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During this unprecedented crisis, many businesses are “strongly encouraging” their employees to work remotely to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19.   

While remote working arrangements may be helpful in decelerating the proliferation of COVID-19, they also present difficulties that can be at variance with working out of the office. Following is the list of remote working solutions that can enable your staff to stay connected when working remotely.  

Tools you need to embrace remote working

While working remotely it is important that staff feel as connected as if they were in the office. There are a few tools like Microsoft Teams that are critical to ensuring employees can be productive, collaborative and maintain a sense of community while working remotely. With ever-improving new capabilities, virtual meetings will make staff more inclusive. To do so, using a reliable internet connection for remote working staff is a critical factor in ensuring uninterrupted access to information. To eliminate unnecessary costs in your communication strategy, you’ll also need VoIP services to make calls via the Internet rather than phone lines. Through our powerful collaboration tools such as Hosted PABX SolutionVoIP Phone Systems, NBN Internet & Broadband Services, you can easily connect and collaborate effectively with each other and with your customers.  

VoIP Phone Systems   

VoIP Phone Systems are for employees who love their desk phone. This allows an employee to take a compatible desk phone home, plug it in to their home router and have it work just like it does in the office. GenesysTel can help you have the most trusted business voice solutions powered by VoIP solutions at the best price you can imagine. Our affordable small business VoIP and IP phone systems offer high-quality calls with call clarity beyond your expectations. GenesysTel’s Cloud based phone systems offer some of the lowest rates in Australia. Our expert team at GenesysTel works with you to fully understand your business needs and deliver the most cost-effective business telecommunications solutions for your business.  

Hosted PABX Solution 

Our Hosted PABX solution is for those employees that need to make and receive calls but don’t need a lot of additional functionality. Often changing a phone-system/PABX is an expensive and time-consuming exercise and most small businesses neither have the time nor budget for it. However, in this urgent situation, it is also important for them to maintain a solid telecom base to ensure business continuity and growth. Our Hosted PABX solution is something that you would have just been dreaming about: a truly integrated solution that delivers exactly what you need when you need it.

High-Speed Internet Services  

While working remotely, finding the right business internet service provider who understands your specific business requirements is most important. Therefore, we’ve taken the guesswork straight out of the process by partnering with NBN broadband service providers and aligning you with the best possible NBN internet and broadband services at the lowest possible price. GenesysTel offers affordable NBN business plans for small and medium-sized businesses that need fast and dependable internet speed. We can provide customized data solution services to help you meet all your business needs and budgets.  

GenesysTel provides a number of Telecommunication solutions and features that can help businesses transition to remote working.