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The ability of a business to grow its revenue streams, improve profitability and maintain a consistent edge over its competitors is largely dependent on employee productivity. This productivity is determined by various aspects including employee motivation, work environment and infrastructure (the tools of the trade). According to Hubstaff’s State of Productivity and Management Report 2018, some of the key challenges that impact employee productivity are team communication, lack of a productivity focussed mindset amongst others.
Communication is central to boosting employee productivity, as well as, business profitability. This is where an onsite business telephone system enters the picture to increase productivity, and at the same time brings another benefit to the table – cost reduction.
Let’s look at these two benefits in detail:
Reduced Telecom Expenditure Overall
What your business needs is more control over your infrastructure, which includes your telecom assets. An onsite telephone system or PBX helps you exercise optimal control of your telecom system, ensuring it is managed in a way that helps your employees maximize its potential – this result in seamless communication.
While the initial set-up costs of an on-premise system can be high, there are plenty of plans that cater to the needs of SMBs (with limited budget) that help them install advanced on-premise PBX and at the same time keep their costs in check.
Another great way that helps you reduce usage cost of your Voip Phone System is by taking the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) route, wherein a telecom service provider like GeneSysTel delivers an IP voice service over an active broadband service.
IP telephony brings down your calling costs, but another ‘often ignored’ advantage of SIP is that it ensures a smoother billing process wherein you receive a bill for the succeeding month, on the same day every month. This allows you to stay on top of your billing process and manage your use to stay within your predetermined calling budget.
Better Productivity
Uninterrupted, clear communication is the hallmark of any successful business. You cannot hope to achieve the kind of productivity you need if the interactions between your employees or between employees and customers or third parties face constant interruptions, courtesy of a poorly performing telephone system.
The fact that the on-premise telephone system is right in front of you means you are up to speed if there are any problems with the telecom infrastructure and can take the necessary steps to correct the problems if any.
What’s more, onsite telephone systems are very easy to use, and their features make calling a breeze. Also, providers keep coming up with new feature sets regularly, which further enhances the on-premise telecom infrastructure.
Something else that drives productivity is that the providers, at regular intervals (if needed), can deliver professional training to the staff to make the most of the IP-PBX, especially if the system has been upgraded and new features have been added. The result is improved employee productivity.
If you want to choose the right telephone system for your business, it is imperative that you take a close hard look at all the benefits a particular system will bring to the table. Also, it is important that you do not subscribe to a herd mentality and go for a system just because everyone else is doing it. The needs of each business are different, so there are businesses that might prefer a cloud-hosted telecom system and there are others who might prefer an onsite telephone system.
You must make your choice dependant on the telephone system’s ability to meet your business needs and your budget.
Also, do not believe anyone who says, onsite telephone systems are redundant or very expensive. Contemporary systems offer advanced features and, as discussed in this article, help reduce your telecom costs.