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If you have recently started a business, you might want to regularly communicate with your customers to maintain the relationship. Email is one option, but the results are not immediate. On the other hand, calls are much quicker to produce results. But calls are fragmented, which means the calls you make on one device cannot be continued on another device immediately.
This is where a business phone system comes handy as it makes calling an effortless task. Business phone systems are typically used for both internal communication and communication with your clients. One such business phone system that brings world-class communication to your organization’s doorsteps is the Avaya phone system from the house of GenesysTel. Before we talk about the Avaya phone system and its benefits, let us first see what a business phone system is.

What is a Business Phone System?

A phone system or a business phone system is a network of hardware and software-based phones that comes with advanced telephonic features such as voicemail, call forward, automated routing, etc. It also comes with smartphone apps that can be used while answering your business calls. The phone systems can be on-site, hosted or hybrid purely based on the organization’s needs.
Phone Systems are mainly of 4 types – KSU-less phones, PBX, Key Phone Type, and VoIP. Out of the four, VoIP is the latest type of phone system that works when a phone interacts through the internet protocol.
The best part about VoIP phones is that you do not need a physical phone set. You can make the call through any device such as a smartphone or a personal computer. Not only that, but the calls can also be recorded, shared, and monitored. Another interesting feature of VoIP based phone systems is that you can choose any number of your choice and also take as many numbers as you want without any additional expense.

What is Avaya Phone System, and why should one opt for it?

The phone systems from Avaya are built using state-of-the-art VoIP technology that makes business communication agile, efficient, and cost-effective at the same time. Avaya Phone System supports your organization irrespective of whether your network is on-premise or on the cloud. They offer a wide array of business system devices to create a holistic ecosystem in your organization. These next-gen devices include smartphones, multimedia devices, and conferencing systems that push your internal and client communication one level higher.

Here are some ways in which Avaya Phone System can help your organization

    1. Enhanced Reachability
      Avaya Phone System is unique in adopting the email model to facilitate business communication. One of the reasons why emails are a popular means of business communication is that your single email address is synced across multiple devices. This means you can receive the same email in all these devices or type an email in one device and send it from another. Unfortunately, this was not possible in voice previously. But with the email model of Avaya Phone System, this feature has been brought to life. Every user in Avaya Phone System has his/her own business number, which is synchronized across all their devices.For instance, you receive a call on your desk phone, take a break, and continue the call on your mobile phone in another room. On top of it, all the voicemails go in one voicemail box, making the user’s life simpler.
    2. Omnichannel Experience
      Avaya not only offers cross-device functioning as seen before but also provides a complete omnichannel experience for its users. For instance, you are on a call with a customer. During the call, the customer wants to drop the call, but you want to complete the call. With Avaya Phone System, you can continue the call where it ended through a text message or a video message from the same office number. No need to depend on another device, such as a mobile to achieve that.


    1. Integration with apps
      With Avaya Phone System, you can even integrate popular apps from Google or Microsoft to take your business communication experience a notch higher. For instance, integrating with Office 365 will enable your phone system to view the calendar and schedule meetings.


    1. Virtual Conference Rooms
      Avaya enables every user to convert their office desk into their own conference room by giving their own bridge with full-fledged functionality. You can use your preferred device to make video conferencing and even share your screen or files without leaving your place. You can add up to 200 participants for a video conferencing and up to 1000 participants for audio conferencing. No more last-minute scampering for a conference room just for accessing the phone system.

Wrapping Up

Effective communication is important for the smooth functioning of any business. communication also needs to be agile enough to handle both internal and external communication. Avaya Phone System from GenesysTel is a perfect choice for any organization irrespective of which industry it falls in. Through Avaya, GenesysTel is offering a single point solution for all the communication-related issues faced by an organization.