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If you are wondering why customer service is so important, here’s some stats for you – A 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits by 25%, and customer retention is a direct outcome of better and more improved customer service.
Even the biggest businesses find it difficult to meet the highest standards of customer service because of the challenges involved. You need the right people, the right strategy and more importantly, you need the right infrastructure that drives better customer interaction, engagement and delivery.
Many businesses often ignore the importance of infrastructure as a key driver of better customer service. In this case, we are talking about telecom infrastructure consisting of communication technology that drives seamless communication within an organization and between the organization and its customers.
Today, businesses can choose from a range of options to achieve their business’s communication objectives; one such telecom option/solution is ‘Unified Communication’.
Why is moving to a Unified Communication solution a great idea from the customer service perspective?
Read on to know more:

  • A More Professional Solution

Unified Communication is a great option for businesses who want a bundled telecom package that includes Local/STD/Mobile, Enterprise-Grade Data Network, Hosted IP Office, Handsets, Account Management, Maintenance and Support and much more. A single telecom solution addresses all your telecom needs and is managed by your telecom solutions provider who has a professional track record of effectively managing the telecom services it provides to businesses like yours.

  • Uninterrupted Communications

A huge benefit of the Unified Communications telecom model is seamless communication with a promise of minimal downtime from the services provider. You are not worried whether your communication lines will be down just when you need them the most.
Think of a scenario wherein a sales manager is cracking a deal with a customer and suddenly the net goes down or there is a problem in the phone line. You might just lose the deal. Another scenario is a customer support interaction gone wrong because of an outage. If this happens frequently and you lose connectivity because of this, your customer will lose trust in your business.

  • Maintenance and Support

Telecom providers offering a Unified Communication solution, sign air-tight and demanding service level agreements and have a habit of sticking to them. What’s more, all providers who offer cloud-hosted telecom solutions also offer maintenance and support, on a periodic basis and when there is a problem.
In fact, there are very limited occasions when you might actually encounter a problem because the cloud service provider is monitoring and managing your services. This ensures the provider is always on top of things and makes sure nothing goes wrong with the telecom services you are using.

  • Upgrades and Advanced Technology

Technology especially telecom technology evolves all the time. In order to meet the highest industry standards of customer service, you need to deploy the most advanced and innovative technologies to be more competitive. Such technologies don’t come cheap, but in a Unified Communication plan, that offers cloud-hosted services, your provider is going to make the necessary upgrades at regular intervals; and it is a part of your subscription. So, you don’t pay anything extra.
You are happy because you get access to the latest technology at no extra cost, and your staff is happy because they have access to the best technology to deliver the best customer services.
It’s a win-win for everybody
If you are looking to differentiate your business from its customers, with better customer service, you need to deploy advanced and comprehensive communication solutions. Unified Communications are one of the better telecom solutions you can deploy, and which will deliver tremendous ROI over the long-term.