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Remote working is a growing trend in the corporate across the globe. The major reason for that is a win-win strategy for both employees and businesses. On one hand, where businesses can benefit from reduced overhead costs while on the other hand, employees become more productive when working from the comfort of their homes due to a flexible and stress-free environment. However, it is not always ‘fun n games’ as employees often face challenges such as spiralling work flows, miscommunication and too much ‘back n forth’ for even the simplest of tasks.
Improve Your Work from Experience through Bespoke Communication Services –
Communication seems quite a simple concept nowadays as people are connected to each other through various online communication platforms. This often makes people think that communication within an organisation is easy. You only have to drop a text to the concerned individual or department and things will go as planned. However, this is not how things work in real life. In a remote working scenario, even the smallest of miscommunication or a delayed response to the customer can cost a business a lot. And this is exactly where advanced online communication services come into the play.
The workflow of any company is as smooth as its intra-organisational communication. Communication among the workforce becomes quite easy in a regulated premise such as office, but it can prove to be equally disastrous in the remote working scenario if advanced communication tools and techniques are not being used. And therefore, businesses use hosted telephony and online services for improving the quality of communication both with employees and customers. This is an excellent solution for businesses where employees working remotely have to cater to customers on a regular basis. Many hosted telephony service providers offer advanced features such as virtual phone lines, unified communication support, auto-attendant, Direct Inward Dialling (DID), Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange (IP PBX), multi-device support, etc.
Along with communication-related features, hosted phone system service providers also offer complete online security through robust online security systems that secure all types of online communication, to and from the organisation. Such arrangement have proven to be quite useful and efficient in the present COVID-19 situation where remote working has kept businesses and industries up and running.

Here’s how advanced communication techniques can elevate your work from home experience.

  1. Superb Connectivity and Communication Management
    Intelligent call-forwarding and multi-device compatibility enable small business phone systems in Australia to manage calls from anywhere. This means that calls can be forwarded to concerned professionals regardless of their location. In addition, multi-device also allows for connecting your own device to the system and it starts functioning as a component of the system.Secondly, the communication management feature is there for managers to assign tasks to specific employees and monitor their progress.
  2. Hassle-Free Deployment
    Advanced business communication systems are quite easy to deploy as service providers sell Communication as a Service (CaaS) where they facilitate complete infrastructure required for setting up the communication system and ensuring its trouble-free operation. However, in the case of remote working, employees do not even have to worry about deployment as they can connect their own devices to the system and use it to connect with customers.
  3. Improved Speed and Workflow
    Modern business phone systems also come with speedy internet plans that allow sending and receiving large files almost instantaneously. Most such plans offer National Broadband Network (NBN) business bundles that provide extremely fast internet. This enables employees to improve their workflow and share information without any delays. All in all, an excellent value addition.
  4. Flexibility
    Business phone systems are quite flexible and scalable in nature. They offer great flexibility to employees and businesses as they do not have to be physically present in a specific geographical area to connect with their customers. On the other hand, such a flexibility is also excellent for employees who want to work in specific industries that cater to a specific set of customers from regions across the globe.

Conclusion:This is the age of remote working. All the communication technologies and devices allow employees to do their jobs from almost any corner of the world. However, remote working also comes with a few challenges such as lack of motivation, monotonous working conditions, slow network speeds, not having proper communication tools, etc., that must be taken care of. The key to tackle such challenges and elevate the overall experience is to use the right methods to make the workflow smooth and enable seamless information sharing within the organisation.
GenesysTel focuses on providing cost-effective and scalable business communication services to small, mid-sized and large business organisations as per their specific requirements. We are one of the few NBN internet providers company with more than 15 years of experience in facilitating smart business communications with state-of-the-art technologies and equipment that carry the potential to make remote working fun and extremely productive.