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Analog phones had been ruling the roost for years until the demand to keep up with the evolving business models and technology changed the game completely. Their inability to provide a smooth telecommunication to businesses seeking swift transactions did not go down too well. Thus, the need for a technology offering uninterruptable business telecommunication arose. And, sometime down the line, came IP telephony which, owing to its ability to provide better quality and easy connectivity, became everyone’s favorite in no time.
However, despite its popularity, a lot of companies can’t still make the move due to various confusions. So to demystify the entire situation, we have got you 8 reasons why you should choose IP over analog phones for your business. Here we go:


One of the best benefits of having IP phones for your business telecommunication is that it drastically reduces call costs. Since these phones use the internet to make calls, call rates are too low even for international calls. The companies using analog phones have a dedicated line through which they connect to a call. The call rates on analog phones are way more expensive than IP phones. So it is always a good idea to invest in stuffs that can help you extra business for your business.

No Wires

Analog phones are generally entangled in wires most of the time. Wires restrict the mobility of your employees thereby reducing the productivity to some extent. However, IP phones are completely different. They are free of such restrictions allowing your employees a sort of freedom of mobility. So this is one of the major benefits of having IP phones. They improve your productivity by empowering you with mobility.

Improved Business Collaboration

IP phones come with a host of features that empower your teams to collaborate with each other more effectively. With evolving business models have changed the entire work environment over a period of time. Employees work from home and from different locations hailing different time zones. So for a business to keep operating in the pink of health, it is essential to have a phone system that allows their teams and department to collaborate easily yet effectively. However, this is not possible with analog phones. They do not help you with business collaboration much.
On the other hand, IP phones are loaded with features to help you with business collaboration. IP phones systems improve business collaborations with their advance features. You can connect to an employee or team overseas over a call and video in no time—which, from the perspective of the business, is very useful and very profitable as well.


In this world of evolving technology, businesses have to stay on toe all the time to keep up with the pace. New technologies come and disappear over a period of time and quite often get replaced with new ones. The cycle goes on and on. The price that a company has to pay to adopt a new technology is too high and dumping them all for the sake of a new technology after sometime, needless to say, is very painful.
But it should not be the case with your business telecommunication. Your phone systems are the backbone of your business. Empower them with the virtues of versatility, flexibility, and scalability. IP phones are upgradable to new technologies. That means if once you have set up IP phones for your business, then you will not have to dump them for more advance technologies that will come in the scene sometime down the line. So IP phones are a good one-time investment loaded with other long term benefits.

Call Quality

Another major benefit of having IP phones for your business is that gives mindboggling call quality. The voice quality of IP phones are better than that of analog phones. Voice of a caller on VoIP handsets is converted into voice pockets before being transmitted on to the internet through servers. This is the major reason why call quality over IP phones are so good. The entire process of voice transmission changes the game.

Extra Features

IP phones are loaded with extra features such as video calls and conferencing and lot more. They come with automated call receptionist feature, music on hold, and what not. On the contrary, analog phones are not that versatile. Their features are just limited.


Analog phones do not fully utilize bandwidth, which is why they are sometimes too slow for the business. However, this is not the case with IP phones. They are fast, flexible, and smart—of course.

Application Integration

IP phones work over the internet so all the necessary applications can easily be integrated on the system. This helps a business install and utilize applications which boost staff productivity and overall mobility.

IP phones offer extra strength, power, improved collaboration, and mobility to help your business grow and flourish. Contact GenesysTel today to know about Australia’s best voice solutions for your business.