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If you have to pick one technology that drives business growth, increases process efficiency, boosts productivity, and improves margins, it is the internet. Since, the time it made its appearance on the scene, it has had a profound positive impact on businesses. Those that are able to optimize its use are able to score over their competitors and those that do not make full use of fast internet connectivity, are left behind.
We are not living in an era of just fast internet, but superfast internet connectivity in the form of Fibre 1000 that offers 1000 Mbps fibre-optic connectivity. One of the biggest advantages of fast internet connectivity is that it can be used by businesses irrespective of their size.
Let’s take a look at the various business-centric benefits that Fibre 1000 brings to the table:

1. Improved Efficiency

How do you improve business efficiency? You do this by ensuring business processes are underpinned by the right technology. Today, most such technologies depend on fast and consistent internet connectivity. E.g. if you want to enhance the telecom infrastructure of your business, it will be a great idea to move to a hosted PBX telephony system from a legacy fixed line system.
One of the core pillars of this move is faster internet.
With 1000 Mbps speed, efficiency can also be improved by deploying custom data solutions such as IP VPN/ e-LAN, office private wavelengths; SIP trunking; virtual data centre and much more.

2. Fast Internet for Everyone

Whether it’s an SMB or an enterprise business, a common problem is allocating bandwidth to critical applications and limiting bandwidth to non-business applications; in many cases, there are many departments that miss out on getting the advantage of fast internet connectivity. This can impact their productivity. But if you are moving to Fibre 1000, you benefit from its enterprise-grade speed and unlimited usage plans. This means none of your department is left out when it comes to fast internet speeds and bandwidth.

3. The Cost Advantage

There are plans to suit the needs of businesses of every size and budget. Business can sign up for a 24, 36- or 48-months contract depending on their business needs. Also, by choosing Fibre 1000, you now have the option of moving to cloud-based services such as IT-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service that work on a subscription-based model. This allows you to control your IT costs by a long way and you can scale up or down as per your business demand.

4. Reliability

Very often, the patience of businesses wears thin because of the constant call dropout they experience and service interruptions they face. This happens because of unreliable internet connectivity, and lack of customer support. With Fibre 1000, you are assured that you won’t lose a customer because of poor network connectivity. It brings the advantage of fast and dependable speed, amazing levels of service availability and 24/7 customer support to all businesses. This ensures your business stops worrying about poor internet speeds and connectivity and starts focusing on strategic business aspects.

5. Future Proof

Business success is determined by capacity building with an eye on the future. The fact that you do not need high-speed internet today, doesn’t mean you won’t need it tomorrow. There might be a case that you are slow to adopt internet driven technologies, but if you want to improve business performance, you will have to keep leveraging the potential of advanced technologies to scale your business and improve profitability.
By choosing to go with 1000 Mbps connectivity, you can deploy cutting-edge technologies smoothly and more effectively. You don’t have to keep signing up for new internet plans, to deploy new and improved tech solutions that give your business the competitive edge.


High-speed internet is a boon for businesses as it makes them more competitive, efficient and productive. It also helps them get better prepared to face challenges of the future. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for your 1000 Mbps plan now!