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How often have you heard the words, “But, it’s not our fault” when you are talking with your business phone system provider, ISP or mobility operator when you are complaining about something going wrong?
If the answer is many times, then it’s time for you to move to a more complete, unified telecom solution that takes cares of all your telecom needs.
Even if you haven’t heard these words yet, why wait to hear them because you will hear them one day, the question is not if, but when. The problem of accountability persists across the telecom domain wherein service providers at times refuse to take the blame for a malfunctioning product or bad service.
As a business, you cannot afford to be held hostage to the lack of accountability of the telecom solutions providers you are working with. Also, there are times when your phone systems are functioning optimally, but you are facing issues with data connectivity or your remote workforce might be facing a problem with mobile data. In such a scenario, the problem with one communication arm can impact the productivity of the whole organization.
If you do not want to face such scenarios, this is the right time to move to a managed telecom services provider that offers you a complete telecom package including voice, data and mobile solutions.  Yes, a single bundled telecom package that takes care of all the telecom requirements of your business.
So how does your business benefit from a complete telecom solution:

  • Better Accountability

One of the key reasons why there is no lack of accountability when it comes to unified telecom packages is that the telecom infrastructure is cloud-hosted; the service provider is responsible for its maintenance and optimally manages all the telecom services provided to your business.
You get the advantage of minimal downtime and the assurance that in case of any problem, big or small, the provider is going to take care of it, immediately. More often than not, you don’t even have to call your managed telecom services provider to register a complaint. They are already aware that something has gone wrong at a customer’s end, and proactively taking care of the problem.
You are not at your wit’s end trying to explain the problem and convincing the provider to take care of the problem at the earliest. A managed telecom provider closely monitors the hosted telecom infrastructure at all times and therefore can respond to a problem quickly and efficiently. Accountability and taking responsibility for a problem is never an issue because the provider is taking responsibility for all back-end telecom infrastructure.

  • A Single Point of Contact

With a bundled offering you are essentially using the services of a single telecom solutions provider. You are not talking to different vendors, but just one vendor. You don’t have to explain your telecom needs to multiple vendors but just one service provider. And because the provider gains a holistic understanding of your requirements, you can implement a solutions package that perfectly aligns with your telecom needs.
Also, if something goes wrong with your voice system or you are facing data connectivity issues or mobility problems, you talk to the same provider. In a worst-case scenario, if you want to blame someone for your telecom problem, you blame just one service provider. If and when you do want to lodge a complaint, there is just one customer support number.
Working with a single service provider to meet all your business’s telecommunications needs is a huge advantage because you get a single consolidated bill for voice, data and mobile. You also have better control over your usage.


If you aren’t switching to a telecom service provider that offers one complete solution for all your telecom needs, you are missing out. This is a great way of giving your business the telecom advantage it deserves.