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Remote working has induced many trends that have also increasingly made businesses more cautious about their investment and expenses. Such an approach has pushed them to reduce their reliance on traditional services and systems and opt for more convenient and sustainable solutions. This is also the case with in-house communication systems. On the one hand, where large businesses could set up a dedicated business phone system, small enterprises couldn’t afford to do that as they usually do not have the necessary infrastructure and funds.   
However, things are different now, as cloud-based business phone systems are readily available for deployment. Cloud-based phone systems work on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and function on a pay-as-you-go model.   

What is a VoIP Business Phone System?  

VoIP is the best innovation of the decade as it converts traditional analogue signals into digital ones, making it quite affordable compared to traditional phone service. Such innovation has made phone calls way cheaper across the globe. And VoIP is certainly most profitable for businesses due to being easily available and cheap. This is especially true for businesses where communication is a major part of their day-to-day operations and their sales rely on it.  
VoIP has made communication cheaper and quite convenient, as businesses do not need bulky communication equipment anymore. This VoIP phone system easily integrates with existing computer systems and smartphones, making it a hassle-free, user-friendly phone system for your business.  
Businesses can choose from the primary and secondary types of VoIP systems. Primary VoIP is a direct VoIP that establishes a connection between two systems, quite similar to Skype or WhatsApp. This is a good way to facilitate international calls at cheaper rates. On the other hand, secondary VoIP is an integrated option that works seamlessly with Cloud-based VoIP services. This allows for making VoIP calls through a cell phone with a whole range of features such as call parking, call forwarding, call conferencing, auto-attendant, call waiting, etc. Such features are specifically suitable for businesses that rely heavily on communication for their everyday operations, helping them stay connected with their employees and customers alike. 
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Cost-effectiveness of VoIP  

1.  VoIP works with Cloud-based Phone Systems  
Cloud-based phone systems are already cost-effective as they work on a subscription-based model. Since they use VoIP as their main channel for making calls, they become extremely cost-effective. In addition, VoIP is also reliable due to its easy integration with a range of systems and equipment. Therefore, there is no need to set up a bulky traditional set of equipment. Traditional equipment also requires a lot of investment for maintenance and upgrades. VoIP-based phone system saves huge costs here.  
2. Unlimited Calls  
Since VoIP is cloud-based and technologically advanced than the traditional phone service, it offers unlimited national and international calls at minimal charges. VoIP phone is more secure than traditional phone calls, thanks to data encryption and other added security measures. Similarly, on the other hand, traditional calls have different call rates for international calls with additional roaming charges. This is not the case with VoIP. It does not require on-premises set up for making and managing calls; therefore, it saves a lot of money on that front too.  
3. Flexible and User-friendly  
VoIP is secure and can be ported to any system that can be used with cloud-based phone systems. The beauty of integrated VoIP is that it can be easily transferred to any phone without even switching the number, thanks to its virtual nature. It is also a great plus for remote working employees who might be at any location and by any means, they do not get disconnected from their clients; thus, be at their productive best. This may seem like a neutral factor when considering the cost-saving aspect but the benefit of such small but important feature can be seen in the long run.  
Despite multiple benefits provided by Cloud-based VoIP phones, there are still ways to push business towards the road of excessive expenditure. Hence, businesses have to be quite careful when opting for VoIP phone services. However, a capable VoIP service provider like GenesysTel will significantly help you cut off your business phone bills.   
When talking about small business VoIP providers in AustraliaGenesysTel is one of Australia’s leading effective and scalable business communication services providers. The company offers tailor-made solutions for unique business requirements and a fair possibility of scaling those up and/or down as per the dynamic business needs. GenesysTel is also one of the few fibrenet providers with more than 15 years of experience in facilitating smart business communications with state-of-the-art technologies and equipment that carry the potential to make remote working fun and extremely productive.