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If you are running a business, this might be a question you must ask yourself – Does your business use a cloud-based system for reliable and secure data and information backup? With the rise in cyber-attacks, faulty servers and hardware, having a cloud-based backup system and quality services is a necessity for keeping your business secure and operational in all situations.
The WannaCry ransomware attack in May 2017 was a worldwide cyberattack by the WannaCry ransomware cryptoworm, which targeted computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system by encrypting data and demanding ransom payments in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. It attacked thousands of businesses in over 150 countries. The attack served as wake-up call for businesses stating that preserving business continuity and protecting data needed much more than just local device backups. Using hard drive disks that are not backed up to the cloud for your business is a risk to business continuity.
Using a cloud-based or Hosted system in Australia for your business gives you edge over the others in  many ways. Saving you time for managing a system that resides in your office premises, a cloud-based system gives you the benefit of getting your system managed at the backend keeping you away from the trouble of the managing the entire system in-house. A Hosted PABX is a cost-effective, highly complex cloud-based business communication tool that can be used by any business saving you time, money and effort. The physical connectivity tools in such a system reside in redundant and secure data centers. This helps businesses an easy relocation of their office, if required.  Being situated in a location away from your office, a cloud-based system comes with the benefit of a simple web interface, thereby enabling the employees of your office to easily manage the features from their own computers and mobile devices.
Using a Cloud-based system for your business holds the capability of withstanding the pressures of your business internet requirement and losing the data through any natural disasters, equipment failures, accidental deletion or cyber-attacks. When your business is free of any risks on the internet connectivity, you can be assured that your data will be safe and secure as it is being automatically maintained in the cloud. As your business expands, the amount of data you use increases, which needs extra storage that can be easily upgraded by your service provider.
Where to find the best Cloud-based system for your business?
Genesystel, one of the most reliable Hosted PBX providers in Australia offers its Complete Solution packages inclusive of the services of Hosted PABX, phone systems, business phone and broadband. Hosted PABX by Genesystel takes away the massive upfront investment required in getting a new PABX, bundled into 36 or 60-month telecom services packages that include not only phone system but also unlimited voice and data services.
Here is why you should switch to Genesystel for all your telecom needs-

  • Genesystel is a one-stop shop offering you telecom services from voice to data connectivity and Hosted PABX.
  • With Genesystel, you pay a flat monthly subscription fee for the services that could save you upto 25% on your monthly telecom spend.
  • Partnered with Avaya and TPG/AAPT, Genesytel offers the options of both technology and the resilience required for building a robust telecom platform.
  • Genesystel provides you with dedicated account management as a single point contact for all the services including sales, support, faults, and customer service.

Wait no more and switch to Genesystel to end your search for reliable Hosted PBX providers in Australia for your small business.