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A missed call can be a missed opportunity. Hosted PBX is a cloud-based communication service which requires little to no investment in the hardware and software and just takes minutes to get started. Cloud-based phone system can be easily integrated with the employees mobile device, which let the receive business calls without revealing their personal number to the clients. These phone systems are designed to bring flexibility and mobility in the work environment. Your employee can’t always be at their desk, but they can now take the phone system with them wherever they go. Hosted PBX providers in Australia has come up with this advanced cloud-based telephony system which offers some terrific features to your team along with mobility. 
Hosted PBX offers splendid flexibility with some advanced features that can make working from distant location convenient.  

No Hardware Attached 

The hosted PBX system doesn’t have any additional hardware or infrastructure thus, it is easy to manage or operate. It is a virtual communication system that you can carry with you anywhere you go. This is not it, as it doesn’t have any added hardware, it is affordable. 

Access Fax, Email and Voicemails 

You can check your faxes in the mail anytime and anywhere with the access of the internet. Even you can reply to these emails in the same way. Like you operate your personal email address, similarly, you can operate and manage all official messages. You can save, delete, forward, read and print the emails as per your needs with the help of the cloud. 

Switch between Devices 

A small business PBX system allows you to use any device for any type of business communication at any time. Hosted PBX lets the user access voice, text, video, images and presentation on any device. This offers you a hassle free working with ready-to-available means of communication. 

Office on Move 

Imagine you have to leave early from the office and then suddenly you received a call from your boss, what will you do? If you stay in the office, you will be late and if you don’t pick your boss’s call, then you are in trouble. The best solution for such situation is to have cloud-hosted PBX that allows you to integrate your mobile phone with the office phone system so that you don’t miss important calls. 

Features that Enhance Communication Experience 

Hosted PBX comes with top-notch call handling abilities. Features like caller ID, Call recording, voicemail, hold-on-music, extensions, IVR, and long distance tracking makes it a must-have for small and mediumsized businesses to beat the competition. You can even integrate it with existing business applications for complete transparency. 

Less Travelling 

To attend business meetings and seminars, there is no need to commute to remote locations as Cloud-based PBX allow you to be present in the meeting. Hosted PBX enables two-way call, video conferencing, multi-party conference, file and presentation sharing to make things convenient for you. 
GenesysTel is Hosted PBX Provider in Australia which offers a range of cloud-based phone system solutions to make communication more comprehensive. It is a great fit for any entrepreneur who doesn’t want to lose its clients.