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The Australian government has made it mandatory for businesses to move to NBN or the National Broadband Network if they want an internet service or a landline phone (provided NBN is available in their area/region).
While there is a debate raging about the merits and demerits of NBN, there is very little doubt that it brings certain benefits to the table. These include the promise of reliable internet with fast speed at affordable rates.
It can be a boon for SMBs who want to be connected at all times and experience minimal downtime, and still keep their telecom budget in check.  Downtime in today’s world can result in loss of productivity, which results in loss of revenue and which ultimately leads to a business incurring losses.

Is Your Phone System NBN Ready?

Businesses have a common misconception that they can automatically shift to NBN. The reality is that they need to prepare themselves to switch to NBN. Your internet can be NBN ready but the question is – Is your phone system up to speed?
If your business wants to put NBN to good use it must work with a telecom solutions provider that offers an NBN ready phone system. One of the strategic choices you can make in this case is move to an NBN ready hosted PBX system.
You not only get the benefit of NBN but also the many benefits offered by a cloud hosted phone system.
It’s important to remember that seamless communication lies at the very heart of all successful businesses.  This ensures better productivity and more informed and quicker decision making.
Your business can evolve faster to meet the changing demands of your customers and implement strategies that help beat your competition. Better communication helps you develop and implement strategies that guarantee your business moves in sync with your customers’ demands.
But what happens if your business faces connectivity issues? If your employees face bad network connectivity, your means of communication get disrupted. This means the decisions that need to be taken or have been taken are not communicated to the right people at the right time. Sporadic disconnections can result in long-term losses for your business.
This is why, as a business, you must use NBN and in order to maximize the use of NBN, you should install a cloud-hosted PBX system.

A Cloud-Hosted PBX for NBN

A cloud-hosted PBX involves plugging in your phone into a modem, and wherein data is sent across the internet (the IP network), moving to the cloud, from which it gets transmitted to the data centre of your voice provider.
As can be imagined, this requires internet continuity with minimal downtime- a key benefit that NBN aims to bring to the table.
One of the advantages of cloud-hosted PBX apart from its NBN readiness is its long-term affordability. After the initial outlay, the day-to-day costs of running a cloud-hosted PBX are much cheaper as compared to traditional phone and data systems. Couple this with low maintenance costs, a rich feature set, 24×7 customer support, the fact that it can be accessed from anywhere, and you have enough reason to use a hosted PBX system to become NBN ready.


NBN seeks to offer Australian businesses a chance to get a competitive edge by bringing high-quality internet connectivity within reach of businesses that earlier might not have been able to afford the cost of such internet.
The fear of disconnecting from the internet and thus losing critical communication time is no longer a fear factor, courtesy NBN; however, a business doesn’t automatically become NBN ready. It needs to install the kind of tech that helps it optimize NBN for business benefit.