same features as a traditional bulky phone system without the high price tag. This service will allow you to access all the latest and most-efficient communication technologies through one system. 

If you’re looking for a VoIP Phone system in Australia, reach out to the experts at GenesysTel. We have an extensive range of cost-effective solutions that will suit your business communication needs. To find out more about our services partner with our qualified team, get in touch today!