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National Broadband Network (NBN) in Australia is going to be a revolutionary change that will cost approximately US $49 billion by the time it’s completed. Currently, it is accessed by over 11 million Australians in both urban and rural areas. When compared to 5G networks provided by Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, there’s only one facet in which NBN lacks i.e. the speed as the speed provided by 5G internet in 20 times faster than the speed of NBN. Such availability of options has made customers wonder whether they should choose a 5G mobile plan or NBN.
Where on one hand, NBN is a combination of hard-wired and wireless networks across the country for enabling maximum possible connectivity, 5G is a service that has the potential to change the world of the internet. Both are slightly different and have a multitude of benefits and limitations.
Here’s a detailed analysis of 5G Mobile plan vs. NBN on every possible aspect.

Key Points – 5G vs NBN

  1. 5G is a natural progression to 4G and it offers extremely high-speed internet on all kinds of devices.
  2. Despite NBN expanding its network in Australia, major service providers such as Telstra, Vodafone and Optus have already switched to 5G in limited areas and they are all set to expand their network across the country quite fast.
  3. Despite faster maximum high-speed internet than NBN, the spread of 5G is still limited as already 11 million people are connected to NBN.
  4. 5G can be an alternative to NBN but its viability and availability are still in question when compared to other broadband options.

Key Points – 5G vs NBN for Small Businesses

In any case, one cannot ignore the commercial aspect when considering 5G or NBN as a connection. An increase in remote working due to social distancing norms, both employees and businesses have to opt for internet connections that are cost-effective, extremely fast and above all, easy to set up and maintain. Although 5G service providers are currently not offering 5G broadband services, some of them are offering 5G hotspots that can connect multiple devices simultaneously.
Talking about implications of 5G and NBN internet providers for small businesses whose employees are operating remotely from various locations, 5G triumphs due to its maximum higher speed of 20 Gbps. However, since 5G is only available for wireless connections from hotspots and mobile phones, it can be a limitation when compared to NBN. Internet connections used for businesses and home require a stable connection that can facilitate multiple devices in one go, and NBN is all about that. Its robust infrastructural framework across the country (even in remote areas through high-tech wireless routers) enables the connection to be more stable and ideal for prolonged use on multiple platforms. In addition, NBN also doesn’t lack the required infrastructure required for facilitating high-speed internet and therefore, it becomes the perfect candidate for NBN for small businesses.
One aspect of NBN that is currently benefitting the society is its vast connectivity that has already covered the major regions of the country and it will cover all the remaining sectors by 2021. Such connectivity is sure to benefit prompt response in healthcare and emergency services in many ways.
On the other hand, 5G has an extremely high-speed network in its favour and despite the solid framework of NBN, this aspect cannot be ignored as many major service providers such as Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, etc. These service providers are also offering 5G and NBN business plans on a monthly basis that make the service quite flexible and accessible for all.
Conclusion: All in all, despite relatively slow speeds of NBN, it is being preferred by businesses and individual customers. The reasons are quite simple; it has a better infrastructure and assured connectivity. On the other hand, 5G, with its 20 times faster speed cannot assure consistent speed due to being new and a lack of robust infrastructure and devices. 5G also has a limited reach which makes it less expansive and available for everyone. It will take some time to grow and expand its network and availability and when it does, Australian consumers will experience a whole new world of internet.
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