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When we talk about business adaptability and flexibility, we forget that for a business to be flexible, it’s staff should be empowered with the advantage of flexibility as well. Businesses need to be flexible to compete and quickly change their business strategy keeping the needs of the market in mind.
One of the key aspects driving workplace flexibility is the infrastructure you have in place, whether it is the IT or telecom.
The Right IT and Telecom Infrastructure
Today, businesses have the option of moving from a legacy IT and telecom infrastructure to a more modern infrastructure that is comprehensive in scope and scaleable, adaptable and accessible.
It will be a great idea for a business to move to a cloud-hosted infrastructure such as cloud-hosted PBX and IT-as-a-Service to get the cost advantage of the cloud, and many other benefits it brings to the table.
By moving to the cloud and signing up for cloud-hosted telecom and IT services that are managed by the provider, you are essentially making your business more flexible. You choose a bundled offering that includes calling, data, network connectivity, hosted PBX and other telecom services.
In case of IT, your bundled offering includes hardware, software and support services that help meet all your IT needs from the cloud.
You get the benefit of scalability wherein you can sign up for a subscription that fits your current needs and you have the liberty of moving to a bigger plan to meet the growing needs of your business.
The scalability benefit offered by the cloud allows your business to be flexible as you now have funds and resources to invest in other strategic business activities.
Accessibility is Another Flexibility Driver
Businesses should have the infrastructure in place to allow employees to work remotely or which enables them to access solutions even on the move. Cloud-hosted solutions enable employees to access critical business solutions at any given point of time, from anyplace.
All they require is internet connectivity.
This accessibility and flexibility also helps businesses take quick decisions that can play a huge role in driving business growth.
Here’s a scenario for you. As a co-founder of a startup, you are always on the move and are finding it difficult to stay connected at all times with your main office or your clients. The calling costs are
weighing you down and there are certain calling feature limitations making seamless calling difficult. If you move to cloud-hosted solutions, you can access advanced cloud-based telecom services even when you are out of your office premises.
In this case, what you are getting is flexibility and the advantage of cloud-hosted solutions that help you maximize the potential of this flexibility.
Flexibility Can Build Positive Office Culture
Apart from the fact that flexibility is a key growth determinant, it also helps you build a highly motivated workforce. Remember, every employee wants a bit of flexibility in his/her work schedule irrespective of whether its office timings or work location. Many employees love the freedom of working from their homes or even the BYOD concept. This freedom translates into workplace loyalty and a keen sense of responsibility, which ultimately can result in improved productivity.
Workplace flexibility is all about empowering your employees with the right technology that allows them to work in a way they are more comfortable with. This guarantees accountability, responsibility, better decision making and the right work outcomes. Today, you don’t have to make a lot of effort to bring tech-enabled workplace flexibility. There are service providers out there who will do it for you. All you need to do is get in touch with one!