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The e-commerce industry is the future of the modern world. Years ago, transactions required customers to leave their homes and physically go into a store to purchase something they needed. But the internet and technology have made the world a global village. It is now possible to purchase anything from anywhere in the world and have it delivered right to your doorstep!    

In recent years, the e-commerce industry has noticed a huge rise in usage and popularity. Customers find it an excellent medium for the sale and purchase of goods and services. In addition, e-commerce has become so convenient to use that many small businesses also started relying on it to increase their sales.  

Telephonic communication is crucial for e-commerce businesses as they don’t have to meet face-to-face with customers. A phone system enables businesses to easily converse with potential customers, deliver goods, and retain existing clients. This makes a PBX phone system a lifeline for the e-commerce industry.  

Let’s look at the possible reasons why your e-commerce business needs an advanced PBX system.  

  • Helps to Develop Business Reputation:  

For an e-commerce firm, maintaining a business reputation is imperative, and a Hosted PBX system will help it grow for you. Furthermore, a Hosted Phone system is loaded with  business-essential features such as automatic call distribution, call recording, call transfer, auto-receptionist, call waiting, music-on-hold and more.  

All these Hosted PBX features let your e-commerce clients connect to the desired destinations faster. Simultaneously, it will help your staff to serve the customer as per the business priority.  

All and all, this phone system will help build a perfect reputation for an enterprise, even if your employees are away from the work desk and operating on their smartphone. Your reputation assures your customers that you are a reliable and trustworthy business.  

  • Supports Workforce Connectivity:  

Generally, an e-commerce business doesn’t have a fixed geographical location to operate. It is due to many employees being willing to work from home or residing and operating from multiple locations. This is where a Cloud-Based Hosted system is useful, as it eliminates the need to connect employees over a wired network.   

A Hosted PBX phone system can improve your workforce connectivity by enabling all employees to access various essential features; all they’ll need is a robust internet connection capable enough for their device to communicate on its own!  

  • Hosted PBX Solutions are Unparalleled in Flexibility: 

Having an e-commerce business means you need to quickly access all the phone system features to perform best for your clients. Thankfully with Hosted PBX service, your e-commerce business can quickly change its call settings within seconds. It is just like an employee can login into an app to route their call number to another device. Hosted PBX enables users to seamlessly access features like caller ID, conference bridges, voicemail to SMS, just like toggling an on-off button. 

  • Hosted PBX Significantly Reduces Cost:

One of the surest benefits your e-commerce business will enjoy from choosing a PBX system over traditional telephony is being able to lower operational costs. The Hosted Phone system uses an internet connection (cloud-based) for functioning; it implies an instant reduction of hardware implementation and maintenance costs.   

Unlike traditional phone systems, Hosted PBX comes with pleasantry monthly subscription costs. Choosing a hosted service over conventional telephony notably reduces bills up to 40 per cent. Moreover, you can customise your phone plan as per business needs.  

  • Improves E-Commerce Customer Services:

When you, as a business leader, invest in the PBX system, you’ll unveil a host of tools that you can utilise to enhance your business’s customer service. Hosted PBX is a convenient and easy solution for e-commerce businesses looking to improve their customer service. Moreover, when you use this system, you can provide 24/7 customer service, helping your business stand out in the industry.   

Having features like call waiting, IVR (interactive voice response), voicemail will help you always be on top of customer’s complaints. The Hosted PBX system provides round the clock service to help you listen and respond to complaints almost immediately. The automated features provided by Hosted PBX provider let your clients engage even at odd hours.   

  • Choosing the Right Hosted PBX Provider:

Associating your business with the right Hosted Phone System provider can make a huge impact on your business revenue. However, with so many options available out there, finding the perfect match might seem like an impossible task. To make it simple, we recommend you choose GenesysTel– one of the leading business communication solutions providers that offer services tailored to the needs of your enterprise.  

GenesysTel offers reliable and scalable internet solutions. We help small and medium businesses with responsive and cost-efficient PBX phone system services across Australia. So, if you’re a business owner or looking for an affordable telephone solution, get in touch today!