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For many small businesses, an on-premise phone system is a must. With NBN roll-out now completed, many businesses are looking for a new system that is feature-packed and offers flexibility without being too expensive. While there are several small business phone systems in Australia, Avaya PABX leads with numerous benefits and features. It’s a solution that has been extensively used by large companies. Now smaller enterprises can leverage this technology and match the customer needs as offered by their larger counterparts. 

It’s a Complete Communication Solution  

A small enterprise may find it difficult to manage various communication channels to enhance customer service. The Avaya business phone system is simple. It unifies communication and enables your team to handle business communication easily. Now, the office phone, home phone, laptop or even a smartphone can be used to communicate seamlessly. And the system works well with wired, wireless or broadband connections. 

Integrated Experience  
Voice   SMS   Fax  
Call Recording, Reporting, Routing   Chat   Email  
Outbound Campaigns  


  • Equally Good for Fledgling Small and Large Businesses 

Whether it’s small or large business that has just started, the solution can be tailored and altered to fit perfectly. With increasing number of employees, the solution will only needs scaling up the system. The system is capable of handling the diverse needs of small businesses that are spread across different locations.   

  • Adapts to Your Business Goals 

Unlike traditional phone systems, Avaya is not rigid. The system is easily customizable to meet the specific needs of team members, expand with your business and enables everyone to deliver better results. So, your front-desk executive, business representatives, and other employees can benefit from the customized capabilities offered by this system. 

Avaya PABX phone systems

  • Enhances Customer Service Level 

Large organizations have big teams to handle customer service requests. Prompt resolutions lead to better customer experience and loyalty. Small business often can’t afford to have large-scale teams, as a result, they may not be able to serve them as well. Moreover, communication issues are commonplace. 

  • A customer called seeking a quick resolution, but could not get connected to the right person.  
  • A service representative has some urgent matter and can’t deliver from office. 
  • Employees are giving their personal numbers to customers that confuses them, and dents business reputation and relations. 
  • Calls are lost due to peak but their business impact could not be established. 

There are several other issues that could negatively taint business image and turn the customers away. This not only affects the customer lifetime value, but the overall profitability too. 

Avaya phone systems bring your small business at-par with large business with dedicated teams. It is an intelligent system that uses the different communication channels (wired, wireless, or internet) to easily connect with customers. 

This phone system integrates your communications enabling you to do more. Now your smartphone or home phone can work as an office extension without needing to give a personal number or compromise business reputation. Sounds incredible but its true!  

Your customers will not face difficulties in connecting with the right person. It means even small business team can deliver high-quality services like multinationals. 

  • Keeps Operating Costs Low
Low Cost  
Intelligent Call Handling  
Easy To Scale  
No Cost Conference Calls  
Centralized Administration  


  • Lower Communication Costs 

The system routes the calls over the internet and open other communication channels too. It’s results in significantly lower phone bills as international charges don’t apply! 

  • Intelligent System Handles Calls 

Don’t have team yet? Let the system handle calls quickly and accurately without needing to employee individuals. Same service with less work and cost.

  • Add Teams from Anywhere at Anytime 

Don’t let pandemic stop you from growing. Add team members and let them work-from-home. Every member will have call handling capabilities similar to office team members. Using web collaboration, they can share documents and do whiteboarding. 

  • Zero Cost Conference Calls 

Making regular conference calls will not empty pockets anymore. The system provides the functionality for it all.

  • Centralised Administration 

Even if your business is present across several locations, you can easily manage the business phone system from a central location.  

  • Simple to Use & Easy to Manage 

Using this phone system is simple. Whether you want to add new team members, or a new office, setting up the customer service desk, or changing the mode to work-from-home, these tasks can be done easily. 

  • Implement Customisations Quickly 

Select the features that are most used and create a template and apply it to the entire team in no time. 

  • Integrate Business Applications 

Want to integrate any application to render automated service? Add it to the phone system. 

  • Easy to Scale & Make Changes 

Adding new phones is simply plug and play. Once the device is set-up, changing it from one extension to other (even to other locations) is effortless. 

  • Manage from Anywhere 

There is no need to be in office to manage the system. It can be done from anywhere. You can also manage various locations from one place saving time and money. 

  • Brings Your Small Business at-par with Multinationals 

A small business needs to focus on customer service quality and growth. That’s why Avaya PABX phone systems are trusted. They enable you to render prompt customer service, don’t bog you down with technical complexity, and scale-up quickly with their plug and play features.  

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