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Communication technology is the foundation of any business. Whether it’s reaching out to new customers, servicing the existing ones, or team-interactions, all are supported by this technology. Mobility and availability, are not just features, they are a necessity as seen during pandemic-induced lockdown. Understanding the differences between VoIP and Unified Communications as a Service is the first step toward the decision on the best technology for your business. 

VoIP: Technology and Benefits 


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) emerged as the best alternative to the traditional phone system that used copper cables. It runs on internet to make or receive calls instead. With NBN taking broadband to every business premises, VoIP phone systems have gained popularity.  This technology offers many features and capabilities over a PBX phone system. An increasing number of Australian businesses are using it. VoIP can work as a stand-alone system. It also exists as an integral part of Unified Communications as a Service. Call waiting, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Teleconferencing, and Call blocking are added features offered.

VoIP is Easy to Setup 
Landline   Computer   Smartphone  
Only a special adapter is needed to enable VoIP over regular landline phone   Install VoIP application to start making calls   Download apps to start making VoIP calls.  


VoIP phone systems offers many benefits; easy set-up, reduced cost, mobility, features, enhanced productivity.

VoIP Offers Many Business Benefits 
Reduced Cost   Mobility   More Features    More Productivity  
VoIP only needs an internet connection.  

There is no need for dedicated telephone lines.  

With a VoIP app, the mobile phone can be used as a desk phone.   

Calls coming on the desk phone can be received on the mobile phone too.  

VoIP offers many additional features.   

It also frees you from regular headphone and cord.  

VoIP helps you in multi-tasking.   

It frees up the resources for important business usage.   

Easy communication results in increased productivity  

VoIP also provides audio conferencing capability. Your team can connect to conference using their phones or computers.  

Unified Communications: Technology and Benefits


VoIP certainly enhanced the traditional phone system and replaced analogue with digital form of communication. Although it offers additional features, VoIP isn’t a single solution for all business communication.  

The unified communication solution was developed with the thought of bringing various communication channels into a single application that is easy to use. VoIP is an integral element of this solution. However, the solution has several other critical elements too. Video conferencing, screen sharing and collaboration, instant messaging, file-sharing, business email, calendar, and more. While the tools and specifications vary from one service provider to another, unified communication is offered as a service and in the status quo has proved extremely necessary to almost every business. 

Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) refers to this unified cloud-based solution that is offered as a service. It allows for a streamlined user-experience in a single user-interface that enables your team to interact in various ways. They can make voice and video calls, send business emails, set-up online meetings, chat, share files, and do much more within a single application. 

UCaaS can be accessed over the app in a smartphone, desktop application, or a browser-based application on any device.  


UCaaS offers many benefits over VoIP; lower TCO, video features, simplicity and others.

UCaaS: How it Benefits Your Business? 
Lower TCO   The total cost of ownership for various communication tools is significantly reduced as there is a just one service to subscribe  
Video Capabilities   Video calls, conferencing, and web conferencing is also available for team  


Screen sharing and other productivity tools are available too  
Integrated User Experience   Single console to access various applications makes it easy for your teams to interact and deliver seamlessly   
Mobility   Supports mobility. Your employees can also use their own devices to use the service.  
Ease to Manage   Managing users is easy  

VoIP or UCaaS: Which is the Best Solution for Your Business

Choosing the right business communication technology primarily depends on the specific requirements of the business.   

For a small business, VoIP solution may be the best if your team is involved only in making audio calls, and conferencing. If there is no need for remote work, collaboration, and video conferencing, VoIP is the best choice. You can still benefit from low-cost communication, and mobility. Many small businesses in Australia are happily using VoIP for their day-to-day communication needs. GenesysTel’s ‘Managed Voice’ solution takes care of all things related to VoIP. 

A large business, with teams present across multiple sites, may find more value in UCaaS. The business operations are streamlined as the teams can collaborate better and use the video conferencing capabilities too. If there are more employees workign from different locations, this is the solution for you. 

You can decide on the best solution by creating a list of desired functionalities and comparing it with the features offered by the VoIP or UCaaS.

SN   Desired Functionalities to Meet Business Requirements   Y/N 
1   Audio Call    
2   Audio Conferencing    
3   Video Call    
4   Business Emails    
5   Calendar    
6   Video Conferencing    
7   Screen Sharing    

For instance, a small business may need audio call and conferencing for which VoIP phone systems are good enough. 

Making the Decision

Once you have identified the best technology solution for your business, it’s best to engage with an expert. Our experts at GenesysTel are trusted solution providers  and will create a customised small business VoIP solution or recommend a better solution to meet your needs perfectly.  

GenesysTel is a leading provider of telecommunication solutions to businesses across Australia. The company has highly trained local experts to provide continuous support.  

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