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There are over 14.7 million internet subscribers in Australia, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Fibre connections grew by 22.4% average Year on Year. The typical savings businesses see after changing to a VoIP platform range anywhere from 30% to 50 percent. Virtually all companies see a reduction in their telecommunication expenses while the amount of savings may vary from case to case. The most significant price savings are realized by firms switching from an on-premise phone system, to a cloud-based phone system.

Let’s look at the financial impact of transitioning to a Business Grade VoIP Phone System

How does VoIP save money?

Zero Up-Front Cost

For small companies that do not complex requirement, the upfront costs may be zero. If you can manage with software applications on smartphones and computers, then there’s absolutely no need to buy anything. If a desk phone is required than VoIP phones can be provided within the fixed cost along with the features you need. Keep in mind that not all employees will need desk telephones and not everyone needs the version. We will take care of the updates, maintenance and security. All you need is each month, to pay the telephone bill.

There is no equipment

Unlike traditional phone system for small business, VoIP host critical programming in the cloud. That means that VoIP eliminates the requirement for in-house servers along with the ongoing maintenance fees. A hosted phone system means that everything is handled off-premise “in the cloud”, so the expense of VoIP and servers maintenance is shared among the readers and everyone saves.

VoIP setup and customization

With a VoIP deployment, setting up and programming features, users, and phone numbers is done online through a web interface. There’s zero hours, zero programming on-site. Genesystel supplies an easy-to-use web portal that handles all attributes of end user set up and call routing. Everything from making call groups to custom hold music that was uploading can be done on the online portal.

Making changes is simple and free

Genesystel complete solution enables anybody to manage the features without prior VoIP experience. Adding features, users, phone lines, and some other extras could be done without needing an on-site technician each time. As it is so simple to do everything on the internet, SMEs end up saving on the service cost for making any changes to the system.

Fixed Price, No Surprise

Unlike legacy Business Phone System, VoIP plans offered by Genesystel are based on fixed pricing model. This allows your business to forecast a per seat cost for your staff, thus enabling accurate budgeting for the business. Depending on your plan, complete solution allows you to make unlimited local, National and Calls to Mobile – starting from $ 50 Per Extension.

What are the Cost Benefits of VoIP?

While Business Phone system prices for a small business will vary, the advantages of VoIP for SMEs translate into significant upfront and ongoing dollar savings. Even through expansion and operational changes, the flexibility and convenience of a VoIP phone system keep prices and service issues in a minimum.

Switching to VoIP

Final advice for switching to VoIP – There are many telecommunications service providers in Australia offering VoIP services. As such, it’s critical for any business to conduct detailed review on features and benefits before making a switch. Genesystel’s fixed cost telecommunication solutions powered by Avaya and TPG can assure you a comprehensive solution for your small business, that will not only save you money but will also give you rich user experience over a robust telecom platform.