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The widespread usage of emails for communication within work environment has still not been able to replace the importance of a telephony system. This is primarily because it’s much easier and convenient to have a quick 30-second conversation over the phone, rather than waiting for the respondent to take out time to open, read, and then reply to your message. For this reason, phones have always been considered the backbone of business operations, making the process of internal and external communication smoother.

The Traditional Way of Communication

For many decades, small or medium-sized businesses continued to hinge on traditional PBX (private branch exchange) systems. A private telephone network created to make all the internal communication free of charge did provide reliability and accessibility in areas without internet for many years. However, as  digitalization takes hold over the telephone industry, this system is seen to be becoming less common as it fails to match with the standards of advanced features necessarily required in today’s working culture. Some of the reasons behind this continued drop off rates are:

  • Cost: These systems require an onsite PBX box which costs up to thousands of dollars, along with hefty hardware and installation costs. Added to it are the physical maintenance and regular monitoring costs which makes this phone system extremely expensive.
  • User-Friendly: Along with lacking universality and flexibility in terms of set-up and configuration, features and maintenance, the traditional PBX system is not end-user-friendly. The users often find it hard and complicated especially when the system upgrades, additional lines are to be added and/or users are to be moved around.
  • Redundancy: Traditional PBX does not provide an effective backup solution. In case of a hardware failure, the PBX system of the entire company will not be operational.

The Changing Trend towards Cloud-Based Telephony 

With the rise of high-speed internet across Australia, a shift has been seen towards the adoption of cloud-based telephony systems that  is primarily based on Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies. As the name suggests, the telephone calls are sent and received in a VoIP system through the Internet, rather than by the usage of the analogue copper lines. The cloud-based hosted server ensures the facilitation of all aspects of a telephone system, which includes internal routing and transfer of calls to analogue phone lines, making it possible for anyone to call you regardless of the medium they use.

Benefits of Cloud-Based VoIP System for Small Businesses 

  • Reduces Expenditure

Unlike the traditional business phone system that is heavy on costs, this requires minimal investment in infrastructure with no need of purchasing a PBX hardware. All that you require in a VoIP system is a dependable internal network, internet access and your handset. Also, the advantage of paying only for the features you are using helps to cut down the costs further.

  • Trustworthy 

It is needless to say that today all businesses rely on their phones for an efficient workplace. The cloud-based VoIP system provides your business with different tools to alleviate risks associated with unforeseen hardware malfunction and therefore helps run the business smoothly. It acts like a 24*7 telephony system, guaranteeing its availability whenever you need it.

  • Scalability

Scaling up is a typical part of any business’s growth and expansion plan, but there are times when you may want to scale down by getting smaller and leaner. With a cloud-based VoIP system, scaling down can become seamless and straightforward as it simply involves letting the seat licences expire instead of renewing them. You are in absolute control of your capacity and costs.

  • Provides Unified Communications

This one solution allows integrating telephony with a range of other productive tools such as instant & convenient messaging, video conferencing from any part of the world and enabling staff to remotely collaborate and communicate more effectively.

  • Enhanced Customer Service

The cloud-based telephony system enables you to seamlessly record all your calls and enhancing the analytical capabilities and strategic decision making. It further helps you to build a transparent customer service function, promoting trust in your customers.

The Takeaway

The world around us is turning digital and so it is of utmost importance to acquire the right business phone system with the services of an efficacious telecommunications service provider. GenesysTel’s NBN ready cloud-based VoIP small business phone system, Australia is all set to take your business to new heights of success without compromising on quality. GenesysTel is a value based top telecom company in Australia, delivering smart business telecommunication solutions using state-of-the-art technologies for more than 15 years.