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The Pros and Cons of using a VoIP system that every Businessman should know

VoIP services have been benefitting small and large firms for a number of reasons, starting from their ability to save huge amounts for processing time and their ability to be cost-effective when compared with the traditional phone systems.  
VoIP services provide a range of benefits to its users, especially to small business phone systems Australia. However, they have some cons which, as users you must be aware of to be able to use them efficiently. We are going to give you a quick-peek through the world of “PRO’s & CONs” for using the VoIP services for your business:

Pros of VoIP

  • VoIP is Cost-Effective:
    Let’s face it, we are arguably in the toughest year of this century. We all need to be cherry picking everything to move ahead in a sustainable way. VoIP systems cost almost half of the traditional phone-systems which businesses use. And since the whole tech runs over the internet, the cost of buying additional equipment is comparatively lower as well.
  • VoIP Increase Accessibility
    With VoIP solution, you can move to any corner of the globe and still have the access to make calls or work on your projects from your business’ common and cloud-based phone system. All you need is a standard broadband or internet connection. So, in cases as such of the Pandemic we are having, if you have your employees spread over different regions, VoIP will definitely save you from a lot of trouble. A VoIP system also enables you to do video calls. Video calls give you the power to communicate more effectively with your clients, or employees and also allows you to make preferred personalization as required. Despite being very common, the traditional business phone systems still lack this feature.
  • VoIP has Higher Scalability
    The fact that VoIP services can be tailored or customized as per the size of your business makes in an absolute choice for businesses across any industry out there. Imagine the ability where you are only charged for the amount of service you subscribed to as per your need. With a VoIP service you can actually do that!
  • Versatility
    Having a VoIP tech allows to use features like conference calling, in video or audio, or creating automated call processes for your customers when you are not around to attend, and abilities like waiting call, forwarding, etc. Versatile features like these which are all packed in one single subscription makes the VoIP system an absolute favorite for all.

Cons of VoIP

  • VoIP has a Limited location tracking for emergency calls
    Just like everything has both advantage and disadvantage, voip systems are the same. VoIP has a Limited location tracking for emergency calls and it’s difficult and almost impossible for a third-party user to know where the call originates from. However, majority of the callers don’t need this information but in case of an emergency like 911, there is no data or cell tower information to track.
  • VoIP needs a Reliable Internet Connection
    If your internet bandwidth doesn’t have a good connection then, your VoIP service will bound to suffer especially for startups and businesses.  Each of the VoIP device should have 100 kbps upload speed at a minimum. The strength of your internet bandwidth depends on the number of users that are using the connection. Hence, you should always test your network by testing the bandwidth. 

The Conclusion

We understand that as business owners you all deserve to have the best of technologies along with being cost-effective. Every little step of yours should be the result of a well thought investment. Having considered all the factors of using the VoIP system will make you decide better as per your requirements. If the PROs winning over the CONs for using a VoIP system in your mind, you are absolutely ready to sign-up! You are most welcome.