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Running a small or medium business, you must know the importance of a reliable internet connection. However, when it comes to choosing the right internet service provider for your business, it can be difficult to trust one out of the many options available and make a choice between which is the best business broadband deals in Australia. The right internet connection ensures that employees can stay in touch with your customers, stakeholders, and suppliers. While the speed of the internet is crucial for a business, it is also important that your ISP provides enough flexibility and scalability to support the growth of your business.
The checklist given below will help you make a choice on which internet service provider will be the best fit for your requirements.

  • Internet speed– Slow internet speed is not only frustrating but also affects the productivity of your employees. If your business has multiple locations, high data usage and deals with sensitive customer information, it is of utmost importance that your internet speed has enough bandwidth.


  • Ensure faster upload and download speeds– While many internet service providers promote fast download speeds, if their upload speed is low, it will affect productivity. Faster upload speed means employees in your workplace can share files across multiple business locations very quickly and easily. Uploading data to the cloud also requires fast upload speeds. This is why upload speed is as important to a business as the download speed.


  • Technical support offered – Your small to medium enterprise depends on a reliable and consistent internet connection, without which your business could suffer negative consequences. When choosing an internet service provider for your business, it is important that you gain complete information about their service level agreement. You must ensure that your agreement includes guidelines for security and ‘uptime’, the guaranteed time to resolve any issues that may occur, dedicated local 24*7 support and a good background review from its customers.


  • Flexibility and scalability – It is important that your chosen internet service provider offers flexibility in order to support the growth of your business. Business internet should not just be limited to the locations where your employees sit and work. With employees working remotely or from home, it is important that your ISP offers accessible solutions such as the service of Hosted PBX systems that offer flexibility, scalability, and redundancy.


  • Bundled services – While you are already switching your internet service provider, it is advised that you ensure that you are offered solutions for all other telecom services your business may need. With the increase in cyber threats and attacks, it is important that your internet service provider offers defensive procedures to keep away your business from cyber threats and attacks. From unified communication solution to Cybersecurity, and video and web conferencing, bundling up these costs of your business could see you save hundreds of thousand of dollars.

To safeguard your business, you must keep a check on the services that you are offered. Genesystel, the provider of best business broadband deals in Australia, offers you all this and much more. If your business is not using cloud, now is the time to upgrade your service. While the cloud or a Hosted PBX system is often used to store data off-site, it can also be used for synchronizing the file access between multiple users and locations. Complete Solution packages from Genesystel offers an easy and efficient move from on-premise to a secure, reliable and virtual server environment.