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As the ISDN shutdown scare looms large ahead of the deadline, the VoIP technology seems to be the only rescue for organizations reeling under the pressure. One of the key reasons why VoIP is our go-to alternative is its versatility. It is loaded with extensive features that makes it the best technology to adopt for businesses to keep their operations running uninterruptedly after the shutdown. Almost all types of businesses are going to benefit immensely once VoIP goes mainstream.
We bring to you some of the benefits offered by VoIP to your business. Here we go:

Cost Savings

It is unarguably the main reason why all businesses should adopt VoIP technology. The software and hardware used to operate VoIP systems are quite cost-effective. Businesses will not have to burn a hole in their pockets to set them both up. All you need is a good internet connection and your business is just good to go. All you will have to pay for is data consumption monthly basis. That’s it!


Conferencing on VoIP is a piece of cake with so many features to make most of. However, conferencing on the traditional phone lines systems is quite complicated. You often end up paying more for using extra features, which, not to mention, is extra financial burden on your business.
VoIP simplifies conferencing with no extra cost. You also get to use various features that help your business operation run effectively.

Global Access

The global work culture has transformed drastically in the last decade owing to constant innovation in technology space. Businesses have employees working from some remote locations or out of the country. There are startups popularizing the work-from-home culture also.
VoIP for such organizations is a boon. It allows them to connect with their clients and employees very efficiently. Services provided by VoIP systems are so vast and versatile that almost all businesses tend to benefit. VoIP in other words has eliminated the distances, which, some time back, was a major hindrance for business growth.

Extra Features

Services offered by traditional phone line systems such as ISDN are limited whereas VoIP is so versatile. You can share almost all types of files on the go and do video calls and conferencing among other stuffs. All of it at no extra cost.

Fax over IP

Fax over IP is more cost-effective than traditional fax over telephone lines. It is reliable and also very compatible with machines.
With so many benefits in store, VoIP is obviously the best option for businesses after the ISDN shutdown. If you too are planning to switch to VoIP, then contact the powerhouse of telecommunication technology, products, and solutions—Genesystel today!