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Planning to replace your existing business phone system lately? Then you got to put in some real efforts in research on the latest trends in VoIP technology. And even if replacement is not on your mind right now, you must be at least aware that how things are changing around you rapidly. Your competitors are leaving you behind on the track by adopting latest VoIP advancements and technologies.
The world of business communication and collaboration is undergoing a sea of transformation. We bring to you a list of the latest VoIP trends that will give you opportunities to make an impact in the industry.

Increased security

Hosted and cloud VoIP are quiet popular today. More and more big established organizations are relying on these two technologies to transfer important communications and sensitive information. Thus, companies are demanding increased security from VoIP solutions. And all leading VoIP providers have responded to this demand of companies positively. They are providing high levels of security (not just some general security) to keep their customers’ data and communication safe.

Hosted VoIP

It was there in the pipeline for years. But it is just recently that hosted VoIP are getting so popular. Their adoption has increased more than what experts had previously predicted for the industry.
The upward trend in the adoption of hosted VoIP is a great thing to look forward to. Hosted VoIP phone systems are more reliable and robust.

Value for the money

Technology providers bragging about the cheapest options will no longer be there in some time. Companies now know about the advantages a VoIP system offers to their business so they will be more after good value than just a cheap deal. They will all be looking for good value for the money.

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Growth in adoption

Adoption among small companies is on the rise. One of the reasons is that they have fewer business-critical systems to integrate with their phone systems—no expensive complex systems to replace.
These small business will also become mature over a period of time and VoIP providers are bracing for that day too with a new set of lucrative offerings and features in VoIP.

Extra services and features

There won’t be one-size-fits-all model in the future. Big established companies are switching to VoIP as well as small companies. Small companies have users ranging from experts who rely on advanced VoIP features and those who want things as simple as possible.
This is why companies are nowadays coming up with multiple offerings to help companies of all sizes benefit from VoIP features. These services are customized to their needs and are offered at the price that makes sense.
VoIP is the backbone of business telecommunication today. Investing in it can enhance collaboration between teams significantly. These advanced feature-rich phone systems offers such exciting savings in maintenance and call costs that upgrading to it can simply take your business to new heights of success.